R.I.P. little flying bug.  You saw me running and noticed I was struggling a little so you selflessly sacrificed your life and flew right into my mouth to give me that little bit of protein and energy that I needed to finish the 5k hill run.

Once the tunes are plugged in there is no stopping those shoes.

Dinner while I browse tumblr.  I shared some with my wife so I had to go back and cook a couple eggs because I was still starving!

Smitty snapped a shot of me dying during the overhead press portion of the WOD tonight. He was supposed to be counting reps… he was jacking around instead and just calling out random numbers at me.

The weird part of tonight’s WOD was the counting reps for your partner. Smit went through first… it was the worst to watch him slowly dying then have to do it myself. Seriously. He’s ran a marathon. I knew I was screwed. And I was right. Tonight was hard - the worst yet even - but you know what people be say'n about the beards…

- 5 miles with Smit. Feeling good. New trail/area run… nice to have some new scenery. However, vibrams on rock trail isn’t ideal.

This was the first encouraging run I’ve had in a while… at least the last 2-ish miles of it. I’ve had trouble getting through 2-3 miles on each run the last couple weeks. The thought of another half (or more) has seemed impossible. But, I think it may just take me up to three miles to warm up… which blows, but it’s good to know.

- Food intake has been well… staying right at 229-230 lbs. I even saw 226 once, but I when I got back on to double check it said 228. Stupid scale. So close to finally hitting the 100 lbs lost mark… it’s only taken over a year to get that last 10 lbs. No biggie.

- Crossfit(ish) starts tomorrow. Stoked. After the next couple weeks, the workout schedule is going to take a turn for the better. Harder, but better. I like the challenge. If it’s easy, then you’re probably not doing it right, eh? Something like that, I’m sure.

This is from tonight’s WoD, and as you can tell, most sweat around the collar is from the beard. So… I’ll just let you use your imagination on this one. A wise Canadian once said beards smells like “glory, wool, and the tears of pretty girls…” sounds about right.

The WoD(s) broke me. DNF'ing was a blow to the mental ego. Then Smitty and I trying to haul eachother’s asses around was ridic. Tonight, I lost. I didn’t feel strong… at least, not strong enough. People have told me I look strong, but there’s a distinct difference in looking strong and being strong.

Now, I think it’s safe to say if the house caught fire and Smitty passed out from the horror or whatever, I could get him out. But that’s not the point tonight. The point? I’ve got a lot of more work to do.

Cold 10k - 1:07. Was supposed to do 7, but I’m already late for a little dude’s b-day party.

Really happy with this run. Not because it was fast (it wasn’t) or far (longest I’ve done in a while), but because my mental game was on. I kept a 10+:1 run:walk ratio the entire time… which is usually not something I’m able to keep up. Everything still hurts from crossfit, but today I was able to bare down mentally, which allowed me to do the same physically. I found my happy place, controled my breathing and kept moving. I actually felt like a real runner today. Also - not a single side stitch the entire time. Weird, but I’m not complaining one bit.

No, this wasn’t the best run by the numbers… but it was exactly the run I needed today. And I’m stoked.

X-Fit at the gym tonight. I would consider this the first actual class. It got real, quick. I was sweating and breathing hard from the warm-up (which really wasnt anything hard), so I knew I was in for a rough one.

Lower back pains of recent kicked back in around round 2 - Smitty kinda stuck me with either a 20lb or 25lb slam ball the first round, the second I stuck him with it. But I think the bad choice was the 55lb kettle ball. That’s what did the back in. Burpees and the lap weren’t that bad, but harder than they should have been.

We did technique work after the WOD. FML. I had to step back for a sec due to the back, but I finished it out strong. Because, beard… it don’t know how to quit. I was happy with 5 rounds, tho I can’t blame my back for all of it… I was friggin’ spent.