beardy guys

Beardy guy...

Omg, he surprised me last night.
I’d been to see a friend who wasn’t well and had texted him earlier in the day saying I just wanted cuddles and chocolate…

He asked me to let him know when I was leaving my friends house.
A little while after I got home he turned up at my door with chocolates and wine.

Im a light sleeper, well im just bad at sleeping in general.
Beardy guy started texting me at 5am, he knew it would wake me up…
I tried to be annoyed at him for waking me so early, but he makes it hard to be annoyed.
His requests for me this morning
1. Drink a pint of water
2. Do 10min meditation
3. Write in journal
4. Yoga
5. Read

Of course i complaind about doing that stuff and dragged out starting for as long as possible.

But now I’ve done it I feel really good and ready to start my day.

2nd date.....

I’m way more smitten with beardy guy after just one date than is natural.

The first date went so well and we have been talking daily since.
He’s asked to make me dinner for our second date, this ridiculously attractive male listened to me when I said I’d not had a bf cook for me before and he has taken it upon himself to be the first.

I’m so excited about this!