Frozen was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen.” The story opens when a demon creates a magical mirror that hides the beauty in whatever it reflects, while intensifying its nastiness. When said demon and his pals attempt to carry the mirror to heaven to troll some angels, they drop it and it shatters. Enter best friends Kay and Gerda. Similar to Anna getting struck by Elsa’s powers, tiny shards of magic glass spear Kay in his eye and his heart. This has the side effect of transforming him into a Joffrey-caliber little dickhole, Which is pretty understandable, actually. Ever put a contact in backwards? Well, you try getting slivers of demon glass in your eye, you’d be grumpy, too.

Kay is then kidnapped by the Snow Queen, and Gerda sets off to find him. Along the way she, too, gets help from a reindeer and its owner. But this ain’t hunky Kristoff and his wacky pal – it’s a psychotic little robber-girl who tells Gerda, “I tickle [the reindeer’s] neck every evening with my sharp knife, which frightens him very much.” Between the ice theme, the eye-stabbing, and the animal torture, we’re not sure if this is the source material for Frozen, or the inspiration for the first season of Dexter.

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The new BLOODBORNE patch is up!

Patch notes (as of now):

  • Password matching can now be done regardless of level.
  • Password matching can now be done even if registered to a different oath.
  • Quicksilver bullets and blood vials can now be stored up to 600 (the previous limit was 99) in the storage in Hunter’s Dream.
  • Weapons and hunter tools have been tweaked, it will be mostly buffs.
  • A bug of the Rifle Spear has been fixed. (rip in peace)
  • A bug with Blood Gem Imprints has been fixed.
  • Boss rewards in the Chalice Dungeons will be improved, they will now drop blood gems randomly.
  • Chalice dungeons will now include Blood Stone Shards at Depth 1, Twin Blood Stone Shards at Depth 2, Twin Blood Stone Shards and Blood Stone Chunks at Depth 3, Blood Stone Chunks at Depth 4 and Blood Stone Chunks and Blood Rocks at Depth 5.

EDIT: Other new things!

  • Chunks can be bought (conditions unknown at the moment) for 30 freakin’ Insight
  • A bunch of tools have their cast cost nerfed and/or received utility buffs. Augur of Ebrietas apparently can do way more damage now
  • Bosses in Depth 4 & 5 Chalices will drop Chunks
  • One of the Depth 5 bosses might even drop Blood Rocks now

Plus some more details provided by an anon sweetheart:
you can use the insight shop when you are below 10 insight now too! Can also buy uncanny and lost versions of weapons from the shop once you’ve found them in a chalice. oh and you can buy the short ritual chalice now after completing the first chalice dungeon!