beards are better than no beards

A better commissioner than Gary Bettman

Sidney Crosby
Pros: rich and doesn’t care about making more money, stays away from drama.
Cons: too superstitious, doesn’t like the spotlight, running the NHL would take away from playing the game, refuses to wear shoes other than skates or crocs, Philadelphia is mysteriously left out of the schedule for the season, is found dead after choking on a mozzarella stick.

Jonathan Toews
Pros: smart guy, fair, doesn’t hold grudges, likes to teach people and take them under his wing, serious and stays on topic
Cons: would be too focused on promoting vegetables instead of hockey.

Auston Matthews
pros: mature, good candidate for making the sport of hockey more diverse.
cons: all of his clothes have rips in them. rappers everywhere will make rap songs about him and none of the players would take him seriously. Every team’s goal song is a rap song about Auston Matthews.

Phil Kessel
pros: nice guy, works hard, loves the game. A Stanley cup champion.
Cons: can’t deal with reporters.

Johnny Gaudreau
pros: went to college.
Cons: only eats skittles and Nutella and drinks bottled water. A bad influence on children.

Connor McDavid
Pros: smart, nice, good leader, respected, won’t blame you if you break his collar bone.
Cons: no one pays attention to what he’s saying because they can’t get over how fast and talented he is and the fact that he’s CONNOR MCDAVID. None of the announcers ever talk about the game. All they talk about is their beloved commissioner. They can’t get over how amazing he is.

Joe Thornton
pros: been in the game a long time. He loves to assist people. Loves it. Joseph Eric Thornton lives to serve.
Cons: grabs random guys’ beards to compare them to his. No one has a better beard than Jumbo. Children mistake him for Santa Claus and cry because he’s too skinny and they think he doesn’t eat their milk and cookies.

Tyler Seguin
pros: lots of females suddenly become huge fans of hockey.
Cons: always naked, giggles too much, spends too much time taking selfies, covers everything in pink glitter.

Jamie Benn
Pros: good leader, wants things fair for everyone Cons: spaces out too much. Gets rid of all the music in the arenas and replaces it with elevator music. Spends most of him time thinking about how to work an elevator. He only knows how to go up in them because he doesn’t go down.

Carey Price takes care of boring, behind the scenes stuff. Alex Ovechkin is the front man. He talks to the press and promotes the league. Team North America comes back. Former Team Europe is split up by individual country, and Team Europe becomes 23 year olds and younger players from countries in Europe and Russia. Everyone is happy. The End.


Peter Scanavino 2014 audition video for a role right before he came to SVU.

Let me point out that Sonny Carisi could have looked like this. Even for just one episode. This is what could have been ^^^^ *weeps*

still love mustachioed peter, but damn

Awesome find by my friend @echelonislovefamilyandpower 

video at source link

Everything’s Better with a Beard

Steve x Reader
WC: 1889
Warnings: Swear words, masturbation, oral sex
Summary: Reader has a crush on Cap and wonders what he would look (and feel!) like with a beard…
AN: I feel like I haven’t been giving Steve enough love lately plus with all the commotion about Cap with a beard, I had to give this a go. Though I will admit, everything is better with a beard…Also, I’m kinda wordy…sorry

It was one of those nights where just the girls were hanging out. It was a rare opportunity and a nice feeling, You were all at various levels of intoxication sitting together around the living room area and conversation flowed as easily as the wine.

“You know, we probably should have made more snacks,” mused Pepper, always looking out for everyone.

Maria and Natasha snorted, “Please,” replied Natasha, “Eating just means less room for wine!” She raised her glass in a toast, “To us!”

Everyone cheered.

“Ugh, what’s with this lumberjack look?” commented Maria, while flipping through the pages of a magazine. “Whatever happened to clean shaven, respectable looking men?”

“Now now,” Pepper scolded her, “Goatees are pretty sexy,” she smirked.

“That’s because a goatee is groomed, but a beard? Yuck,” Maria retorted.

“I don’t know,” you chimed in. “I’m of the personal philosophy that a beard makes everything better.”

Natasha nodded in agreement. “I think some men just suit beards… Though I suppose the true test is if they look good with a beard and without one.”

Maria disagreed, “But beard burn? Eww. I’m a grown-ass lady. I don’t need evidence of my necking.”

You laughed at her, “First of all, how old are you? Who says necking? Secondly, I dunno… there’s something about the roughness of it… All scratchy and manly.” You could feel yourself blushing, as if you had said too much.

Just then, the guys entered the room. You were fairly certain that they hadn’t heard any of the previous conversation. You took a long swallow of your drink, hoping it would cool you off.

The topic of conversation turned to the upcoming mission. You were one of the two remaining behind as your particular skills weren’t needed so you didn’t really pay attention to the conversation. Instead, you casually observed your friends, one in particular, until Natasha elbowed you.

“You’re staring,” she muttered to you.

You felt yourself turn red again. Apparently you weren’t as casual as you thought you were.

Leaning into you, she whispered, “I wonder what Cap would look like with a beard.”

You had often wondered the same thing.

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Wax On, Wax Off

Characters: Y/N Padalecki, Jared Padalecki, Y/N’s parents (mentioned), Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, Lucas Padalecki (OC), Sebastian Padalecki (OC), JJ Ackles, Arrow and Zeppelin Ackles    

Pairing: Jared x Reader, Jensen x Danneel (brief)

Warnings: Family sucks and waxing hurts. Jared is an amazing, patient, wonderful husband (and yes that’s a warning).    

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: This was born out of a conversation I had with @blacktithe7 (and no this time it is not turning into a series lol) I hope you will have fun reading cause I had fun writing it. As always no wife hate here. I love Gen - she is just not married to the moose here for the purpose of the story :)

Erin also betaed this mess for me so thanks a lot darling <3

You knew that your family was uptight and that they would always find something to pick on you for. You had always been the black sheep of the family. Never as successful as your brother or as pretty as you sister. No matter what life decisions you made they seemed to be wrong. Every time you saw them it was something new too.

First, they disapproved that you decided to marry an actor. You sister had even said straight to your face it was only a matter of time before he was going to cheat on you with someone younger and prettier guest starring on his show. You hadn’t minded that one too much though. No matter what they said,   it couldn’t make your trust or love for Jared waver. He had never give you a reason to doubt him, and you didn’t need their approval to love him. He was good for you and you for him. You knew you could face whatever was thrown at you as long as you faced it together, your family included.

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This was going to be a comic, but then I went overboard with the art because I was having too much fun, so you get a one shot instead. 

Older Married Domestic Klance Fluff                          Rated: G

A Hairy Situation

“Keith! It’s happening!” Lance groaned.

“What’s happaping?” Keith mumbled with his toothbrush in his mouth.

“My youth is leaving and taking my hair with it,” Lance replied dramatically as he parted the hair along his growing forehead.

Keith spit unceremoniously and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Oh, your hair? That’s been happening for a while now. You should see the back.”

“What?!?!” Lance patted the back of his head and frowned. It was indeed getting thinner.

“You’re just noticing now?” Keith asked incredulously, failing to see what the big deal was. Getting older was a fact of life for those lucky enough to do so. Plus, family history wasn’t doing Lance any favours. A fact that Keith liked to remember every time Lance commented on his “mullet” when they were younger.

“Maybe I have been in denial, Keith. Maybe I only faced the cold facts of reality because I was looking for grays after I noticed yours.”

“What?!?!” Keith ran his fingers through his still thick, still mostly black locks and peered deeply into the mirror. Maybe he wasn’t ready to reach his silver back years, just yet.

Keith noticed a few strands of silver, mostly at his temples, but they were hardly noticeable. Lance was being petty.

“You’re just jealous,” Keith teased as he turned to Lance.

Lance pouted.

Keith sighed and ran his hands down Lance’s arm, squeezing his muscles as he made his way to his hands in a gesture of comfort.

“You grow a pretty great beard though,” Keith complimented. “I can’t believe that only took you a week. I’ve been growing mine forever.”

“I only grew it, hoping you’d tell me to shave it, so I could tell you to shave yours,” Lance retorted.  

Keith rolled his eyes and huffed, causing his bangs to fluff and settle.

“Well, I think you look handsome, beard or no beard, hair or no hair. I love you and always will. Even when we are old and you are as bald as Pipo,” Keith smiled endearingly.

Though Lance wasn’t sure what he thought about being as bald as Pipo was, he smiled, his ‘you think so’ smile and pulled Keith into his arms. He kissed him softly on the lips.

“It’s kinda like kissing a bear, but better than prickles,” Keith commented.

“A bear, eh?” Lance chuckled and moved around him so he could scoop Keith into a bear hug and rub his chin into the crook of Keith’s neck. He ran his fingers over Keith’s ribs for good measure.

Keith yelped and fake struggled, both of them knowing he could escape if he really wanted too. The tickling turned into play fighting and for a few moments, two grown men, wrestled like puppies, on the bathroom floor.

Their rough-housing was interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door and the small voice of a small girl.

“Daddys, what are you doing in there. I have to pee.”


I am not too sure if this has been done before, but here is a book series based on the wives of Henry VIII. I really love these covers as you can tell how much effort the artist has put into them. 

Firstly, we have have the accurate Tudor fashion in the style that the individual wives favoured most and the startling likeness that each lady has to her portrait. 

Secondly, the artist has taken into consideration the image of Henry as we see him gradually age as he moves onto another wife - we see him first as a young, viral man at the beginning of the series to the old, lecher that he became. 

The only thing I would suggest that would have been a great detail would have been to lose the beard when he was married to Anne Boleyn as she detested beards and made Henry shave it off, which was why he (like the petulant child he was) grew it back after her execution and refused to shave it off, possibly to spit her. It also would have been better to make him slightly skinnier whist being with Jane and Anne Boleyn as he only gained weight after Jane died, but then the one with Anne might just be his jacket bulking him up. Another good detail would have been to make Anna von Cleves blonde, instead of light brown, but other than that the depiction of the Tudor King is spot on.

Lastly, I really liked the fact that you had the prominent wife in his life at that particular moment next to him, while the other wives waiting patiently in the shadows for Henry to take notice of them and the fact that those wives are dressed in the fashion of the prominent wife, which I think is a good idea as the Queen would have been the one to lead the fashion that her ladies would follow and then when you see the “shadow” wives feathered in their books, they are dressed in their own favoured fashion.

All in all, a really thoughtful cover design and I only wish that novels now a days would take the time and add the details that really pull the story together, I mean sometimes you can see historical novels, but the woman is wearing the wrong style of fashion for that time period the book is featured in. 

LOST seasons rated by how many times they shave:

Season 1: Jack tries to shave with something that looks like a sharp rock (What the hell are you doing Jack???). We can assume by his eternal two-days-beard that he’s not very successful but he gets points for trying. Shannon has her legs perfectly shaved all the time, she alone rises the score for the whole season, what a legend. 6/10

Season 2: I told you the 2nd season was the best!!! In the first episode we see Desmond shaving, great start for an amazing season. The following days Jack shaves (with an actual razor and not a rock, I’m proud of you Jack!), Kate cuts Sawyer’s hair (I’m counting this as shaving, both things consist on cuting hair), Mr. Eco cuts his beard and gives it to Henry Gale (????) and in the interrogatory Sayid asks Henry about his shaving method. To wrap up a perfect season in the last episode Tom rips off his fake beard. 10/10

Season 3: We fianlly get to know about the others and one of the big reveals is that they are way better shaved than what they made us think, amazing plot-twist. I assume they also shave Ben’s body-hair for his surgery. Good overall season but still a let down from the previous one. 7/10

Season 4: In the island Juliet shaves Jack’s belly and jokes about her extensive experience on shaving men’s belly-hair. Great content. I got mixed feelings about the flash forwards though. Jack has shaved his chest and I’m counting it double because he had a really hairy chest. On the other hand he has now a weird beard. Btw Kate calls off their enagagement right after Jack decides he’s going to grow a beard, this is not a coincidence people! 8/10

Season 5: Jack finally shaves his weird beard, is a happy day for everyone. Kate is so moved she cries. We feel the same Kate. 6/10

Season 6: Awful season, there’s no shaving at all. No wonder why so many people were disappointed by this show’s ending 0/10

Nothing Compares - Bucky/Steve x Reader - One Shot - Sequel to Calling It Quits.

Originally posted by kingsebastian

A/N - Hey guys, first of all thanks so much for all the responses for Calling It Quits, I have laughed and appreciated all the feedback and messages I’ve been sent for it. Based on all the questions I’ve had, unfortunately I did go through something similar to this a few years ago. It’s not something you can get over easily, but times a healer. Secondly, my internet was pretty crap yesterday so that’s why the update has been posted today. Also I really need to update my masterlist. And finally, I’m only gonna do a little bit of Bucky’s POV as I like the emotion I can put into reader perspective. Anyway, here it is. I hope you all enjoy.

Bucky x Reader / Steve x Reader - You didn’t expect to see him after all this time, you didn’t expect him to be the one to bring up the past.

Warnings: Angst

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Another first, uhhh!

Andrew Scott, uhhhh!

Haven’t even studied his face before drawing, uhhhh!

It’s a bit off but it’s probalby just me, ugh!

I hate drawing clothes btw, ugh!

And beard stubble, argh!

 *should stop that now*

Title: A New Home

Summary: Y/N and her young daughter have been on the roads for months when Negan comes across them and offers to take them in at The Sanctuary 

Words: 1029

Warning: swearing

Tags:  @erikafierce, @cryiner, @lilith-luma-graves, @collidewithptv-me, @sup–ernova, @scarletpines, @genevievedarcygranger, @hopingnottocry, @thewalkingdeadrises, @spencer-is-amazing, @attorneyl, @savior-simon-says, @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag, @mackenziewilson,  @scarygoodfanfics, @fangirlindenial, @skullripper9000, @coralpeanutsuit, @justalittlefangirlthing, @nerdy4itall, @katnisspeetaprim, @kleboldisbae, @roleplayeroftheyear, @anntmann, @deanegan, @buckythelittlepuppy, @sniper-knight, @deekaahtj@theroyaldixon, @carolmontt, @imslowlygettingbetter, @iamnothereimnotlistening, @caitydestroyz, @radpukee, @blackvipera, @brieregod-48, @izayo-i, @hellokittyswiftie, @fancybubble, @monetkiddie, @bobrossisbae, @my-amazing-nerdyness, @laurenvictoria-xo, @sea-blue-eyes, @thedeadwalks, @timetravelingsociopathicwalker, @amazinggabbyisonfire, @reedusslut4life135, @ansleylovesmattespinosa, @eziokeks, @multifandomimagines4everyone, @kathyjimenezg1, @bensrey, @laurenm383, @moonxlight101, @look-at-my-dirty-girl, @bands-messed-me-up, @superlucille, @bisexual-watermelons, @hoomygawd, @haunted-goddess, @cassidyfane1d, @rebloggingwoman,@ali-pennell, @memphisgirl1977, @meadow-melody, @warriorqueen1991

In the distance dark rain clouds loomed closer and closer to camp. You could barely even call it that, since it was just you and your daughter, Charlotte. She was barely born when the outbreak started. But now, she was two and some months old, you weren’t sure what month it was. Since your husband turned, your group quickly dwindled, leaving you and Charlotte to fend for yourselves. If you were being honest with yourself, you would realize Charlotte’s life was a miracle. It was just pure luck and chance that you were both still alive. 

A clap of thunder rolled across the sky, a sure sign of the coming storm. Of course there were no buildings to be found, so you and your daughter huddled under a tall, thick pine, in hopes it would keep you dry for the most part. It began to drizzle and Charlotte started to cry. You cradled her head in your hand as you held her, trying to calm her. 

    “Shh, it’s ok baby. It’s just a little rain.” you whispered. “It’s-” 

Your head shot up to the road. You’d heard something, faint, but it you’d definitely heard something. Holding your breath, you listened hard. This time it was louder, closer. There must be some kind of vehicle on the road. You shifted Ch your arms and stood, carefully making your way to the road. A large military looking truck was coming your way. Without thinking you stepped out into the road. Perhaps these people were kind and would take you in, unlike some of the other groups you’d encountered. 

    ‘They won’t.’ you thought. 

But you had to try. You needed somewhere safe for your daughter, some place the two of you could live and not just survive. 

The truck slowed and came to a complete stop only feet from you. The passenger’s door swung open and out stepped a tall, muscular man. He was intimidating, there was no doubt about that. Nothing about his appearance suggested other wise. The man wore a black leather jacket, one a biker might were and in his hand he carelessly swung a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. 

    “Well what do we have here? You got a little one with you? Hi, I’m Negan.” he said. 

For a moment you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything. You hadn’t spoken to another adult in months. 

    “Y/N,” you looked down at the child in your arms. “And this is Charlotte.”

Negan nodded. “You got a camp, other people?”

    “No, it’s just us. We’ve been out here for months.” you blurted out. 

    “Yea, looks like it too.” Negan looked you up and down. “Shit, I’m sorry, I’m not an asshole, honest to God.Uh, damn alright. You’re coming us, there’s too many walkers for you to handle on your own out here.”

You stood silently. 

Stepping Negan approached you, standing only feet away. “Look, I’m not a bad guy. I’ve got a sanctuary, you and your daughter can be safe there. We’ve got food, water, plenty of space. What do you say?” he smiled.  

You nodded weakly. Truth be told, you were exhausted and could use all the things Negan offered you. 

    “Good, let’s get the hell out of here.”

*             *                 *                  *                     *                *                *                  *

After a couple weeks at The Sanctuary, you were fairly comfortable in your new surroundings. Negan had seemingly taken a liking to you. He checked in on you nearly everyday. One particular day Negan invited you up to his personal suite. Some part of you was nervous, but Negan had taken you and your daughter in, he’d shown no sign of doing anything but acts of kindness towards you. 

At his bedroom door, you knocked and waited, holding Charlotte on your hip.The door quickly opened. 

    “Y/N! Well it’s about fucking time you got up here!” Negan smiled. 

    “Yea, um, Charlotte was napping, I didn’t want to leave her alone in our room.” you replied. 

Negan furrowed his brow. “Aww shit, I was only joking sweetheart. I’m sorry.” Negan stepped aside, letting you pass him. 

Inside was decorated like a luxury hotel. A king sized bed, a sofa, a table covered with an array of alcohol, he had it all. 

    “You can have a seat.” Negan said, pointing to the coach across from an arm chair which he sat in. 

     “So, do you like it here? I mean I know it’s no five star resort but, it’s something.” Negan asked. 

     “Yea, I do. Anything is better than being out there, especially with her, you know?” you glanced down at your daughter. 

Negan smiled. “Charlotte right? I know this might seem strange, but would you mind if I hold her? Shit, we don’t have any kids here besides her, never have. I forgot how adorable they could be.”

    “Sure,” you adjusted you position, handing Charlotte to Negan. “She might freak out a little, she doesn’t care much for beards.”

Confusion settled on Negan’s face. 

    “Her dad had a beard and every time he kissed her on the cheeks she’d get upset.” you explained. 

Negan bounced Charlotte on his lap. “Wow, aren’t you cute? Yea, you’re something special girly.”

Charlotte babbled and giggled at Negan. You couldn’t help but smile. Laughing was something you hadn’t seen Charlotte do in months, yet here she was in the arms of a man she’d never met, smiling. Negan was right, she was special.

Negan glanced up at you. “Man, she is precious. Must have got her good looks from mom.”

You could feel your cheeks blushing, no one had shown you that kind of attention since your husband. 

    “Yea, she’s pretty cute. I mean I only contributed half, so let’s hope that’s the cute part.” you joked. 

    “You’re lucky and you must be a hell of a woman, being able to keep her safe all this time.” Negan said. 

You sighed. “I can tell you, it hasn’t been easy.”

Negan smiled at Charlotte one last time before handing her back to you. “Well, it should be a hell of a lot easier not that you’re here. And I hope you and Charlotte like it enough to stay.”

    “We’re not going anywhere soon.” you promised. 


A Relaxing Night at Home

A/N: An anon request where Spencer and the Reader take a bubble bath together! @coveofmemories


As you walked up the steps to your apartment, you couldn’t think of anything you’d rather do less than lift your foot up another step. Everything in your body hurt today, your muscles felt heavy and your bones felt like they were grinding against each other like sandpaper. Thankfully, you had off the day after tomorrow and so did Spencer, but once you got inside, you were going to plop down into the couch and not move for a few hours. “Hi honey!” you called out. As you collapsed into the couch, Spencer came walked out, laying his suit jacket over the back of the kitchen chair and undoing his tie.

“I figured you might want a bath after a tough day,” he said, kissing your forehead. You’d been texting him all day to tell him how horrible you felt and how your manager needed to go suck a dick. You inhaled and the sweet scent of lavender and sighed. It did sound and smell fantastic, but…you didn’t want to move. “I’ll carry you there if you want.” Your boyfriend was a godsend.

“Yes, please,” you smiled, reaching your arms up to wrap around his neck. Spencer carefully carried you inside and placed your feet on the floor. “You gonna join me?”

Apparently, he hadn’t been planning on it. He made it up for you, but right now you couldn’t think of anything better than sitting in a warm, deliciously-scented bubble bath with your boyfriend. “You want me to?” he asked softly. “Then I will.”

Within two minutes, Spencer had stripped himself and you of your clothes and dipped you into the warm water. The scent traveled up through your nose and relaxed you immediately. When he stepped in behind you, you leaned forward, allowing him room to pull you against him. “This is so nice,” you mumbled, leaning against his chest. “Bad day. Boss sucks. Everything hurts. But not anymore. Because you don’t suck. You’re amazing.” Gently, you lifted his hand from the tepid liquid and kissed his palm.

He pulled your hair to the side and kissed the crook of your neck. “What’s wrong with your boss now?” he asked.

“Same old, same old. He’s a creep, and he’s rude, and he denied me my lunch break today, which is totally illegal, but I need the damn job, and I had to sneak eat my lunch because I was about to collapse and I just hate him so much. Nothing new, just driving me crazy,” you said, your voice not changing in pitch at all. The water was enveloping your aching muscles and the lavender smell was lulling you off to sleep. You cared about very little right now, including your boss, he was too much of a dick to waste energy on.

For a few moments, Spencer said nothing and just rubbed your palms with his thumb and forefinger. “You should quit,” he said softly as he gathered his arms under your breasts. “We live together. I can handle our bills while you look for something else.”

It was a nice thought, but you weren’t sure about putting that burden on him. “That’s a lot to handle,” you said. “What if I can’t find anything for a while?” 

“I have some money stocked away, and I make okay money doing what I do.” He turned your head into him and pressed a kiss to your lips. “You’ve been coming home pissed off and in pain constantly lately, and I hate seeing you like that. You could quit, look for another job, and then when you find something you can start in on the bills again.” 

“Are you really sure?” you asked. The idea of quitting brought unbelievable joy to you, but you never wanted to hold out too much hope. He nodded and you could’ve cried. “Then I’ll quit!” With the most animation you could muster given your relaxed state, you raised your arms in the air. “Thank you so much.” You had no idea what you’d do without him - or what you’d done to deserve him. 

The water was starting to cool down, so Spencer reached over and added some more hot water, as well as some bubble bath to go with the salts he’d put in earlier. Now that you knew tomorrow was going to be your last day, because dammit if you were going to miss the look on your boss’s face when you quit, your bath became much more lighthearted. The bubbles started to overflow and you picked them up, giving your boyfriend a bubble beard while he gave you a nice bubble up-do. “You look gorgeous,” he laughed. 

“And the bubble beard suits you, my love.” Since you’d turned around, you were now in a much better position to have a bubble fight, which was much more fun than work. The water started to cool again as your bubble fight came to a close. 

Spencer hopped out and dried himself off. He told you not to move; he’d pick you up again. “Excuse me for one second,” he said after pulling on his pajama pants. A minute later, he returned with a freshly laundered towel that he wrapped around you as he picked you up. “Couch? Bed? Where should we go?”

“I’m thinking of not wearing clothes for the rest of the night,” you laughed. “How about the couch and wrap me up in a blanket. We can watch a movie?”

He smiled down at you, kissing your forehead as he laid you on the couch. “That sounds great and tomorrow you can go into work and tell your boss to go fuck himself.”

“Can I get another bubble bath tomorrow? In celebration?” 

You were just so relaxed right now, you knew it had to become a tradition. At least once a week.