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150920 IU Fanmeeting Video Message Trans 

(only the parts that I have understood, sorry)

IU: Hello, this is IU. I’ve you’re watching this the FM has ended. Was today fun? I wondered what I should do to make it fun. In order to make it a time that you guys will enjoy, I prepared everything with my heart. LOEN and I gathered a lot of ideas together

At 0:40 She starts talking about the USB which contains this video. She gave it to a fan. She says that those are selcas that she really cherishes. She worked hard while taking those.

1:29 IU: It’s been a long time, so I’ve prepared the Uaena Song! (smiles) I’m going to sing it live. Today .. the uaena song live .. our manager (laughs)

1:38 He’ll help today ..  [Hunter oppa is being shown| she says something about his new hairdo, then shows chipmunk manager while talking about their hair] 

1:56 IU: Hunter oppa say hi. (manager oppa bows) So, now we’ll sing the Uaena song. Are you ready Hunter-ssi? 

Manager Oppa: (nods) Yes

IU: Let’s start (starts playing the guitar and to sing)

3:22 IU: Should we do it one more time? 

Manager Oppa: No, I’m fine (but they sing again lol)

3:33 Manager Oppa: Wait wait! (laughing)

3:39 IU: Ah, I’m sorry! (laughs)

3:44 IU: I’m starting (to manager oppa) 

4:15 IU: Whoaaa~ (clapping)

Manager Oppa: We failed (we are ruined?) [not sure]

Trans by meaningofiu

Sorry if there are any mistakes but I’m sure squishy will translate the video when she is back home so till then bear with this kkk^^