Here is my undergraduate thesis film from SCAD, Bear It! I love making people laugh and so I hope that you, too, bear-ly get a chuckle out of it :)


Adorable little cinnamon rolls too pure for this world. #webarebears

Brown Bear Spring Cub Rides Mom’s Back by David & Shiela Glatz
Via Flickr:
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) spring cub rides its mother’s back after she crosses a slew. The cub’s sibling didn’t make it on mom’s back until later in the week. Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Chosen as "Pic of the Day" by photo editors for National Geographic’s The Great Nature Project, on Wednesday, August 14, 2013.

Despite popular belief, not all bears are actually bears. Over 85% of all bears are actually clusters of hivemind-influenced semi-aquatic furry salamanders in a bear suit. They are simply lonely and misunderstood.

So Remember: If you see a bear, offer it a hug. It’s more than likely salamanders longing for friendship.

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A court summons and possibly a $5000 fine for anyone who passes beyond this point without three other companions!  Banff National Park takes its grizzly bears seriously :-o

Thankfully the route we were taking up Fairview Mountain only skirted the edge of the area known as Paradise Valley, a grizzly haven of sorts.  Parks Canada enforce the rule to avoid encounters with these inspiring but unpredictable creatures.


Bruiser Bear




Table corners can be dangerously sharp. Protecting young heads and grown-up shins from painful bumps and bruises is great, but doing so adorably is awesome. These Japanese corner protectors are shaped like cute animals: green frogs, white cats, and brown bears. However when attached to the corner of a table they appear to be attempting to devour your furniture whole, which takes their inherent cuteness to a whole new level:

Om nom nom nom!

They’re currently available via Yahoo! Japan or Amazon.

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