Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly

Now that was something she wasn’t expecting. She actually had…fun dancing with Neil. Shedidn'thatedancing. She just didn’t like it too much. She was either doing something wrong or stepping on someone’s feet or even worse starting a fight. This was a party where she was hoping that that wouldn’t happen. With her temper and with the way her mood has been, she was surprised it hadn’t happened sooner. Maybe Kurt and Joe dressing like girls helped with that. Maybe even dancing with Neil helped. Whatever it was, she was grateful for it.

Gwen made her way out of the mayor’s house, walking over to the side that flowers grey on. The cool felt nice after dancing so much. Who knew she’d actually enjoy it. She untied her butterfly ask, allowing the cool air to hit her face. So far, everything was going smoothly. How bad could things get when they were half way through the night? In her opinion, nothing could go wrong.

Happy Birthday, Barrett!

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For those daises she'd walk out in the hot sun.

The sun was high up in the sky, shining down hard upon the ground. It was very hot, but thankfully not as humid as it possibly could be. If it was humid, this walk in the outdoors would have been absolutely nightmarish for the delicate young woman walking around with a white parasol. Luna was already not very pleased with having to walk so far out of town, but  this was the only way for her to get the daises she wanted.

These were the only daises that were just right for her hair.

“Ugh, why in the world don’t we have a decent florist in town! I’m going to get a sunburn if I’m not careful.” Luna whined, pouting to herself as she walked up the trail by herself.   Maybe it wasn’t entirely safe for her to be going out so far by herself, but she was being stubborn, and her family wouldn’t have been able to talk her out of it in the first place.

Her blue eyes scanned the area with impatience, trying to find the same patch of daises that she usually got hers from. She didn’t remember it being much further…. Ah! There they were! Luna skipped to the flowers with happiness, pulling out a tiny watering can from her basket to water the daisies. She couldn’t have them dying out on her, now could she? 

Luna didn’t dare kneel however, Harvest Goddess forbid she get dirty because of this! No dirt for her, no thank you! It was bad enough that she was actually holding a watering can… like a smelly farmer. “Gosh, I hope no one sees me with this thing…” She  made a displeased face, muttering to herself.

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Are you my princess? WAIT, DON'T TELL ME--!! [Rubs chin, lips pursed and eyes scanning the person before him; snaps his fingers in realisation!] Ooohhh wait, you're a boy. D'hahahaha!! Sorry! [OUTIE]

Yes— a boy. Afweefwa. [Stomps his foot on the ground as the other leaves.] I’m only Allen’s prin— [Shuts his eyes tightly, shouting.] Afweefwa!

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….I honestly can barely take this seriously. Like…what? I….I tried to make it as similar to insane!worried!Crona as possible but…damn….did I do it too much in likeness…? Idk… *hides*