DA:I - Greater Wilderness Creatures

A couple of my favorites, which to me will always be the Dragon Bear and the Hyena Vulture. The idea was that an ecosystem that included flying tyrannosauruses would be different from the one we know today. In this case, a breed of bear that targets wyverns and dragonlings, but in the spring may even go after a high dragon. Alternately, a scavenger that has grown large and confident living off the scraps of the high dragon. 

Fossil molar of a short-faced cave bear (Arctodus simus) from along the Yakima River in central Washington. This was collected between 1910 and 1940 by my great-great grandparents and currently resides in my personal collection. I was lucky to be able to compare this tooth to a complete short-faced cave bear skull at OMSI during the annual Archaeology Roadshow, and get the ID verified by local prehistoric megafauna experts.


This is the articulated paw of a Romanian cave bear (Ursus spelaeus)! These extinct European bears died off roughly 27,500 years ago. 

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