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I like how you did the masterlist! Can you please do a scenario of MC who's been busy lately with schoolwork and accidently doesn't give the RFA + V + Saeran my love~ (I have no shame in requesting him apparently) as much affection as they used to. And how each one of them would get their attention back. Don't mind it staying cute but by all means, feel free to make it nsfw if you want haha. Thank you. <3

I actually added a bit nsfw-ish, but then I saw ‘schoolwork’ 
hey! Is the MC underaged? But you’ve asked for nsfw, so let’s just MC is legal aged lolol


  • He can be pretty busy too sometimes
  • But you’re becoming pretty distant
  • Minimal conversation, you guys don’t even talk for 5 minutes straight
  • No beast Zen time
  • Probably aegyos until you’re either annoyed or moved
  • Gwiyomi song, meows, acts like a sad puppy


  • He likes when you are serious with your work
  • But he’s been seeing you less and less
  • You locked yourself in your study
  • “MC, I think you’re……”
  • “Jumin, stop, I’m busy.”
  • Daddy Jumin snaps!
  • Probably just carries you to the bedroom and punish you for being a bad girl that doesn’t care for her daddy


  • You and him are direct opposites
  • He is busy playing LOLOL
  • You are busy with schoolwork
  • You both never game together again
  • Cries! (Yes, I think he will cry)
  • You will feel guilty af and just gives him attention again.


  • Your tables are next to each other
  • But you keep your heads down to your work
  • Seven keeps peeking from his computer, wishing he’ll meet your gaze
  • But no.
  • He will munch Honey Buddha Chips super noisily, throw crumbs to your table
  • Shaking his PhD Pepper can so hard that it blasted when he opens it
  • Okay, Saeyoung you got my attention back.


  • V would be super understanding
  • And just wait until you’re finished
  • Don’t want to burden you with what you already have
  • Quality time as much as he can afterwards


  • Would probably sulk
  • Yeah, sulk
  • Until you realise there’s something wrong with him
  • Aaaand now you’re trying to get his attention back