Blindspot Hiatus Project 2 - Summer 2017 - Part Two!

Hey everyone! Welcome to part 2 of this summer’s hiatus project! 

This phase will hopefully get more people involved because it’s:

30 days of prompts for gifs and fanfics! So writers, this is your time to shine! 

30 Day Blindspot GIFS and/or Fanfiction Prompts
Day 1. Battle/Battlescars/Wounds/Injuries
Day 2. Team/Family
Day 3. Friends/Enemies
Day 4. Past/History/Memories
Day 5. Redemption
Day 6. War/Peace
Day 7. Love
Day 8. Anger/Angry
Day 9. Betrayal/Lies/Trust
Day 10. In Memoriam/Death
Day 11. Humor/Comedy/Laughs
Day 12. Tears/Heartbreak/Sadness
Day 13. Future
Day 14. Food/Drinks
Day 15. Hurt/Comfort
Day 16. Undercover
Day 17. Interrupted/Cockblocked
Day 18. Outfits/Wardrobe/Costumes
Day 19. Men vs Women/ Men/Women
Day 20. Trains/Planes/Automobiles
Day 21. Children/Babies/Parents
Day 22. Locations/Landmarks
Day 23. New York City
Day 24. Guests/Parties/Gatherings
Day 25. Languages/International
Day 26. Puzzles/Games
Day 27. Hair/Beards
Day 28. Locker Room/Patterson’s Lab/Kurt’s Office/Meeting Room/The NYO
Day 29. Home/House/Apartment
Day 30. Tattoos

There you go! Let’s have some fun!

Just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You do not have to finish this in 30 days. Take as long as you need and just have some fun!
  2. You do not even need to do all of them! Pick your faves and go for it!
  3. You don’t need to go in order either! Honestly, there aren’t many rules to this game.
  4. You do not need to make gifs or fancy arts to participate! Just post a screen cap, or ramble, or write a fic, or a drabble, or just a gif of a flailing kermit, we’ll get the message! This is about sharing the love and not going out of your way to make fancy things.
  5. Tag all your posts with #BSHiatusProject so that we can reblog them.
  6. Also, for this challenge, tag your posts with #BSPromptChallenge.
  7. If you post something and we miss it, please message us and we will reblog it.
  8. You can also tag us in your posts to make sure we do not miss them.
  9. And as always, remember, this is a safe place to express your opinions, thoughts and feelings. No hate or bashing and most importantly, no stealing each other’s work, ok? Awesome.
  10. Everything and anything you need to know is in the FAQ page. If not, just drop us a message.