I just wanted to say a big HELLO to all the new followers over the last few weeks. Happy to see you stayed for a bit! Thought i’d introduce myself. 

I’m an animator and a film maker, currently working on my final degree show work for my last year of my course. So after this May, (fingers crossed) i’ll be freelancing full time! 

As for this portfolio, I post stuff to this tumblr under a melange of disciplines, FilmPhotoComics and Design. I sometimes make little films or vlogs too if something particularly exiting happens (Like going to China for a week as part of a competition win). 

So hope you like my things. Nearly everything I post is my own original content. So if you’re bored, check out all of my work in my archive. But I guess you don’t have to if you don’t want to! 

I’ve been using tumblr for little over a year now, and the support from people i’ve never met has been really lovely! Lots of sexy thoughts to all the AWESOME bloggers that have been following me for this long! You’re the [bleep]ing bees mother[bleep]ing balls. 

So, thanks for following! Want a little treat? ‘Like’ this little post and i’ll send you a drawing of something silly.