beast and the harlot making of

Persephone (Yakov Chernenkov x MC)

Game: Be My Princess

Warning: Slight mention of a sex scene along with some dark perspectives on that topic.

Summary: The first wife was murdered,                                                                              The second wife committed suicide.                                                                   What will be the fate of the King’s third bride?

Comments: Old idea I had in my head for like 5 years now. I mixed Yakov’s paid route, GREE route and Zain’s party route for this so some characters you may not recognise. George is from Zain’s route and Princess Natasha is Yakov’s older sister in GREE..

Once upon a time…..

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Kaneki/Eto Lucifer Parallels (TG and the book of Revelation)

We’ve seen a lot of speculation as to what Kaneki’s kakjuja could be, a couple of popular suggestions being the god Abraxas or the serpent. However, I think I can say with a fair amount of confidence that this, is rather dragon-like to say the least.

The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world.”

It is very clear in this panel that Kaneki has just “hatched.” We can see the residue leaking off his body; his kagune is folded like unused wings – they are clearly not bird wings, however, but they are scaly and reptilian, just like his arms and legs. Even rinkaku means shining scale. In my perspective, he is like a mother dragon guarding its eggs. From the rigid shape of his claws, it is almost he clutches two eggs in his hands – the old, wrong world, and the new, unhatched one. Even though he has been wronged by the old, he still hovers protectively, guarding both.

Where I’m going with this? Well, if you didn’t know, Lucifer, in The Book of Revelations, is called the Dragon. We’ve seen Kaneki likened to a serpent before – many times, actually. We know he is both a being of light and darkness; Lucifer even means light bringer. Eto, (who I believe to play the Serpent) gives him the apple - knowledge - aka, her kagune. In the garden of Eden, paradise crumbles when Adam and Eve eat the apple and learn the truth of the world..  When Kaneki gains the will to live from the ashes of the old one, a new world is born.

In Revelation, it is said that “The Dragon gains control over the entire world to try and bring out revolution.” Remember, the Serpent brings knowledge; it’s almost like how Eto is trying to make a safe world for ghouls by bringing out the truth of V.  Her book, King Billegr, is literally a story about a messiah coming to unite worlds. But the Serpent, however, is another form of The Dragon; Kaneki and Eto’s kindred souls. It is my belief that it is the combining of Eto and Kaneki’s kagune that creates The Dragon or, aka, The One Eyed King: the one who frees the bird from V’s cage.

For instance, note the word in your “bellies.” It could refer to deep within the ccg, or could she be reffering to a womb, that the king hasn’t been born yet?

Then we have this official art of Kaneki in a foetal position.

And now, a panel of him hatching from an egg, catching his first glimpse of the light.

In Revelation, a scarlet beast is shown being ridden by a harlot who “reigns over the kings of earth.”  Eto is always nearly nude in her kakuja. It makes me wonder if OEK is really a one man job. If what I’m saying is true, I believe that Kaneki would be the face; the light side that who knows all sides of the world, but she would perhaps pull the strings behind his back – power hungry from afar. Perhaps they will work side by side for awhile, but ultimately, Kaneki will have to save her; if Yoshimura said she needs saving, I don’t believe she’s doing this purely for the sake of justice, I believe she wants power.

The only real question is, if Kaneki and/or Eto are the Dragon, then who is God? As TG has no clear line of good and evil, like Kaneki and Eto, I reckon they will be a neutral being – most likely withholding the truth for a purpose. The obvious answer is Arima. Arima is a neutral being; he kills, but as is the unfairness of god. However, in my opion, it has to be someone higher up; Arima is just a soldier.

Don’t you guys think Tsuneyoshi has a very stereotypical God look vibe?

(I have no idea if any of this is relevant or even makes sense, but if you have any opinions, feel free to add I’d love to hear!)

Avenged Sevenfold Singles, Music Videos and little things...

Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet

*Warmness on the Soul

Waking the Fallen

*Eternal Rest

*Second Heartbeat
*Unholy Confessions, First Cut, Official Music Video

City Of Evil

*Burn it Down
*Bat Country
*Beast and the Harlot
*Seize the Day

Avenged Sevenfold -White album

*Critical Acclaimed
*Almost Easy
*Dear God
*A Little Piece of Heaven

Avenged Sevenfold: Live in the LBC, Diamonds in the Rough

*Walk (Pantera Cover)


*Welcome to the Family
*So Far Away
*Buried Alive

Hail to the King

*Hail to the King
*Shepherd Of Fire
*This Means War

Waking the Fallen: Resurrected

Cool Music Videos and Features:
Avenged Sevenfold: Making of the Self Titled Cartoon
Call of Duty: Black OPS II

*Carry On

Hail To the King: Deathbat Game Soundtrack Preview
Hail to the King Animated Series
*Episode 1
*Episode 2
*Episode 3
*Episode 4
*Episode 5
*Episode 6

*Good Charlotte, The River ft. M. Shadows, Synyster Gates
*Fozzy, Sandpaper ft. M. Shadows
*Machine Gun Kelly, Save Me ft. M. Shadows, Synyster Gates
*Device, Haze ft. M. Shadows
*Slash, Nothing to Say ft. M. Shadows
*Steel Panther Turn Out the Lights ft. M. Shadows
*Hell or Highwater, Go Alone ft. M. Shadows
*Bleeding Through, Savior, Saint, Salvation ft. M. Shadows, Synyster
*Cowboy Troy, Buffalo Stampede ft. M. Shadows
*Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Avenged Sevenfold (Cover)
*Burn Halo, Dirty Little Girl ft. Synyster Gates
*AxeWound, Vultures ft. Synyster Gates
*Pinkly Smooth, Necromancer Theater

Anon I hope that’s the post you said you where looking for, however these are not the ‘best’ singles. These are the singles.