J'ai baisé ta bouche, Iokanaan, Aubrey Beardsly, 1893.

This is an illustration produced by Beardsly for Oscar Wilde’s play Salome. 

It is striking to realise the remarkable contrast between the delicacy of the curvaceous forms and the pervasive nightmarish atmosphere surrounding the drawing.

There is an evident influence of Japonism (the use of the japanese two-dimensional composition) and a noticeable aesthetic preoccupation. 

Recall that Beardsly was one of the most important figures of the Art Nouveau movement in England.


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Just for kaleidosc0pe

I find it attractive that you’re so politically active

the time has come for us to gather in masses

to ensure that new law ultimately passes

the present order has failed us in our absence

change is coming and it will be massive

to think that it won’t, is to me the saddest

thing I that I can imagine ever to happen

and when it does we will be passing

a point in time that shouldn’t have happened

the time is here for a change in our nation

coming together for morale inflation

to take back the liberties that have been taken

it’s overdue for our governments castration

so we can rebuild on a stronger foundation

it’s apparent our leaders have a serious fixation

with power and greed, not the people’s salvation

there’s reason to gather and at that location

we need to stand together for the duration

of this and channel all our frustrations

into the new order’s inevitable formation