bearer of water

I have been super bored lately so lots of drawing.

Anyway, I always have hated the symbol of my Sun Sign. What the hell is a Water Bearer anyway? All the other Zodiac placements have really cool symbols and yet the Water Bearer is always drawn as a vase or something. That wasn’t cool with me.

So instead of just drawing a vase with water, I decided that the Water Bearer is a girl who is pouring out her vision into the world. That vision is sloppy and incomplete. The vision is full of duality and contradictions, but its her vision, her truth, and she’s going to pour herself out into the world to make it a better place.

So in honor of all us Aquarians, no more vases full of water but people full of ideas, dreams, and visions!

Negative Expressions of the Signs
  • ♈ Aries: Aggressive, forceful, inconsiderate. Immature, offensive and spontaneous tantrums with no apology. Egocentric, boastful and feels entitled. The ram has an ill temper and a hard head; they believe their way is The Way.
  • ♉ Taurus: An affair with greed and sloth. Roots embedded and wrapped around the brain, suggesting unchangeable ways. Clingy of things and people, and little patience when bothered. Too proud to admit faults. The bull has their hooves dug underneath the ground, becoming immovable and unyielding for willful reasons.
  • ♊ Gemini: Contradictory, superficial, and an erratic chatterbox. The nerves are easily irritated, causing a sharp and offensive tongue and volatile emotions. Flightiness; The butterfly that flits from one thing to the next seeks connection coldly from the mind, but not warmly from the heart.
  • ♋ Cancer: Needy, teary, moody and repetitive of unhealthy habits. Cautiousness and hidden paranoia; the crab is scared and selfish, only thinking of their own safety. Conflicting emotions. "I'm so lonely" cries the crab, yet is the one who withdraws into their shell and into the internal womb, never to be seen again.
  • ♌ Leo: Emotional flares, spoiled tantrums, and dramatization of trivial events to play the role of the martyred victim. The ego is self-centered; they must be the king of their domain, to have everything their way. "Hear me roar I am king" says the mere cub, attempting to be a lion.
  • ♍ Virgo: Magnification of the faults of others, yet doesn't see that their judgment, fault-finding and criticism towards others is merely a reflection of the flaws they see in themselves. Shrewd, easily bothered, a fickle & nervous mind, worrisome and bluntly opinionated. "Well, I think..." starts the mercurial maiden, ready to impose their unwanted opinion on another.
  • ♎ Libra: Indecisive, eager to please for personal gain, and forced pleasantness. Characteristically neutral that shows as a form of passiveness to avoid confrontation. Isn't quite sure of what they want. Superficial and dependent on the company of others to avoid loneliness. The instability of the scales reflects moodiness, irritability and inconsistency.
  • ♏ Scorpio: Actions driven by irrational and emotional impulses. Thinks highly of oneself and holds an all-or-nothing attitude. Controlling behavior, underlying paranoia, and internal anger manifesting as visible irritability and frustration. "No one understands me" says the Scorpion, who actively isolates themselves from others.
  • ♐ Sagittarius: Laziness, offensive humor and reckless behavior. Forceful of views & attacks and critically questions the views of others. Boastful, temperamental and self-centered; believes they can never be wrong. Escapism through indulgence. The Ego is inflated and judgment is poor. The centaur preaches and claims to have wisdom, yet through actions show an irresponsible fool.
  • ♑ Capricorn: Superficially concerned with status. Criticizing, selfish and cold. Takes oneself too seriously. Gloomy, worrisome, lethargic, and emit an unwelcoming presence. The saturnian seagoat sees the world as against them, as a mountain blocking their way. "I am unlucky" they sigh, when it is only their consuming pessimism and self-doubt acting as the mountain.
  • ♒ Aquarius: Detached, arrogant, unsympathetic, frigid and erratic in action. Preaches open-mindedness yet expresses opinions in a dogmatic manner. Minimizes serious situations, breaks rules that do not make sense by their flawed standards, and fights for pointless causes. "I seek belonging" says the water-bearer, who purposefully tries to not belong for the sake of individualism.
  • ♓ Pisces: Overly sensitive, teary, and a habit of lying. An open display of indulgence in one's sorrows and misfortunes that reflect a victim complex. Unreliable, lazy and avoids responsibilities through escapism. "I sacrifice so much and get nothing" weeps the fish, who must know that it is not sacrifice if there is reward.
Astrology Cheat Sheet!

This is something I put together for my friend to help her remember and understand astrology. I decided to post it on here to help whoever needs it! 💞✨

♈️Aries(1st house)
Element: Fire🔥
Planet: Mars
Opposite: Libra
Symbol: Ram🐏

♉️Taurus(2nd house)
Element: Earth🌎
Planet: Venus
Opposite: Scorpio
Symbol: Bull 🐃

♊️Gemini(3rd house)
Element: Air💨
Planet: Mercury
Opposite: Sagittarius
Symbol: Twins👯‍♀️

♋️Cancer(4th house)
Element: Water💦
Planet: Moon
Opposite: Capricorn
Symbol: Crab🦀

♌️Leo(5th house)
Element: Fire🔥
Planet: Sun
Opposite: Aquarius
Symbol: Lion🦁

♍️Virgo(6th house)
Element: Earth🌎
Planet: Mercury
Opposite: Pisces
Symbol: Maiden👸🏽

♎️Libra(7th house)
Element: Air💨
Planet: Venus
Opposite: Aries
Symbol: Scale⚖️

♏️Scorpio(8th house)
Element: Water💦
Planet: Pluto/Mars
Opposite: Taurus
Symbol: Scorpion🦂

♐️Sagittarius(9th house)
Element: Fire🔥
Planet: Jupiter
Opposite: Gemini
Symbol: Centaur🏹

♑️Capricorn(10th house)
Element: Earth🌎
Planet: Saturn
Opposite: Cancer
Symbol: Sea Goat🐐

♒️Aquarius(11th house)
Planet: Uranus
Opposite: Leo
Symbol: Water Bearer🏺

♓️Pisces(12th house)
Element: Water💦
Planet: Neptune
Opposite: Virgo
Symbol: Fish🐠

Countries ruled by the Aquarius sign: Russia, Sweden, Poland, Israel, Iran, Chili, Costa Rica, Greece, Grenada, Japan,Yugoslavia

Cities ruled by the Aquarius sign: Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), Salzburg (Austria), Hamburg (Germany), USA cities: Tucson (AZ), Anaheim (CA), Fort Collins (CO), Jacksonville (FL), Augusta (GA), Indianapolis (IN), Bowling Green (KY), Jackson (MS), Camden (NJ), Dallas (TX), Olympia (WA), Fairmont (W. VA), Milwaukee, (WI)

Take your Aquarius soul mate to an Aquarius-ruled destination and watch them transform right in front of your eyes. You can not begin to imagine what the ‘right’ atmosphere can do for a person’s sense of self.

i love astrology as much as the next guy but Aquarius not being a water sign despite literally having the word “Aqua” in it and being one letter away from being Aquarium, literally a building full of water, is the biggest linguistic fuck you and i hate it

judithbuttplug  asked:

I don't think I really understand what the age of Aquarius means. I heard it has something to do with knowledge and technological advancement?

all these age of aquarius qs are weird cause i kind of had this intuiton or flash of thisarticle i wrote aboutthe aquarius age a few years ago and thought about it, that it needed updating or even deleting… lol, thank you angels, but i have some info on the aquarius age

  • rapid changes in technology we’ve seen in the last number of years (uranus rules astrology) was orchestrated by the universal forces or the divine to prepare us for the next new age
  • science (aquarius) and the collapse of the church (ending of pisces age)
  • the bible code and remote qantam possibilities have transcended, making the darkness very possible, but by living conscious and with intent, we can change reality with thought (air:aquarius)
  • preparation for leisure and creativity (11th house) to become the main facet of life when technology voids the need for manual labour 
  • the rise of the divine feminine 
  • divine forces raising collective elevation so we may become “spiritual beings having a human experience,” instead of human beings having a worldly experience
  • void of the religious patriarchy 
  • celebration of intellectuals 
  • age of reason
  • telepathy 
  • crystal power
  • rise of astrology and worship of cosmos 
  • fury of mother earth, esp through floods
  • progression toward equality 
  • the paranormal mind will become normalized; the loss of individuality to work for a collective conscious, the invisible and mental spear that will circle the earth where the world of lies and deception will fall to pieces
  • we are experiencing a conscious shift. with ultimate chaos results into synchronicity.

aquarius is a sign of uprising, rebellion, and revolution… these forces (mass displacement, rising right wing govts, attempts to separate by racism and war the collective nature of aquarius) are important instruments of powerful collective revelation, the agencies to protest, very primitive stages of the new age. 

in the aquarius water bearer we have the image of a pail titled downward from the sky. this symbolizes the release of knowledge and wisdom from higher planes, streaming onto earth like holy water. this is happening at all moments, ready for us to bath in. pisces was the sign that symbolised jesus, but uranus is the planet that symbolises christ consciousness, luke 22:22 says ‘Jesus told them, ‘Just after you go into the city, a man carrying a jug of water will meet you. Follow him into the house he enters.’”
Luke 22:10‪. christ consciousness is available to each individual, for the sake of social and soul repair, collectively. we are so distracted by the outer world that we no longer listen to the treasures of universal knowledge within us. this is the the annihilation of the ego, the end of duality, the peruivan prophecy where the 3 cosmos the over/under/everyday world the golden age when we meet ourselves again



Okay, I’ve heard enough of Aquarius being unemotional, insensitive, and robotic, it’s not true? Out of all the air signs aquarius has the closest connection to the water signs, it’s literally the water bearer, bearer of the water signs, it supply’s the water that Pisces needs to thrive.

I believe that the true Aquarius is the most sensitive in the zodiac, yes it’s an air sign, it’s the most detached, mental and weird out of all the air signs, but that also makes it incredibly inexperienced when it comes to the heart. Aquarius is protected by its ability to detach completely from their emotions as it is their defence mechanism, but when it can’t detach, it’s mayhem, they have a full mental breakdown, they are so sensitive and so many astrologers overlook them and label them as complete god complex fuelled robots, they are literally the sign of humanitarian acts, the lover of humanity, the mother of humans and the earths guardian. The amount of love and emotion it takes to be such a title is TITANIC.

Mars in Aquarius

The rebel and the lone wolf, a Mars in Aquarius is anything but ordinary. They stand out one way or the other. Much mental power is typical for this placement because they have a unique and broad perspective of the world and humanity. Because they are so intelligent and eccentric, they are aware of this and can be arrogant about it. They may develop a God complex and do more harm than good. For the most part, an Aquarius Mars is chill and laid back. They are tolerant and they aren’t bothered by much. Having them truly get angered is pretty rare; but not impossible. Aquarius Mars, when truly angered, can fight back harsh verbally. Since they are intellectuals, they will question your intellect, where you stand, your morals and your ideas. Often times putting you to shame and belittling you. They can be extremely cold and calculating after. Aquarius is an emotionally distant sign and this emotional distance only increases when they’re angered towards you. The emotional detachment will be so icy cold that it will feel like they are collectively ignoring your entire existence. And they might be…

Since Mars in Aquarius are rather inventive and creative people, this is true when it comes sex. They don’t have the highest sex drive, they are more turned on by the idea of it. Which is why they tend to gravitate towards partners who don’t care for an emotional connection during sex. The experience should be fun for them and creative even. They are down to try new things, are experimental and have an open mind in the approach of sex. A Mars in Aquarius is so “out of the box” that you can never possibly be bored with one. They have a stable approach to life, but not without a few unusual surprises and experiences. They are adventurous and progressive. They are freedom loving and curious. A Mars in Aquarius is the perfect blend of madness and genius. Even if at times they forgot to draw the line between the two.

the darlings of atlantis

aquarius walks a borderline between genius and madness

pisces teeters between mystic and psychotic, inspiration and insanity, in their own delirium

the water bearer is god in human form

the unbound pisces is formless, omnipresent god. 

the aquarius has an intellectual creativity, they can be drawn to the invisible vibrations of music and sounds, they can make unusual orchestras, 

pisces is taken away, far away, as their fingers hit the keys or their fingers grip the pen, awash with watery creative invigoration, saturating and sensual. neptune is a planet of mist, like you could fall right through it, it’s sometimes like how the pisces seems of vapor and non substance, a ghost walking through walls. the discovery of neptune was clouded with confusion, to this day there is an international dispute about who exactly found the planet

uranus spins on its own axis, orbiting in the unusual aquarius way, the glaring misfit of uranus as maverick as aquarius. uranus is raw individuality, sculpted in crystal eyes, an inspired catalyst

pisces is glamour and illusion, neptune wants to see how much she can fool you, even for a brief moment. from the sea and the sky

aquarius and pisces are floating toward greater ideals, freedom and love and communion for all of humanity. peace and protection. 



yeah anyway here’s Aquarius, the Water Bearer! (yup Aquarius is an Air Sign despite being associated with water…weird) 
Fun fact, I’m also an Aquarius so his personality is like identical to mine (though we have no physical features in common other than glasses).


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Venus in Aquarius

Unique, Rebellious, Friendly

When Venus enters the free spirited Aquarius, the person is blessed with a friendly and open minded nature. These individuals love to go out and make the world a better place, they are humanitarians after all. However, they posses a sense of quiet confidence. They’re chill and detached.

Even though Venus in Aquarians are emotionally detached, this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care. They do have emotions, they just rather not show them. When it comes to relationships and friendships, they never really become too attached to the person. They want someone who can stimulate their mind. They love to explore and share new ideas.

Women with Venus in Aquarius are never afraid to try out different styles that may seem strange or different to others. Venus in Aquarius’ are always the ones to rebel from society’s standards. They have strange interests and they love new music and art. They really are fun, vibrant and extraordinary individuals.

Venus in Aquarians are generally friendly people, but since they are so emotionally distant getting on their bad side is never a good idea. They can become icy cold. To others, they may come off as weird, but there’s a fine line between madness and genius.

Zodiac archetype facts 💛

I thought it would be interesting to contemplate on the archetypes, don’t get hung up on literal things but…what does your archetype mean to you?

Aries the RAM:
~living in the mountains, Rams are male big horn sheep, who settle arguments by bashing heads. Their horns can weigh more than all the bones in their body combined. They have great balance and keen eyesight. Walking ledges only 2 inches wide and jumping up to 20 feet.

Taurus the BULL:
~male cattle, weighing 1700-1800 pounds. They are red/green colorblind. Don’t corner them, and if you do you need to retreat backwards slowly. “Foster mothers to the human race” throughout history they have been a status of wealth.

Gemini the TWINS:
~identical twins don’t have identical fingerprints. Twins interact with each other in the womb and are extra delicate around the eyes. 40% of twins invent their own language called idioglossia and it disappears once they learn a real language.

Cancer the CRAB:
~spiders of the sea, it’s skeleton is external. They have large eyes with hundreds of lenses. Crab lice can live on the human body where there is hair and feed only on blood. They communicate by flapping their pincers. They can suffer pain and remember it. They can loose a claw in a fight and it will grow back. They work together to protect their family.

Leo the LION:
~second largest cat in the world. Social animals that live in groups called prides. They keep track of each other by roaring which can be heard up to 5 miles away. The males mane protects their neck when they fight. Very affectionate with each other they sleep 16-20 hours a day. The females are the hunters.

Virgo the virgin or FAIR MAIDEN:
~represents the divine mother and the 3 goddesses Astraea, Persephone and Artemis. Astraea was the last immortal to leave earth and once she left it was because man had become so corrupted. The term Virgin meant purified emotions and had nothing to do with sex.

Libra the SCALES:
~although extremely accurate results can be found with a balance it is impossible to find a perfect balance. There are many types of scales that can weigh things such as railroad cars or things as small as pills.

Scorpio the SCORPION:
~dangerous, poisonous and lethal. They don’t chew their food, they dissolve it. Their venom can help treat heart disease and cancer. They can live up to 20 years. The worst enemy of a scorpion is man because they take it out of its natural habitat. They prefer to go unnoticed to find prey and avoid predators.

Sagittarius the ARCHER:
~half man half horse carrying a bow. Usually seen as lustful and wild. They represent the struggle between good and bad. Caught between worlds. Greek myths considered them untamed horses. They are at their prime at the age of 3.

Capricorn the GOAT:
~great climbers, will climb to tops of mountains, trees or dams. They are herd animals and become depressed if alone. Picky eaters they have sensitive lips and won’t eat dirty food. Their pupils are rectangular giving them 340 degrees of vision without moving their head.

Aquarius the WATER BEARER:
~relating to water and the symbolism or liberation. Cleansing, illuminating and purifying. Extending to others what is within yourself.

Pisces the FISH:
~they have backbones giving them a spine, classifying them as a vertebrae. They breathe through their gils. They have good senses, eyesight, taste and touch, and they do feel pain. They vary a lot since there are 30,000 different fish species. They have a special organ so they can navigate through the dark.


Treating Sadness (Check Moon)

Aries: Physical Activity; though usually emotional dilemmas fade for them as soon as they appear, this process can be accelerated by exercise and activity

Taurus: Stick with what they know; Familiarity is often most easily achieved with stability, and since sadness often comes from a place unexpected, crawling into their comfort zone, either a favorite book, move, or show, distracts them from the pain

Gemini: It’s time for a little change; bolstered by its elemental association, they may try to keep busy and change the context in which they became sad in the first place.  This desire can manifest itself in reorganizing their room or impulse buying

Cancer: Walking through memories; These beings are not without their past, no matter how riddled it may be with agony and pain, their history is a cloth also weaved with spools of happiness and innocence.  Though an ephemeral cure, reminders of brighter days helps them forget the frown carved across their face

Leo: Hold me; Company and social facilitation is one of the tendencies they’ll gravitate towards.  The warmth and presence of peoples’ company allows them a reprieve from a suffocating sensation that comes with sadness

Virgo: Press Resume; Like a fusion of Taurus and Capricorn, they love both stability and adequacy.  Sadness is the entropy which threatens to dissolve the system of their lives, but by going back into the daily, scheduled grind, or by simply creating one, that newfound or again found sense of control is enough to help elude them from the stresses of melancholia.  

Libra: One on One; the scales, when made out of balance due to the weight of sadness, can often find equilibrium by being with a single companion who can console them.  Though it is always not best to comfort others when they are in need of the same thing, Librans may actually cure their tears by curing someone else’s.

Scorpio: Time for Yourself; a veteran of the ups and downs that come with emotional intensity, these people radiate a sense of independence and experience even if they do not truly have either.  Seeing weakness as a flaw, sometimes the last thing they need is company, and would rather spend time in introspection to retrieve they’re inner peace.

Sagittarius: Paint the town; seemingly an air sign reborn from the flames, these people crave both transformation and action.  In times of sadness, though the lethargy of a dolorous mentality may overtake them, it is important they spend time outside, rekindle that sense of adventure which sadness has replaced with despair.

Capricorn: Tie Up Loose Ends; Though rest may be needed for some, action is what they would need to elevate themselves to where they once were.  Finishing up a project, an assignment, or an errand could feed their ever-present hunger for competence, and satisfy the empty void melancholia has left in their soul

Aquarius: Stop and smell the roses; The water bearers have a perspective of the world which allows them to transcend their body, and become enlightened of a greater significance.  By simply observing the vast world around them, the weight onto their heart suddenly feels lighter, for the universe is infinite, and their problems feel like a speck of sand in the desert.

Pisces: Laughter is medicine; happiness realizes one of its truest and rawest forms in laughter, and can be exactly what they need.  Spending time daydreaming or back floating in the ocean of their conscience, becoming overwhelmed with anxiety, sadness, or general apprehension is not necessarily uncommon.  However, the right phrase or image could send them giggling, and can send them away, even if for a moment, away from sadness.

Aquarius Risings 🌩

Those with Aquarius on the Ascendant have received binoculars at birth. Being blessed by both Saturn and Uranus, this individual appears to be able to see future tendencies and things no one else can. Visionaries, they present themselves as intelligent and witty; the intelectual curiosity is focused on the mechanical aspect of things, giving structure and discipline to Gemini’s inconsistent mental enthusiasm.

Aquarius Risings hardly ever appear to be surprised or affected; they’ve seen it all, and don’t really care for frivolities or emotional sensitivies. Their idea of themselves as individuals is bound to reason, logic and realistic values. They project themselves as impersonal and ingenious, distinct from everyone else, and this may mean they’re always changing their physical appearance in some way. As humanity’s water-bearers, they offer us brand new ways to see the world with unexpected thoughts and social concepts, as if we could use their shiny ideals to transform structures of the actual world.

Aquarius’ famous for being popular and having many friends, but actually it is purely an energy of social engagement that enjoys being in touch with large groups of people. However, these relationships are not emotionally deep and to some point are devoid of intimacy. Thus, the Aquarius Rising excels at shifting from group to group, nurturing a wide web (pun intended) of contacts and communicating with lots of people, but is alone at the end of the day.

All things touched by Aquarius’ electrical blue waters eventually transform rather radically, encompassing Aquarius Risings’ own rhythm of transformation of the self. Being informed of how things and reality itself work is essential.

Uranus/1st house: a scholar contemplates their city from an observatory; there are so many things to change… Transformation of the outside world comes through revolutions in one’s own identity. This is someone who feels different from everyone else and projects themselves clearly as such. Changing the world is a mission favoured by one’s strong force of will.

Uranus/2nd house: an engineer visits their project under construction; many kinds of people work at a time. Uranus’ sparkling energy strikes the ground firmly, energizing it. Much value for one’s personal ideals and intelectual achievements, maybe to the point of holding grudges and being too stubborn. It is important to be flexible and creative in one’s path, changing whenever needed. Possible radical shifts in one’s financial situations if this energy is not dealt with in a healthy manner.

Uranus/3rd house: a sunny sky is suddenly covered in black layers of clouds; the sun is covered. Swift and flexible, this Uranus seems to be ready for anything. This is someone whose faith in their ideals charms everyone around. So much unstable energy may manifest in one’s life as shifting conditions in one’s education and home life.

Uranus/4th house: a sailor drifts slowly on the sea, no ground on sight; their original home is now only a sad memory. Radical emotional transformations manifested through a radical soul or an unique family structure left in the past. Thus, this is an individual who probably accepts people’s differences and excels at taking care of marginalized groups through social projects and attitudes.

Uranus/5th house: on an old dark alley, a spy is able to drastically change their appearance at an eye’s blink. It’s easy to absorb other people’s identity into one’s own, producing a rather unstable and ever-changing personality. Popularity, creativity and romance are all favoured. This is someone who has the ability to step into other people’s universes and experience life as if they were in other people’s shoes.

Uranus/6th house: a famous detective is being searched all around the world for their mystery-solving abilities. One’s able to help other people when putting to use their dynamic and unexpected life habits. Radical transformation occurs through changing what’s at the base level. One’s health varies greatly depending on emotional conditions. Originality in one’s work and in one’s routines.

Uranus/7th house: a transfer student arrives at their new classroom; they look around, maybe for friendly people to befriend. One’s constantly in search for many kinds of partnerships. Being creative and changing the world around depends on other people’s approval and involvement. Dynamic relationships. This is someone who’s very popular and has many types of groups of friends.

Uranus/8th house: a rather serious foreigner stands out in a party; they’re alone and seem to like keeping it that way. A most distinct individual using their ability to penetrate and solve mysteries to serve humanity. One’s able to translate complex information, making other people’s lives easier.

Uranus/9th house: a visitor contemplates a painting hanging out in a famous museum for many hours; where is their mind?… Demonstrating one’s knowledge and one’s interest in all kinds of information is essential. This is someone valued for their ability to comprehend complex concepts dealing with equality and justice and for actually puting them to use in one’s daily life or career. One’s able to see all sides of the matter at hand.

Uranus/10th house: a tiny phoenix rises proudly from its ashes; fragments of its ancient body are still scattered around, but it feels no pain. The world is perceived in a quite unique and wide manner. This is someone who undergoes profound and intense transformations in their lives; all problems involving such transformations are projected outwards with courage and bravery to expose one’s crisis and toils. People instantly perceive this individual’s powerful personality. A dynamic career. Freedom is much appreciated in one’s work environment specially.

Uranus/11th house: a lightning strike hits the waters of the sea; the sparkling current is spread everywhere. Dealing with large groups of people and big projects as much as with foreign countries, history and cultures. All these things are exciting and essential for this Uranus. This is someone who probably knows many different people and has a wide range of contacts. Dreamlike and dynamic ideals and concepts.

Uranus/12th house: from an open book in an forgotten library, a conjurer is able to produce magical figures to help them on their quest. One’s able to materialize other people’s dreams through technology and knowledge, utilizing one’s sensitivity and artistic abilities. The capability to perceive subtle waves of emotions and divine information “in the air”. One may feel there are invisible fingers pulling the strings of their lives.

I hope it helps in some way ✨

pisces is represented by the two fish and rules the feet. neptune, the ruler of pisces associates with sedatives and intoxicants. jesus fed fish to the disciples. the 12 disciples (12 zodiacs). we see the fish as a token of christianity - it’s everywhere .. on churches and the back of cars
jesus washed the feet of the poor, ate fish after his resurrection
jesus turned water into wine, and wine is the liquid of pisces/neptune. the correlations go on and on, books could be written about this. this was during the astrological ‘age of pisces’

there is a line in the Gospel of Luke: “A man will meet you carrying an earthen pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he goes in” 22:10. the current aquarian age is symbolised by a water-bearer, it’s like a preparation for jesus to enter the astrological house of aquarius for the new age

the Masonic secrets in symbolic form are reflected through the architecture on the Chartres cathedral. The four Fixed signs of the zodiac encircle the Christ figure at the entrance. it represents the acclaim once directed toward astrology.

Eagle ~ Scorpio
Lion ~ Leo
Bull ~ Taurus
Angel ~ Aquarius