To me it’s kinda patronizing to depict Harley Quinn as someone who is sugary-sweet 24/7, who doesn’t harm anyone that doesn’t deserve it, who is constantly kind and considerate, who only does “bad” things because of Joker’s negative influence and never out of her own desire to commit villainous acts. It’s essentially taking a female character and altering her long-established characterization into something more “acceptable” until she no longer resembles herself. Harley is not allowed to simply exist as a female villain–she now has to fit the standards of what people believe a strong woman should be, even if it means sacrificing the same aspects of her characterization that made her so popular among fans in the first place. It seems like there has been a recent push in the comic book world to make villains more palatable and tame instead of letting them actually be villainous, and Harley’s character has been especially affected by this trend.

Let Harley be the same woman who wanted to work at Arkham Asylum because she was attracted to Gotham’s criminal underworld and described it as “glamorous”. Let Harley be the same woman who spent months trying to set up therapy sessions with Joker with the full intention of exploiting her patient by using his “secrets” as material for a tell-all book. Let Harley be the same woman whose idea of “game night” is gleefully watching Joker shoot security guards as she cheers him on enthusiastically. Let Harley be the same woman who may care for a small circle of friends but otherwise considers harming innocent people to be “just a joke”. Let Harley be the same woman who is funny, adorable, and horrifying all at the same time, who you want to root for even if her violent actions disturb you.