bears can't talk


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Hey Ruby, I think you and your artwork are ace but I was just wondering how do you cope if someone decides to be negative about it? I've just had some work re-posted on an Instagram pun account and there's so many people just being major douchebags :/ Just trying to figure out how to deal with em, any advice you have would be smashing. Once again, I think you're totes ace!! :)

Helloo, good question. I cope with it in the following ways:

1. Not replying/blocking users - real hate and trolling isn’t worth responding to. If any comments on my work come in the form of personal attacks or are particularly persistent or abusive I block them. Simple. You never owe anyone a reply, but if you are going to respond to mild idiotic saltiness/passive aggression the best way to do it is in a non-inflammatory way. Here’s an example picture

2. Perspective - not everyone is going to like your work and that’s okay. The way I see it is if you’ve managed to provoke any sort of emotional response with your artwork - positive or negative - that’s a good thing. Indifference is the real nightmare. I mean yes, leaving non-constructive negative comments is the act of a numpty and they can absolutely go lick a wall, but in terms of what you take away from it that’s how I try to frame things. 

3. Keep making! - don’t let negative comments snowball in your mind and put you off doing yer thing. If a comment is really bothering you, shut the computer down, put the kettle on and go and do something else in the real world for a bit. Keep posting things online and enjoy sharing your work with those who get it. 

best of luck xo 

conspiracy theory number 1: dc made Conner Kent disappear bc his 90s costume was gaining popularity again somehow and they couldnt handle the heat,,, couldn’t bring themselves to bring back Kon without his Metropolis Twink™ aesthetic,, fucking cowards

People saying THUNDERBIRD is American gryffindor

Fight me! ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง
Adventure and Soul are not somehow exclusive to gryffindor and if you think that you can be uninvited to my squad!


Tao’s style: talk big, do shit!

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What if you woke up one day as a bear but not knowing you are a bear. You would walk around the street seeing everyone running away from you and you wouldn't be able to ask anything because bears can't talk. And you would be a depressed bear because no one would want to be with you. But you eventually would accept yourself and you would move to the forest, where you could be yourself. You would learn to bear with your new self.

i’m calling the police

Bangtan English Time On the Plane to LA
  • J Hope: It's cool~ cool man~
  • Rapmon: Yeah it's like I'm in Antarctica. You know Antarctica?
  • J Hope: Antarctica? Wh-what?
  • Rapmon: It's like 북극곰 (polar bear) something
  • J Hope: Ohhh yeahhhh oho
  • Rapmon: 북극곰 and he has a cola... Like friends with 북극곰
  • J Hope: 북극곰 awww yeah 북극곰 I know
  • Rapmon: How is he doing? Is he good? 잘지내? (Is he doing well?)
  • J Hope: Awww yeah my friend 북극곰
The Forest Princes

Pairing: Jongyu
Rating: G
Word count: 2200+
Other notes: Featuring Jongyu as wee babes. Honestly an inexcusable level of fluff. Written in honor of formedbythesun‘s shared birthday with Jonghyun this week. 

When the morning sun first coaxed Jinki’s eyelids open, he simply lay there for a moment, wiggling his toes against the clean cotton of the sheets. He smiled sleepily. His window was open, and the breeze that drifted in smelled of new grass, and dew, tinged with the spicy sweetness of flowers coming to life in early spring. He yawned and stretched his arms and legs, and then suddenly bolted upright as he remembered what day it was.

“Jinki,” his mother called up the stairs. “Jinki! Time for breakfast! You gotta get up for school!”

“Coming, Mom,” he called back, scrambling out of bed, and hastily making it. His hands shook with excitement as he put on his clothes, and threw his pajamas at the hamper. They missed, but he didn’t care, and he grabbed the thin square package from his dresser, hand-wrapped in scraps of leftover Christmas wrapping paper, and overlaid with a gratuitous amount of scotch tape.

His mom was already pouring him a bowl of cereal as he hurtled down the stairs and into the kitchen. “I don’t have time for cereal!” he said. “Can I have a pop tart, Mom? Please, Mom? Please?”

“What’s the hurry?” his mother said, laughing at his expression.

“It’s Jonghyun’s birthday!” he said. “I gotta see him!”

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