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Numbers request by anon for bearded!Seb - 17 “Stop it! It tickles.”

No warnings. Fluffiness and niceness ;) Feedback is always welcome and if you have a one shot request, storyline/character/real person or numbers request then please read here and feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Thanks for the request and enjoy! Bearded!Sebastian Stan x reader.

As you sit admiring your boyfriend your mind starts to wander. You had always hated guys with beards. You thought they were dirty and that they seemed to age many men. So when your boyfriend, Sebastian Stan had got a call from Marvel stating that he had to grow a small beard for a few scenes in the next Avengers film you had sighed at first, thinking how much you were going to hate the next month or two. It’s only now that the beard has been fully grown to the required length that you notice it actually suits him. Does he just suit everything in life?

“Will you be keeping the beard?” You ask, watching as Seb gently combs the damn thing into place. “Seb?”

“What? I’m busy.” He snaps, giving you his signature annoyed look before looking back into the mirror.

“I said.. will you be keeping the beard?”

“I haven’t thought about it yet. I know how much you hate beards and I only need it for the last few days of filming.”

You step away from the breakfast bar and make your way across the room towards him. “You could always.. erm.. keep it.” You whisper, smiling at him in the reflection of the mirror.

He suddenly turns before wrapping an arm around your waist. “I thought you hated beards.”

“Well..” Before you can finish the sentence Seb has started rubbing his bearded chin on your forehead. “Stop it! It tickles.”

“Are you sure you want me to keep this?” He mumbles and you can feel the vibration of his lips against your forehead.

“Your putting me off it now!” You say, stepping away from him and opening the apartment door. Putting on your coat you smile back at Seb who is only dressed in his gym gear. “I’ll see you at work beardy.”

“See you there smoothy.”

You step into the giant warehouse the Marvel crew has been using to film the next Avengers film. It was always a massive privilege when Marvel called you in to work with them on important films. Of course being a designer you were usually stuck in an office all day but that didn’t stop you from meeting new people on set, Seb being one of them.

It was a cold day in December when you met him. The snow had covered most of the ground outside the warehouse and inside was just as bad. Someone had left the set door open and the blizzard from the night before had made it’s way inside too so you had spent most of your morning trying to get the remnants of it out again, that’s when Seb had slid into your life.. literally. You hadn’t even heard him coming in until a yelp left him and you turned to see him on the ground, in the middle of the snow you had just brushed out. After that the two of you would get lunch together or bring each other hot drinks throughout the day.

Now six months later you were happier than ever.. you just hadn’t told his fans yet.

You were currently trying to get the two newest employees to actually do some work. “No I told you to hurry up and finish the final sketch. That was due half an hour ago!”

The young brown haired boy speaks up. “I can’t finish a final sketch in an hour.”

“Oh really? Well you better learn because your working at Marvel now.”

“Always the charmer smoothy.” You hear Seb say from behind you. You turn to face him, the frown falling from your face when you see the cup in his hand. “Thought you might need a boost.”

“Thank you. Plus I’m always charming.” You whisper, taking the hot cup and setting it on your desk before glaring at the two men you had just been telling off causing them to scurry from the room.

“Are you sure it’s natural for you to be charming?”

“Screw you! I can be charming.. like now..“ You say, spotting Chris walk in the front door. "Hey Chris!”

“Why are you being weird?” Chris asks, pulling a face and walking on.

You turn back to Seb to see a smirk playing on his lips. “Am I really that bad?”

“At least I love you.” All you can do is smile. His words slowly sinking into your heart.

“Thought about the beard yet?”

“Eh I might keep it.. just noticed it causes a nice little rash on your face.” He replies, a laugh escaping him as you turn to look in the mirror. Small dots litter the side of your face he had been tickling with his beard this morning.

You sigh, turning to face him and narrowing your eyes. A smirk playing on your lips as you step forward. “Oh now your going to get charming beardy!”