Listen, Liam’s birthday is in two days… There are rumors he is going to release a song soon… The anniversary of Larry in Leeds is tomorrow… Harry was papped in LA after 10000 years… Louis was publicly in London and now is partying with the lads crew in Ibiza… Danielle is on her way to Portugal (which ewww thank god I live in a small city!)… Bribri and her family have been radio silent… And now RBB is back at a Little Mix concert with happy blue&green stickers… Is it going to end?


It was my Mom’s Birthday Yesterday, So for her gift I had fun re-imagining my family as the cast of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Of course in this version instead of Goldilocks being something of a squatter, she’s the most amazing Home Maker ever!…And I couldn’t help but fill out the family portrait with our dogs and cats. :)

Canada: No more Trophy Hunts for Polar Bears

Canada is the only nation in the world that allows Polar Bear hunting by non-natives and non-citizens.

Of the estimated 20,000-22,000 Polar Bears worldwide, 60% of them live in Canada.

Polar Bears are currently at a threatened status, with worldwide treaties in place for their protection. Even so, Canada still allows trophy hunters to pay for the opportunity to kill a Polar Bear.

Selling hunting licenses to trophy hunters creates a bloody business where hunters sell tours to Canada for the sole purpose of killing a Polar Bear. With a price tag of $49,950 US, one hunting lodge claims to have a “virtual 100% success rate” at killing a polar bear and you can have as many observers as you would like for an additional $9,950 each.

The sickening treatment of these majestic animals must stop.

Please join me in petitioning the Canadian Government in pohibiting non-native hunts of Polar Bears!

Sign this petition!


Watch the bears snack on salmon in Alaska. (Is this taped real time, or real real time? Dunno.)

Into the Wild with Bear Scientist Wesley Larson (aka @grizkid)

To see more of Wesley’s work in the field, follow @grizkid on Instagram.

“My whole life, I’ve been interested in wildlife,” Wesley Larson (@grizkid) explains. “When I graduated college, I got sucked into the idea that I needed to make a lot of money. But I eventually decided to do what I was passionate about.” Wesley, a Montana native, left optometry school and seven years later, he’s a biology grad student working with black bears in Utah and studies polar bear in the Arctic. It’s hard work, often in eyeball-freezing -70 degree Fahrenheit (-57 Celsius) weather — seriously, his eyeball froze once — but for Wesley, it’s a dream come true. His goal is “to get as much information as possible” so that no human activity — from oil drilling to park picnicking — harms endangered animals. It also means he takes in amazing views, fosters orphaned raccoons and spends quality time with bear cubs.