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voyager, chapter 36

“Ye came back then,” he said softly. “I knew you would.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but he was still talking, eyes fixed on my face, pupils dilated to pools of darkness.

“My love,” he said, almost whispering. “God, ye do look so lovely, wi’ your great eyes all gold, and your hair so soft round your face.” He brushed his tongue across dry lips. “I knew ye must forgive me Sassenach, once you knew.”

Once I knew? My brows shot up, but I didn’t speak; he had more to say.

“I was so afraid to lose ye again, mo chridhe,” he murmured.

“So afraid. I havena loved anyone but you, my Sassenach, never since the day I saw ye — but I couldna… I couldna bear…”

His voice drifted off in an unintelligible mumble, and his eyes closed again, lashes lying dark against the high curve of his cheek.

I sat still, wondering what I should do. As I watched, his eyes opened suddenly once again. Heavy and drowsy with fever, they sought my face.

“It willna be long, Sassenach,” he said, as though reassuring me. One corner of his mouth twitched in an attempt at a smile.

“Not long. Then I shall touch ye once more. I do long to touch you.”

“Oh, Jamie.” I said. Moved by tenderness, I reached out and laid my hand along his burning cheek.

Lucky Charms (Part Two)

Part Two

CAUTION: strong sexual content ahead, NSFW. So this is a warning for those not comfortable with reading smut

When Chris woke up the next morning he felt like a huge pile of shit. He hated how things had escalated, and he realized that he crossed the line with some of the things he said. And even though he didn’t want to admit that he was wrong, he knew that he was being childish and that he needed to fix things fast.

He took Dodger for a quick walk around the block and he checked on Leila, who was sound asleep. Afterwards, he tiptoed into his bedroom and saw that Billie was lying still in their king sized bed. He stripped down to his boxers and crawled underneath the covers. Then he gently wrapped his arms around her waist and he planted a small kiss on the back of her head. Billie slowly opened her eyes the second she felt his breath on her neck, but she was still seething. She had tossed and turned for most of the night while recanting their argument. And she was deeply hurt that he had made her feel guilty for something that was completely innocent.  

“Are you still mad about yesterday?” he asked.

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Mtmte drift, rodimus, rung, swerve, g1 twins and bluestreak with a bot s/o that becomes really soft and cuddly like a big teddy bear, purrs, and has smile that can light up a room when happy and relaxed which rarely happens, as they tend to be a cold, quiet, distance, and hard as a rock (both figuratively and literally) type of person.

Awwwwwe!!! (first time reading it though, I thought you meant s/o literally turns into a teddy bear, oops x3 )

-He knows to let you do you have your space and respects it
-He asks permission to hug you and stuff like that when you’re being all cold
-When you are in cuddly teddy bear mode, he is going to drop everything and hold onto you taking every bit of it in before you go back to being your tough rock self

-He likes to cuddle all the time so you’ll be all cold and not cuddly and he’ll just hug you from behind, he apologizes but he needs to hold you for a minute so bare with him
-He has a tendency just to hang onto you randomly because he’s having a bad day, he knows you’re not into it but it’ll make him feel better if you just let it happen
-When you’re in your cuddly phase (even if it’s just a second) he’ll hug you tight and snuggle you with love

-He understands you want your space and will never mess with that
-He often asks why you’re so cold because there has to be a reason for it… right?
-He enjoys when you’re cuddly and wishes you were cuddly more often because he loves hugging you and listening to that happy purr you make

-He gets made fun of and has rough days a lot, it makes him feel better being near you because you tend to intimidate others
-He is a little bit afraid to hug you because he’s worried if he hugs onto you too much you’ll hate him
-He loves when you hold him close and squeeze him tightly, he feels so safe and so loved by you, and he likes that purr noise you make

-He’s really, really, REALLY into cuddles, but he knows you need your distance and 100% will give it to you
-He likes being close to you because he’s still marveling over the fact that this amazing bot who is as hard as a rock, cold, and very distance, wants to be with a goofball like him
-When you want to hug onto him, he’s all for it! Give him the hugs and cuddles!

-He is also a bit cold and distant so you two don’t bump helms too much about upsetting the other
-If you’ll allow it though, he likes to hold your hand while walking around the base, it’s his way of making sure everyone knows you’re taken
-He likes cuddles and holding you close to him, but careful with the paint please

-He gets chattier when he’s nervous, and it happens often because you are his s/o and you’re not as cuddly as he is, and he gets that, but he worries that you are just being nice and not breaking up with him in order not to hurt his feelings
-He clings to you a lot and he apologizes a million times because he knows you don’t like it, but he has lost a lot and you mean so much to him
-When you come at him smiling, his optics widen and his whole face lights up. He’ll drop everything (literally) and hang onto you going on and on about how great you are that he loves you, a lot

“My love” he said, almost whispering. “God, ye do look so lovely, wi’ your great eyes all gold, and your hair so soft around your face.” He brushed his tongue across dry lips. “I knew ye must forgive me, Sassenach, once ye knew.”

Once I knew? My brows shot up, but I didn’t speak; he had more to say.
“I was so afraid to lose you again, mo chridhe,” he murmured. “So afraid, I havena loved anyone but you, my Sassenach, never since the day I saw ye- but I couldna… I couldna bear…” His voice drifted off in an unintelligible mumble, his eyes closed again, lashes lying dark against the high curve of his cheek.

I sat still wondering what I should do. As I watched, his eyes opened suddenly once again. Heavy and drowsy with fever, they sought my face.
“It willna be long, Sassenach,” he said, as though to reassure me. One corner of his mouth twitched in an attempt at a smile. “Not long. Then I shall touch ye once more. I do long to touch you.”

Diana Gabaldon, Voyager, chapter 36, Practical and Applied Witchcraft

The Story of Prince Wonwoo – Wonwoo Imagine/Scenario (Prince AU)

It’s really adorable so if you like princes and Seventeen (they’re the same thing but) then you’d love that post. to be honest, at the beginning I got kind of carried away with all the fantasy just because it’s been SO long since I wrote anything fantasy related so I got really into it and almost forgot about Wonwoo, I’m so sorry baby. TT.TT Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! :D

   The Story of Prince Wonwoo – Wonwoo Imagine/Scenario (Prince AU)
Finding you in that forest is my biggest regret but relief.

Genre: Fantasy, Fluff and some Humor.

Word Count: 2,929

Note: Listen to Oh My Girl’s Closer and when the line comes, listen to the second song down below.

  Eyes glimmering, stare passing through the destructive kingdom that you were the princess of. The stars pierced through your eyes, and gave you the slight layer of light across your vision, but you still felt wrapped in darkness. Grabbed tightly in sorrow you couldn’t bear anymore. Wind drifting through the threads of your hair, you sighed longingly, your finger skimming over the surface of your balcony.

  You heard the nasally voice of the Queen, laughing as if her heart had been grabbed and crushed with years ago. Being a master of dark magic, the kingdom was controlled by the Queen like puppets. You had seen the way she used the movements of her fingers filled with delicacy, snap and choke the children who’d beg for a spare piece of bread from the castle. The only law in the kingdom was to follow the Queen, and make sure of the fact that if anyone in the kingdom spotted you, you were to be immediately called out by the people of your land.

  Many attempts had been made by you to convince the queen to let the people love freely and happily, but at the final split second of the last moment to speak, you lips would clamp shut and your eyes solid drift to the ground. You couldn’t talk to her. She has magic; dark magic. One word that could fall from your mouth that she didn’t like, and you’d be a rat for a week. Maybe even a worse punishment because you were her niece/nephew. After your father passing away from getting lost and attacked by monsters lurking in the lush forest near the castle, his older sister had been more than pleased to take over.

  You were the prince(ss). You had to save the people of your land, but how? The kingdom would just pity your empty promises of survival. You’d rather not try at all than try and be met with failure. And the risk if failure means many more cold and harsh days spent for the people being ruled by the Queen. You couldn’t stand it, but compared to the queen, you only had thoughtful hopes and a strong head.

  Stars twinkling, a shiver ran down your back as you heard a cackle from the gloomy and dark spirits that visited every night, that you had learnt to sleep through night without shaking, relying on the shine of the moon to protect you. You swallowed, tears brushing you eyelashes, frustrated with yourself. Why were you such coward? Hand raising, your fingers touched the stars in endearment and you heaved a sigh.

  Another strangle of laughter erupted, and you flipped around. The dining room was right next to the library and you were never allowed to leave your room. Lips pursed, you realized tonight you had to do something - and of not, at least start something. Tightly grabbing your lantern, you stepped down each step of your velvet, red staircase that descended down. Directly on the right was a large gap in the wall that led to the dining room. You spotted the Queen leaning her head back in laughter with the ghosts’ backs to you, but you saw the races of their bones and you gulped nervously, taking that moment to pace across the gap and into the library that was at the end of the hallway. Pushing the door open and the locking it behind you, you leaned on it and breathed drastically. You were so scared you’d get caught.

  You knew which book was needed for this. If you were to stop the Queen, it was intended that you’d leave the castle. And to leave the castle, a creature must be summoned to take you. Your fingers touched the rusty crusts of the pages, and opened it to random page. You sucked in a deep breath at the page you landed on. Pegasus. There was a bolded, cursive calling for a Pegasus, but it only worked with those of a pure heart. Hearts that had twists and nips of hands of evil were unable to reach for such an angelic creature. If someone were to attempt to summon a Pegasus but wasn’t pure enough, the land the person rested on would shake and everyone there would know of their failure.

  You had a pure heart, right? It definitely wasn’t as dark as the Queen’s - no doubt you had made a few of your own mistakes - but did your heart have enough innocence to save the kingdom? Your hands slipped smoothly over the pages of the book and you lifted them to your chest, fingers locking with your eyes fluttering close. Your voice softly released the gentle whispers of the prayers that summoned a Pegasus. Your eyelids separated. Taking glances around the library, panic swelled inside of you. The Queen would know you tried to summon the Pegasus. Shoving the book back into the gap, you felt the ground underneath you shake and books from the highest shelves toppled to the ground.

  Heart beating in fear of whatever punishment was to come to you, you looked around and heard the ground shake more as the door flew opened from its attachment to the wall and the queen, dressed in an elegant, long black dress stepped towards you, eyes narrowed with a smirk, winds up the gosts’ presence sweeping through the room. Spinning to her in panic as the castle shook more and more, she lifted her hand, a purple glow bursting from her palm.

  “How dare you!?” she screamed. “You belong here in the castle, locked away in your room! But now you will be never coming back.”

  “Please,” you cried out as the tingles of flames in her hand began to rise, “I’m begging you! Please don’t kill me. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

  “This was your last chance and now –“

  The loud rumble of the walls interrupted her and she gazed in awe at it before a large piece crumpled to the ground with an ear piercing crash. Gulping, your eyes widened as the shining stained glass shielding the library shattered to pieces and you yelped, backing away from it. Turning, the Queen raised her hand once again and screamed as the fire from her hand was ripping from her hand into your direction. Mouth wide, you felt something climb under you and lift you into the air, the fire missing you by just an inch. Looking down in astonishment, you floated into the sky and you looked down to see the fur of a horse, wings bursting from each side. Your eyebrows shot up in wonder and you looked down to your struggling village, seeing the people walking and talking as though nothing had occurred. No food, clothes or anything was knocked over.

  “Perhaps all the shaking was from the Pegasus,” you muttered to yourself, and the creature bellowed, as if it were agreeing. Maybe it was.

  It flew into the shadows of the dark forest, hidden behind trees. After skillfully making a fire with some help from your new friend, you were ready to sleep and plan the next day how to stop the queen from destroying more lives. Leaning on the bark of the tree, you re-adjusted yourself several times, too used to your bed, before drifting to sleep.


  Vision blurred, eyes fluttering like the wings of a butterfly, your eyes switched to the ground from the sharp gaze of the sun. Brushing off the flickers of dirt stuck to your clothing, you stood onto your feet. Eyes searching for your companion that had brought you to the forest in the first place, you spotted her ripping pieces of grass from the ground with her teeth. You hesitantly stepped to the Pegasus and stroked it slightly before turning to find a nearby lake to drink some water from.

  Tugging down the hood of the robe you had grabbed out the night before while exiting your bedroom, you stepped through the knots of weeds lacing on the ground. The sound of your boots created a crunching noise against the grass and you raised your eyes to gaze cautiously around the forest.

  You heard a twig snap and you swirled around seeing a shadow scampering from the bushes and you wondered why on Earth you wouldn’t have brought your Pegasus with you. Another snap came, followed by the long pull of what seemed to be… a bow and arrow. You froze in your spot, your fingers curling into two fists and your stomach whirled with nervousness.

  “Stop right there,” a calm, deep voice whooshed through the air and into your ears. Your eyes shut in fear as you heard the footsteps of the man approach you. “It is my duty to know everyone who comes into this kingdom.”

  This kingdom? You looked up and realized that was why the air was so fresh. You hadn’t spotted any peasants hiding in the shadows from the treacherous Queen. The Pegasus had brought you to the nearby kingdom, Amoria. The kingdom whose Queen was kidnapped by your aunt. If they knew that you, a part of the royal family were here, they’d most definitely hang you. Lifting the bottom of your robe, you sprinted to the direction you came from.

  You hastily looked back to see the man climbing on a dark brown stallion, his muscular back to you. You legs motioned upwards in great heights, and you felt your breath getting ragged. The cons of being locked in a bedroom for most of your life. An arrow zoomed past the side of your head into a tree and your eyes wavered at the stick of wood.

  Your arms pulled you forward and you felt the running of the horse descend from your hearing and you slowed down momentarily, before an arrow stabbed the left of the two trees that left a gap you were about to escape through, blocking you.

  A heavy breath was slowly heard from behind and you heard a voice call, “Who are you?”

  “What concern is it to you?” you questioned, eyes still focused on the arrow.

  “I…” he began before an exasperated sigh left his lips. “I just need to know, alright? That way it can be decided if you’re safe enough to be let near our people.”

  “Look, I’m actually not here because I’m interested in visiting, staying or destroying your kingdom. I just needed to leave my own and this happened to be the nearest one,” you explained stubbornly, pinching the hood to continue shielding your face.

  “How do I not know you’re not escaping from your kingdom?”

  “Because I am.” You stepped forward but he obviously wasn’t going to let you go. His hand gripped your wrist and you breathed out a curse before he suddenly pulled your faces only a breath away.

  Your jaw clenched at the sight of his face. He wasn’t a man, but merely a boy. He was muscular, but not half as much as you expected. But you felt like his dark and thin eyes could tug out the hope left in someone like more strongly than a sword. His clumsy fingers let his bow slip through and you chuckled as he quickly crouched down, hands patting the ground to find it, but keeping his gaze on you to make sure you wouldn’t try to run away again.

  Shuffling to his feet covered in leather boots, he ran a hand through his hair. “W-What kingdom did you say you were from?”

  After the name was muttered from your mouth, his eyes that were once intense and frightening, widened as round as marbles. “Oh my God. I’ve heard so many things about how the Queen treats the people who live there.” His mouth opened widely as he looked you head to toe. “Y-You’re okay, right? Are you hurt? I-I have bandages and – oh, are you hungry? You must be hungry. P-Please, come to the palace with me, I’ll give you –“

  “The palace?” you cut him off in disbelief. “Are you the prince?” He was Prince Wonwoo? The prince you had always heard the few young servants who sent invitations to balls from your kingdom, gushing about whenever they returned from Amoria?

  A trembling laugh rang from him and you saw his large hands swiping at his trousers. ‘Me? A prince? Aha, never ever. I mean, they say Prince Wonwoo is so handsome - h-how on Earth would I… Yes, you’re right. I’m Prince Wonwoo.”

  Your eyes bulged in alarm. “No. No. No. You are not taking me to the palace. If you’re the prince, and your father is the king, then he can’t see me. Just please, I can’t come with you. I’ll leave right now.”

  “Wait, why are you getting so scared? Why would my father despise you so much?” You saw his long fingers twist tightly around his bow, his eyes narrowing.

  “I swear my intentions are all good. He’s never even met me, but he will want me dead,” you warned Wonwoo, hands held up but shaking under the nervousness that was slowly wrapping you.

  “Why? Who are you? If you’re the person who let all the pigs loose in the barn, then don’t worry, we’re not upset about that anymore!”

  “Why would I worry so much over that?”

  “Well, you do remind me of one,” he muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose.

  You pursed your lips together, nostrils flaring. “Are you comparing me to someone who takes care of animals or an animal itself?”

  Wonwoo stared at you for a split moment, before his deep voice lit up to happy laugh, his nose squeezing in a crinkle between his features. He sheepishly lifted his hands that had the sleeves of his shirt draped over, saying, “You could pick whichever you like.”

  “I’m a person. Not a cow, Prince Wonwoo,” you said, planting your hands on your hip. You could spot the visible frown that landed on his lips when you addressed him in such a formal way.

  “Well, we find both of those in the forests, so –“

  “Fine, I can’t be seen by your father because The Queen of the kingdom I’m from… I’m her brother’s child. I’m the king’s child.”

  Wonwoo paused in his position, his lips parting and you heard a faint syllable leave his mouth before clamping his mouth shut again, eyes drifting to the ground and his head dropping low. It was his mother, after all. His eyes trailed up to your eyes and he sucked in a deep breath and said, “My mother isn’t dead because of you. It’s because of your aunt. Now, come along. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.”

  “Wait, I must go get someone.” You bent under the arrow, careful not to trip over any of the rocks and bumps drawn into the ground. You slid through the branches sticking from trees and Wonwoo silently followed behind you. From the corner of your eyes, you saw Wonwoo wiping the sweat plastered on his forehead, unbuttoning the first few buttons of his shirt. “Do you usually go out into the forest much?”

  “Not usually, but whenever I do, I’m surrounded by guards. Today I just snuck out and begged my best friend, Mingyu, to take care of it and cover for me.”

  Mingyu? You had never heard of him. “Mingyu? Is he a prince?”

  “No, a stables’ boy,” you heard him chuckle. “But his kindness is worth more than any other luxuries of a royal family. He’s the one who convinced my father to let me officially make this horse mines,” he added in a proud tone and you saw him rubbing the neck of his horse.

  “Do you enjoy going out?”

  “I really love just staying in the castle in my bed just reading or drawing a little. Going out is nice, but most of the kingdom is afraid of me,” Wonwoo explained, his voice faintly getting lost in the wind and you heard the drop of sadness stirred in his deep voice. “No kingdom likes their prince cold and scary looking.”

  “No prince or princess will also like another if they give up on trying.” You strong stomps that you had previously been in charge of before, slowed drastically down and Wonwoo now walked next to, your words seeming to have more of an impact than you had thought or intended.

  “There she is.” You found your Pegasus leaning down, sips of water gulping into her throat and you heard the prince choke on his breath in disbelief. Walking towards it, you crouched down, patting her back gently.

  “A Pegasus!? You were able to summon a Pegasus?” he gasped, his feet stuck to his spot as he stared at it in wonder. “That’s amazing, Your Highness.”

  “You don’t have to call me that.”

  “It’s quite amusing you said that, for you still have not removed your hood.” Your eyes twitched over your view of your own reflection shining on the blue lake before twirling to him smoothly, and lightly touching the protection of your head before loosening your touch and letting it fall with ease. Looking up, you felt as though Wonwoo was focused on everything but you, despite his eyes locked on your face. You saw him fiddling with the sleeves of his shirt, face blank as an unwritten letter. He blinked and cleared his throat suddenly, his cheeks dusting with the colour of pink. “So, um. What kind of things do you like to eat?”

the world is finally awakened.

each breath the forest draws stirs a murmur of green,

the shoots risen from the flowerbed rumor of the mighty rains.

jade and emerald mingle with glassy pearls in the wood,

the air is reborn without its bite, singing rain chants.

the wind-traveler emerges from the night bearing tales of drifting petals and willow fronds,

and the very soil hums the tune of a new start begun again.

Long Way Home (Luke Hemmings imagine)

Prompt: You’re on a roadtrip with Luke, staying in a camper as you were camping in the middle of the woods, Luke having a surprise for you.

Requested: Yes (3 times).

Word Count: 529 (again such a short imagine, sorrysorrysorry).

Warning(s): Fluff.

+     +     +     +     +     +

‘Are you afraid of bears?’ Luke asked out of nowhere while walking up behind you, before wrapping his arms around your waist and nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck.

You sighed and giggled, nodding to his question. 'Yes, I’m afraid of bears. So please, can we stay inside the caravan this time?’ you said, referring towards the caravan you were staying in. It was a bit bigger than a normal caravan, more like a smaller version of their tour bus, including a small kitchen and all.

Luke groaned and let go of you, before looking outside the window that was in front of you. The sight of many trees and the moon shining upon the woods were beautiful, but knowing there were wild animals walking around, made you kind of anxious.

'Come on Y/N, it won’t be that scary. It should be romantic,’ he chuckled, but you shook your head.

You rolled your eyes, letting go of the towel in your hand since you were doing some small dishes, before turning around to Luke.

‘A small walk could not hurt anyone,’ you said, Luke grinning widely as he grabbed your coats and gave you your scarf. After some moments, you were dressed well for the night and you left the caravan locked behind.

It was a cold summer night, the wind making you shiver but Luke threw his arm soon anough around your shoulders, pulling you close. The feeling of being attacked by a bear slowly drifted away as you were approaching a small place with no trees nor bushes, just some grass.

Luke stopped walking, pulled a small backpack from his back and pulled out a blanket were you two could lay on. You smiled while he laid down the blanket and pulled you on it with him.

After a couple minutes of silence, you didn’t shiver at all anymore since Luke was now beside you, giving some of his warmth to you as you did the same.

'I love you,’ he whispered, face inches away from yours and he pecked your lips teasingly.

'I love you too,’ you whispered back and you closed your eyes, counting the days you’ve been on a road trip with him. Twenty? Maybe more?

'Where are we going to tomorrow?’ you asked silently as you laid your head on his chest, feeling his heart beating calmly against the side of your head. You smiled without realizing as he kissed your forehead.


'I don’t know!’ you laughed and you opened your eyes so you could look at your adorable boyfriend.

He smiled and started to sing: 'So we’re taking a long way home.’

You gasped and straddled him in a bigger embrace where you were on top of him and you pressed your lips on his.

'I knew you would like it,’ he mumbled against your mouth as you giggled.

'You were right,’ you said before pulling away as you laid beside him again, ’ now, continue your song please, mister Hemmings.’

'Of course, miss Hemmings.’

You looked at him with wide eyes and mouth wide open. 'Did you just…?’

Luke winked at you, before he kissed you again. 


*feels terribly sorry for the shortness of this imagine while 3 people requested it, but didn’t want to disappoint anyone by waiting any longer so here you are*

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The Secrets Are Out

Originally based on this imagine

See additional chapter links at bottom!

Part 1: Stay as long as you wish/House Guest

Part 2: Let Me Be Good to You


You awoke to the slow trace of fingers along the back of your arm, and Thorin’s tongue swirling small wet circles on your shoulder. He lay behind you, warm, strong, content, aroused. The smile on your lips seemed to have been there for hours, days…years. He made you forget anything you did before he knocked on your bedroom door.

“Let me see your face,” he whispered in your ear, continuing to caress your arm.

You turned on your back and there he was, his face brightened by the early morning sunlight streaming through your window.

“Better?” you asked.

“Perfect,” he said. “And beautiful.”

Your smile grew bigger. “You’re going to make me cry again.”

“Cry?” He leaned in and kissed your neck. “Or cry out — again?”

As his lips tasted your skin you felt your body ache with need. His hand wandered up and down your torso, fingers light and soft.

You couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I must confess something,” you said.

He stopped his sweet assault and looked at you. “Tell me.”

You lifted your hand to his cheek and beckoned him closer, until your lips were close to his ear - because looking into his eyes as you told him you loved him would be the death of you.

“I love you, Thorin, more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life, and I always will.”

He moved his head back and faced you again.

He was perfectly still, and his breathing slowed. You weren’t sure what to make of his silence.

“I’m not upset if you don’t feel the same,” you said.

There was something in his eyes – a mix of surprise and regret and confusion.

“Have I not been obvious?” he asked.

You shook your head.

“Then I have a secret as well,” he said, smoothing your hair near your temple.

“Tell me.”

Thorin brought his face closer to you until his lips brushed against your earlobe. “I knew that I loved you when I looked for other places to stay…I tried to imagine you not being there to greet me, and I could not bear it.”

He kissed the top of your head, then he moved lower, to the bridge of your nose, and said it again: “I could not bear it.”

He drifted lower still, until he was on your mouth, holding you to him fiercely, as if you would suddenly disappear from his grasp.

“Everything changes now,” you moaned when he came up for air. You ran your hands through his wavy locks and stared at the most beautiful, loving person you had ever known.

Thorin smiled sweetly at you and brushed your cheek. “If we loved each other before sharing this bed, nothing changes. Only the secrets are out. And maybe you won’t get as much sleep as before.”


And then you kissed him again, more intensely this time, unleashing for both of you a thirst that could only be quenched with fire.


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Beyond the Steel [chapter four]

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Summary: A love story of innocence and desire.
Pairing: Dean/Human!Impala (Female) [Pala Winchester]
Side Pairing: Sam/Becky
Rating: R

If you haven’t read Under the Hood; Into the Heart and The Hunters’ Rose, you will not understand this story.
A/N: Yes, another day early update. So sue me. (No, not really. Please don’t sue me. I’m broke.)
Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three

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Ashton: When you wake up, you instinctively roll over to cuddle up to him, but you’re met with a cold, empty space. It’s not unusual for Ashton to wake up before you; not because he necessarily wakes up early, but because you just wake up really, really late. You roll on your back, listening, and soon enough you hear the familiar rustle. So you kick off the sheets and step out of the bedroom. He’s standing in the kitchen, in front of the stove, the kettle on. You wrap your arms around him from behind, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Morning,” you whisper, softly pressing your lips to his shoulder. “Hey baby,” he smiles, the raspiness of his voice telling you he hasn’t been awake for very long. “I was just making you tea to wake up to.” He always woke up with coffee in the morning, but you preferred tea, two sugar cubes. It had become your routine, that whoever woke up first would wake the other up with their preferred drink. “Do you want breakfast?” he asks, turning around now, so he can give you a proper good morning kiss. “Sure. Eggs?” He frowns. “Babe, you know I can’t cook eggs. Last time I did that I nearly burned the house down.” “Fine,” you giggle, giving him another peck before walking to the fridge, “I’ll do the eggs, you’ll make the toast. Sound fair?” “And the tea.” “And obviously the tea.” 

Luke: “Psst, Luke, wake up,” you say softly. You woke up from his alarm, but as usual, he did not. When Luke sleeps, he sleeps, and there isn’t a lot that can wake him from that sleep. “Lukey,” you say again, now poking his cheek. “Wake up!” He groans. Then, before you realize what’s going on, his arms are wrapped around your waist and he turns around, taking you with him in the process, so that you end up on top of him. He sighs contently, having you wrapped in his arms like a teddy bear, and drifts off again. You give him a minute, simply because you enjoy your current position, as you listen to his heartbeat under your ear. “Luke,” you try again, “you really need to wake up now.” “No,” he answers, his voice thick with sleep. “Go to sleep.” He keeps his eyes closed, making you giggle. “Lucas Robert Hemmings,” you say sternly, “you’re going to be late.” “Don’t care.” You try to push yourself off him, but his arms are locked around you and there’s just no way. “Let me go so I can get a cup of water to pour over your head,” you whine, and a smile glides across his face, as he finally opens his eyes; but only slightly. “No.” “Lukeee!” “No.” “You have to get up and I have to get up and we’re both going to be late.” He sighs again, this time not so contently, as he finally drops his arms. “But I don’t wanna,” he complains, pulling his lips into a pout. You quickly kiss his lips. “Sorry, babe. But you’ll thank me later.” You hop out of bed, and right before you disappear out of the bedroom, you hear his voice. “I highly doubt that. I hate you.” “No you don’t,” you call back, “you love me.” “I do.”

Calum: When you open your eyes, the first thing they meet are his eyes, as he’s been awake for a while. “You’re up,” you whisper, still half asleep, and he answers you with a smile. Somehow, during the night, you’ve stranded from him, and that’s not a position you like to be in, so as soon as your brain is woken up enough to realize there’s no skin contact whatsoever, you roll over, nuzzling into his side as his arm wraps around you. “You’ve slept in. The day is up and calling,” he whispers, kissing your temple. “But I don’t have to be,” you answer sleepily. He chuckles. You spend a while like that, just cuddling, enjoying each others presence, because with him, it’s not customary. “I like it when you don’t have to be up so early,” you finally say, swinging your leg over his, just because you can. “I like waking up next to you.” “Me too. I always miss you when I’m away. It’s too cold.” “So I’m basically just your personal heater, is that it?” you tease him. “Of course, what else could you be?” You prop yourself up on one arm, pulling your face into a pout. “Really?” you say, putting on your whiny voice, and he laughs, his arms sneaking around your back and pulling you into his chest again. “No,” he grins, kissing your cheek. “You’re also a pretty damn good cuddle buddy. So you understand that I can’t let you get out of bed right now, don’t you?” You cuddle into him again. “Don’t worry. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.” 

Michael: You wake up from the sun hitting your face. He’s curled up behind you, his arms around your waist, his face buried in your hair. You shift your weight a bit, so you can look over your shoulder at him, but he’s fast asleep. You stay there for a while, not wanting to wake him up, but the thing is, you actually do need to get up. It’s his day off, so he deserves all the sleep he can get, but you have work and if you don’t get up soon, you’ll be late. So, eventually, you start trying to pry yourself out of his arms, which really just isn’t the easiest thing to do. Every time you take a limb off you, he just puts it right back, until you finally give up. Waking him will be the only way you’re getting out of here. “Mikey,” you say softly, shaking his arm. “Wake up. I’ve got to go.” “No,” he answers immediately. His voice doesn’t sound as deep and raspy as it usually does and it tells you that he’s been awake a while. “Yes, let me go!” “No.” Suddenly, you feel his lips on your neck, softly pressing kisses to your skin. “Stay with me,” he whispers. “I can’t, I have work.” “Call in sick.” “I can’t do that!” “Can’t, or won’t?” You sigh. “Mikey, I need this job…” “And I need you to stay with me,” he answers simply, his kisses now moving on to your jaw. “Tell me you don’t want to stay with me, and I’ll let you go,” he says between kisses, and you press your lips together, cause you know you can’t say that. Because it’s not true. “I need to…” you start weakly, but he presses his lips to yours, cutting you off. And right when his hands slide under the t-shirt of his you’re wearing, you know you’re not going anywhere.

she5los replied to your post:.

What if, when Eridan and Karkat meet irl, Eridan is struck by Karkat’s lack of decoration and insists on giving him jewelry and fancy beauty products?

FFFFffpfff bonus points for Karkat seeing him and being like “…wow, he’s still cute but he’s drESSED LIKE A TOTAL DOUCHE.” while Eridan has this total dramatic doki-doki shojo montage going on in his head about how cute and small and pretty Karkat is and how he’s going to be so happy when Eridan pampers him and gives him shiny things.


Eridan being a histrionic nerd and Karkat not taking any of his shit is my favorite way to ship Erikar. XD

Quiet Then Loud

TITLE: Quiet Then Loud


AUTHOR: the-resa10

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:Imagine Odin and Frigga taking you in as a child, knowing that your mother died a few years ago and your father never returned from battle, so they adopted you. You are introduced to…



Chapter 2

They entered the library, seeing lots of bookshelves and stairs leading to other rooms around the library. Loki looked down at Mira and smiled, seeing amazement in her eyes and a smile appearing on her lips. She looked beautiful. Mira turned and looked at him.

“It’s beautiful, I know. These books are old but carry so much information. Do you like books?” Loki asked.

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