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I don't understand the point of the beard- wouldn't making Darren a single and available man be more appealing?

There are several reasons to have a beard:

1. To dispel rumors and speculation from being verified about your sexuality. Fact is, if one is perceived as having a girlfriend, fans generally do not look further, even if there our rumors and blinds.  In Darren’s case, regardless of the rampant rumors, whispers behind closed doors, his own actions and reactions as well as the actions of his actual partner, it is impossible to say he is gay/bi/pan and in a long term relationship with is former male co-star as long as he has a female plus one.  

2. Having a long-term beard avoids having to be “set up” with all of Hollywood’s young actresses/artists whose management/PR think you would make a marketable couple, regardless of whether you actually like each other. If Von Beard was not present, no doubt, Darren would have a trail of “girlfriends” each more power and fame hungry than the next . And while she is hungry for fame, Von Beard is a known evil as he understands her personality, knows her faults, and and is well aware of what she is seeking.  If he opens this up to a wider field, there is no telling what types of personalities and egos he would have to deal with. Further, I strongly believe he agrees to remain in this particular fake relationship as he is well aware that they have no chemistry and that to any observant person, it is near impossible to sell as it is very evident that these two despise each other. I think for Darren this provides him comfort. I don’t think he has any desire to sell it more than required as contracts and obligations dictate.  As much as I like to say, Lena for the next beard (and she would never agree, she respects herself way too much), fact is, if she were the beard, it would sell a lot better. And I really do not think that is what he wants.

3. Having a non-famous beard that you knew “before you were famous” makes you sound like a really great guy that stuck by his girl regardless of the opportunities that have been presented since and in Darren’s case makes it impossible that he could have ever dated Chris as he has been with beardy for practically his whole life, precluding even the possibility. Plus on the surface, if you don’t look beyond what is stated on paper, it reads well. She is a college grad, she seems to be employed by Fox, he met her through friends when he was just a guy on You Tube (or maybe before depending on what version of the story is being sold that day).  They have struggled to stay together as he skyrocketed to fame. and blah, blah, blah.

4. Having a beard, no matter how “serious” means that the fans can indulge safely in their fantasy that in fact someday he just might leave her and date them. Or at the very least, cheat on her and have a one night stand.  And the fans can rely that in fact Darren is attracted to women. Which if you actually pay attention to how Darren acts with men vs,. women, it is amazing to me that anyone believes this. But I guess we all interpret things differently.

Sadly, in Darren’s case, his beard hurts him more than helps him. The only value she has, in terms of what they are accomplishing, is that she is female. Plain and simple. And if he is dating a woman, well then, he must be straight. She has proven time and time again that she is spoiled, lazy, manipulative, and rude to fans. She is allowed to do and act however she pleases and seemingly no one corrects her. 

In reality, the only thing she really does, in my opinion and the opinion of many many others, is bring Darren down and loose him fans.  Because when you are closely associated with with someone and for such a long period, people assume you have similar views and values.  And I am seeing this more and more and more in Darren’s situation.

I know I for one am tired of supporting her life style and vacations and constant partying and rude attitude. It is one thing I do think about when I support Darren. For now, the joy I derive when I get to see him in a show or at an event has surpassed my strong opposition to financially supporting her.  And I truly believe that he does not have a choice at this point as he is 100% controlled by various contracts and obligations and manipulative people.

But I do think it has discouraged others from partaking in Darren events. Which is a sad reality.

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