beardlyguy answered your question: I found both of the Sacred Stones.

I have yet to play any Fire Emblem game. Don’t kill me, haha. Which game is your favorite from the series?

This is the only one I’ve played so far.  It offers backtracking instead of one run through of the story line, which is what I like.  It’s a very fun turn based tactics game, if you want a try I can give you one of the copies.  It’s for the gameboy.

iamagoddamnanimal  asked:


  • 40) My favorite store - Urban Outfitters
  • 41) My favorite food - cheeseeee pizzaaaaa
  • 42) What I did yesterday - I worked at my job at the movie theater like all day lol
  • 43) Something I’m talented at - reading people and analyzing situations. It’s a strange gift lol
  • 44)  already answered
  • 45) Celeb crush - Heath Ledger 
  • 46)  already answered  
  • 47) my favorite blogs -
  • 48) Number of kids I want - possibly 3. I want twins for sure lol
  • 49) Do I smoke/drink: yes, both
  • 50) Any question you like? lol