NCT Dream!kids profiles

Mark - 9 yrs old

  • somewhat accident prone
  • tries his best
  • very organized bc he has a hecka crazy schedule

Haechan - 8 yrs old

  • the definition of p e t t y
  • thinks he’s better than Mark ((lowkey out to get Mark))
  • loves superheroes + dinosaurs + peanut butter

Jeno - 8 yrs old

  • a smiley boy who loves to prank his bros
  • just one of those content kids, ya kno?
  • just don’t mention kiwis or else he-AK’;KLKDSHFIOAHF;*******

Jaemin - 8 yrs old

  • lowkey flirts with u all the time
  • learned an extraordinary amount of pickup lines from tv
  • is probably actually the cheshire cat

Renjun - 8 yrs old

  • blends into the shadows??
  • that one mysterious slightly creepy kid
  • ((is actually just shy and not good at expressing himself))

Chenle - 7 yrs old

  • has never done anything wrong in his entire life ever
  • has some separation anxiety from both you and his teddy bear
  • voice of an angel

Jisung - 6 yrs old

  • doesn’t talk much but is a dancing machine
  • enjoys screaming???
  • like just opens his mouth and :O

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