beardy meme

theres some beardy blond lumberjack running around in the cap costume and i cant find steve

anonymous asked:


“So, I can finally reveal this fact. Joseph did not want me to reveal it too soon, lest it ruin the surprise, but…” The monster’s excitement is beyond palatable at this point.

“Joseph got his first tattoo last Thursday. It was from a journal entry he had read of mine…” he pauses, “rather several entries” he mumbles to himself, scratching the back of his head, blushing slightly. “He said the entry had helped him through a big rough spot in his life… And well, the only thing that makes the tattoo so much better is that he also got my trident tattooed along with it. It’s almost like a token of friendship he said.” The big goat smiled all warmly, having nobody done such a thing in regards to him before.

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