• Johnny:I sing, I dance, I rap, I speak fluent English, I'm tall, handsome, I have a good sense of humor, and guess what, TEN loves me. What do you do?
  • Mark:I debut.
  • Johnny:You 'debuted', you don't even use proper grammar
  • Mark:I debuted. Thrice. So, 'I debut' is actually what I should be saying.
  • Johnny:Watch me, I will debut, someday.
  • Donghyuck:Do you have a specific date?
  • Johnny:... I will...
  • Doyoung:Instead of debuting you should just go and teach 'Future Tense' to middle-schoolers.
  • Mark:Why only future tense?
  • Donghyuck:...
  • Taeil:...
  • Doyoung:...
  • Johnny:Enough.
i’m in need of your help !!

heya, pearloffendedbythings mod here.

i really, really didn’t want to resort to this, but a bit of a situation has come up. it seems that my roommates and i are on the verge of losing our apartment; one of my roommates lost his job back in july and has been looking for another for a few months now, but he hasn’t had any luck. i bring in a little bit with my commissions and my other roommate currently works two jobs.. but it’s still not enough to cover the gap.

we are currently $600 short on rent which is due october 1st, and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to make it to next month.

if you could donate even a little bit to our cause, the three of us would be eternally grateful.. and i can keep making Quality Pearl Shitposts. i promise i’ll make it up to you guys, and i’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!!

donation page!!

i have also added a donation button to the blog for easy access.
thank you so much!!!