beast couple

You be the Beauty, I’ll be the Beast

Prompt: Cute matching couples costume with wally west ?

Pairing: Wally West X Reader

Word Count: 195


“Babe!” You called, walking down the hallway, “I need your help, we gotta pick out costumes for the League’s Costume Party!”

“Let’s just go as Beauty and the Beast,” Wally said as he came in carrying the popcorn (one huge bowl for himself and relatively normal portion for you) “It’s a tried and true!” He sat down and cuddled with you,“Cause I’m the beauty,” he said with a flare and you giggled,“And you’re my beast!”

  “Cute. But we did that last year…” You sighed, snuggling into him, watching the action flick that Wally had chosen when an idea popped into you head,“ Oh, wait….”

 Cue today. Wally had his arm around you in his tux. You wore that slink black dress he liked with the fake gun and garter on your thigh. Dick and Barbra slunk over to you too, Barbra dressed as Ariel while Dick was dressed as Prince Eric. Dick looked you up and down and whistled, and Barbra promptly punched him in the arms,“Ow!”

  Wally smirked at his friend,“Hey now, that’s my wife you’re making eyes at! And who’s looks ravishing tonight Mrs. Smith.”

  “Why thank you Mr. Smith,” You replied, smirking.

He caught her and never let her go again


Shirtless Violinist


They totally are an old married couple 👬