As much as I love “Exit, pursued by a bear,” I think it overshadows a few of Shakespeare’s other wonderfully weird stage directions. For example, Richard III features this peach of a stage direction before Richard receives Hastings’ severed head:

“Enter GLOUCESTER and BUCKINGHAM, in rotten armour, marvellous ill-favoured]”

Like, for a guy who seldom bothers who write stage directions, he takes the time to specify that not only is their armor rotten, they look bad in it.

I also like “He goeth down” from Romeo and Juliet.

anonymous asked:

I've seen the hairstyle swaps, and I was wondering if you could try swapping Ed and Riza's bangs? Thank you

You say that but all I hear is “Mama!Hawk” and so here’s Riza showcasing her new braiding skills :D

grizzbear  asked:

headcanons for if the bears had blogs

•Anime gifsets/ fanart
•Random aesthetic posts
•Media Discourse
•Relatable text posts about social anxiety + Posts from lovesuggestion
•Complaining / Venting / Vague Posting
•Lots of selfies
•Reblogs those links to buzzfeed quizzes
•Sometimes posts own art (usually calls it trash immediately after)
•Everything is organized in separate tags

•Positive atmosphere
•Emojis are everywhere 😋
•Supportive / Motivational posts
•Lots of Liveblogging + Taking pics of stuff around him
•High Definition Food Porn
•Tags bros on funny posts all the time
•Never uses the tags to react to a post he just comments directly on it
•Outdated Memes
•Gets excited over getting spambots as followers b/c at least its something right

•Entire blog theme is white including the text
•Abundance of Shitposts
•Russian Memes
•Never makes any posts about personal life
•Occasionally answers anons
•He is like a cryptid he’s only vaguely visible on his brother’s social media and nowhere else
•Audio posts of music he likes
•Uncaptioned photos of white furred animals and white clothes
•Hijacks Panda’s blog sometimes
•Mostly runs on Queue