@harnaamkaur and I are tired of your shitty gender roles. We shot this series for @theparallelmag to challenge what people are “allowed to do.” She has a beard due to a medical condition. She loves it and kills it! As for me, I just want to wear a skirt sometimes cuz I think it can look dope! The fact we socially relegate these fashion and styling attributes to certain genders just seems so frivolous and dangerous when you consider how aggressive people get when their confronted with these things that don’t fit into their understanding of how the world works. At the end of the day, just be yourself and love yourself and don’t judge others who are living that way. Think outside the parameters that we are lead to believe are absolute and see the world as it is! Much love to all of you!
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Wow!  It’s been a while since I posted anything, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation!  In September, I got my first studio job and moved across the country, so since then my life has been insanely busy!  Things are finally starting to settle down enough that I have time to finish the personal work I start, so expect to see more from me from here on, and thanks to everyone who stuck with me!  You guys are awesome.

Now let’s talk about Dwarf women.  Recently I decided to take on the task of designing dwarf women who didn’t just feel like little humans, who could be considered attractive, and who also have beards-  because Dwarf women really really should have beards, even if it’s just a little.  Over the course of designing them I considered that probably the main reason Dwarf women are so rarely portrayed with beards is that in our society, beards are a sign of masculinity and being women, they are often still drawn to appeal to our society’s sensibilities.  But Dwarves in fantasy are an entirely separate race from humans with their own styles and sensibilities and saying that their females shouldn’t have beards because it doesn’t appeal to humans is kind of like saying a bird shouldn’t have a beak because it doesn’t appeal to cats.  That all led me down the rabbit hole of thinking about what would likely actually be considered attractive in a Dwarven society– well-maintained beards; Solid, muscled bodies; dainty hands suited to detailed crafting, etc.-  all in all, it was a pretty fun and challenging project!

it has come to my attention that there aren’t many posts out there dedicated just to trans women who aren’t traditionally feminine, so:

  • shoutout to trans women with short haircuts
  • shoutout to trans women with beards/stubble
  • shout out to butch trans wlw
  • shout out to trans women who don’t enjoy traditionally feminine things
  • shoutout to trans women who don’t like/wear makeup
  • shoutout to trans women who hate dresses and skirts
  • shoutout to trans women who don’t look like all the trans women in media because they don’t have flowing hair and red lipstick and winged eyeliner
  • shoutout to trans women with lots of body hair

you shouldn’t be held to standards of gender performance that make you uncomfortable or that you just don’t like!!

your identity is still valid and none of those things make you less of a woman!!

Karls, you’re better than this, I know you are. I’m defending you and your choices (not your team’s because they make dumb things) but don’t drag this shitshow for too long. See what’s happening to kode with klossy applications? A lot of parents see that idiotic cracker face next to you and think twice before sending their daughters’ application form. You walk with a FEMINIST AF or a WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS t-shirts but then you’re still being asked about how you manage a relationship with someone so close to the worst administration around? That’s not how it works, you are a role model for young girls, and girls of your age too, then act like one. Your visibility increased exponentially in the last few years, you don’t need someone who’s power hungry and shows you around like a trophy just because he needs some promo or because he needs to clean his shady environment. Be your own boss, build your brand, be great on your own. I believe in you, and I trust you.

Trans women are so beautiful!

Like… trans women with thick beards? Amazing!

Trans women who wear lots of makeup? Stunning!

Trans women who have hair all over? Fantastic!

Trans women who are pre-E? Excellent!

Trans women who’ve been on E for years? Emulating beauty!

Trans women of color? Perfect!

Trans women who are still in the closet. Incredible!

Trans women who are out and proud? Lovely!

Just.. trans women guys. So fucking gorgeous!

Forestry Majors*

By the time they graduate, forestry majors know all the trees, their properties and uses, where they can be found. They know the oldest and wisest trees on campus. They know which ones can walk and which ones harbor dark, rotten hearts.  Each graduating class plants a new tree and puts many blessings in the soil around its roots. Legend has it that as long as the tree lives, at least one member of that graduating class will also. No one has done a study to verify this claim.

Forestry majors know how the paths in the woods can shift. Compass and Pacing is a required course, and Foresters learn to adjust their stride to exactly a meter so they can always measure distances. When compasses fail (and they always do, at one point or another), they have to be able to navigate the woods without the help of iron.

Silviculture is a class reserved for upper level students, and is by application only. Students are screened for their abilities in diplomacy and the depth of their knowledge of trees. They must be courageous as well, to face the beings that inhabit the forest.  They are taught to be careful with words and to avoid tricks of the mind. The exams are rigorous and long. Failing the class is sometimes a relief – these students are excused from missions into the very heart the wild woods.

Many hours of studying are spent learning the true names of the trees, not the Latin ones that Linnaeus developed, but the old names that the trees will listen to. The trees hide their real names almost as well as humans do. Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus, or Chouchun are all the same tree, but none of those is the tree’s true name.

The professors in intro class are careful to explain the proper way to determine if a dryad inhabits a particular tree. The university owns a woodlot where it farms its own trees, so these trees should be safe, but controlling the Others is impossible and they can’t be kept out entirely. Of course, there’s always a freshman who doesn’t listen and is too in love with their chainsaw. The results are usually  … not pretty. If the rest of the crew is lucky, the unfortunate one is just gone. If not, if something is left, then the professors and upper level students have to be called in to deal with the ritual to destroy the chainsaw. No one wants to use a chainsaw that has a taste for human blood.

Another important first year class is firefighting. Fire is a tool of humans, but the enemy of the trees. Forestry majors are expected to be on hand to deal with any wildfire no matter whether day or night, or whether they have exams or papers due.

Tree hugging doesn’t necessarily mean environmental activism to foresters – it means literally hugging trees. The hugging goes both ways – humans seek comfort, peace, and strength from the trees, but they also encourage the trees to grow tall and strong, to endure, to resist whatever danger the forest is facing.

Forestry is a technical field though, and forestry majors also take many engineering courses. The field attracts people with an affinity with either the science end or the magic end. Some forestry majors have both. When you spend most of your time in the woods, it’s hard to avoid the knowledge of magic. No matter how scientifically inclined they may start out, most foresters end up talking to the trees.

Other students (those who have classes indoors in temperature controlled buildings) are wary of the forestry majors – with most of their classes outside, the foresters dress rough, steel-toed boots and layers of flannel, the men with beards, the women with broken nails. They always carry what appear to be weapons – fire rakes, axes, cant hooks, pikes, and chainsaws. Some students who understand the true danger of the school know better, know that the foresters aren’t the worst thing on campus.

The holy grail of forestry is the unending battle to restore the American Chestnut. The chestnut was a beautiful and durable tree, whose wood would never rot. But the Chestnut Blight came and destroyed them all, killing the magic of the chestnut trees. New trees would sprout, but as soon as they reached adolescence, the Blight would attack and the tree would die. Most foresters try to work through science, crossbreeding the American tree with exotic ones in hopes of finding a strain that can resist the Blight. However, all know that the Blight is a magical disease that science ultimately cannot solve. Every American forester longs to restore the chestnut tree, but the price for that would be very high indeed.

Forestry may know too much about trees and may use trees for their own purposes, but they also protect and nurture the forest.  Therefore they are tolerated.

*Many forestry degrees have the words and Wildlife added to the diploma. But Wildlife is an entirely different topic that would require a separate post.


Connected souls (Fili x Reader)

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A/N: Requested by anon: May I request #88 w/ Fili? […]

#88 = “After everything… I’d still choose you.”

Thank you so much for your request and I’m really sorry that it took me nearly two weeks to write it, but this one is for you and I really hope you like it.

I had planned to make this a twoshot, but I decided to not let you wait any longer.

I used Khuzdul in this, but I put the translation right behind the words in brackets, for that you guys won’t have to scroll down all the time xx. 

I hope you enjoy :)

Word count: 4282 (I don’t know what happened…)

Warnings: Lots of drama, I never thought that I’m the drama queen type of girl lmao, but I guarantee you a happy ending.

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Are Men With Beards More Desirable?
Men who shave often may be wasting their time. Research suggests that both women and men prefer men who sport at least some amount of facial hair.
By Lesley Alderman

In the past few years, a number of predictions have declared the end of the beard. “Sorry guys, beards are over,” said the website Mashable. “Beards Aren’t Cool Anymore,” said Vice. But beards are still here — at the Oscars, parading down catwalks and on regular guys. Could it be that beards are more than a fashion statement? Science suggests that facial hair — from scruffy day-old stubble to full Grizzly Adams — is imbued with social messages, and can play a significant role in a man’s love life. Last year, researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia decided to explore male facial hair to determine what role, if any, beards play in sexual attractiveness, masculinity and short- and long-term relationships.

Yes, yes we are.