Gerard Way Positivity

people have started hating on Gerard because of how he looks

so let’s have some positivity.

@ people who look at Gerard Way in 2017 and are like: WTF HOW CAN YOU BE GERARD YOU LOOK LIKE MY DAD
he is a dad
that’s like telling a baby they look like a baby
stop being judgemental and stupid and start thinking about his fantastic music and comics
stop being shallow you pig

DD is considered when he looked rlly hot right? well he was starving himself and drinking a lot

so love his weight

he writes comics and has an 8 year old daughter, he’s allowed to have long hair and a beard LOVE GERARDS HAIR

cutie :)

what about his depression and drugs and drinking when he was in MCR

he’s so much happier now

why do people find it necessary to hate his appearance?

look at this cute little man, how can you not love him.

spread some positivity for Gerard 2k17.

I hope none of you judge him because he’s so beautiful.

and if you do, you’d better reblog this and unfollow.

I love him so much :)

he is so happy now and he deserves to have all the love in this world.


the mcelroy brothers are so important, especially Griffin. Like, they teach you that you dont have to be stereotypicaly manly to be a man. Travis wears nailpolish (And looks damn good in it,) Justin puts on a very camp persona (Or he’s super camp irl either way top marks my dude.)

And then theres Griffin, Sweet baby boy griffin, too good, too pure. I’ve based alot of my new habits on him because he is the exact opposite of toxic masculinity like, he calls everyone “Boys” even fully grown bearded men and he loves pastels and vapourwave and every woman in the adventure zone is this kick ass confident competent lesbian bad ass who always saves the boys like thats some good shit.

I love the mcelroys.

i love bearded josh i love clean-shaven josh i love happy energetic josh i love sleepy josh i love drumming josh i love laughing josh i love nervous josh i love every color of the rainbow josh i love josh dun

anonymous asked:

since yoongi has too many Gay Moments you could go over your faves/most gay or smth *shrug emoji*

i wrote out a whole answer to this and accidently closed the tabs but time to start againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so here are are the ghighlights:

  • cypher pt 3 he raps about turning guys and girls on, and he’s literally using a metaphor about how good he is at giving head to tell you how good he is at rapping
  • agust d is directed at a man and there are a lot of sexual references (tongue technology, fat dick em, etc. )
  • good day from YOUTH (the japanese album) - his verse is soft and gay
  • wishing on a star from YOUTH - also soft and gay
  • that time he travelled all the way back to the dorm for hobi at new years with chicken because he was alone
  • when he said holly (a male dog) and rapmon (a male dog) should date
  • when he spoke about his type in men (older with beards)
  • first love is lowkey gay like the verse about ‘i rejected you then you accepted me back’ or whatever it is and also the fact that it was banned only he could do that with a song about a piano
  • it might have been a translation thing because it was from one of the recent USA interviews but he said that spring day was about a ‘him’
  • the spring day choreo bit where him and jimin are on two sides of the wall i’ve seen in a lot of couple contemporary dance performances it’s like the so you think you can dance contemporary trademark
  • during the rookie king episode where tae and hobi kissed, it was in reference to a film called ‘쌍화점’ (‘A Frozen Flower’) and Yoongi had a) seen it and b) could name the actors and main characters and c) was excited to be able to do so
  • exists
  • touches hobi’s thighs a lot (x)
  • that picture of him lying on the hot air balloon thing that looks like the pride flag
  • when he said his celebrity crush was the male presenter when they were in australia
  • whatever the hell the run episode in the prison was
  • when he was pretending to be yoonji on bts+ he called her ‘girl crush’ which is used to refer to a girl that girls like basically yoonji is a lesbian icon
  • sleeping is gay
  • gets away with everything like only a gay could
  • him and jk’s role in the hyyh series is coded as quite gay tbh in regards to how it’s shot especially the prologue
  • in blood sweat and tears, the film ‘chatroom’ referenced in his scenes has a m/m kiss
  • is good friends with my gay father heechul
  • the gntl boys gloves
  • whatever this was
  • these times where he was just……… gay and couldn’t hold it in here and here
  • he’s pretty left oriented politically from what i can tell which is generally a lot more gay n stuff
  • gay leather subculture looks in that Singles photoshoot
  • used the two guys with a heart between them emoji for the sope livestream 
  • ‘soul partner’
  • has spoken about high school crushes at some point but didn’t he go to an all boys school………………………………………….
  • that time he just……… snuggled into hobi’s arm during rookie king
  • this
  • the fact that his hair has been every colour of the rainbow
  • also that he could fight a hetero and win idk