torb was the one who gave tracer her catchphrase…..can you even imagine his regret. i bet he lays awake at night, staring grimly at the ceiling, with tracer’s ridiculously chipper “CHEERS LAHV, THE CAVALRY’S HEAH” constantly playing in his mind on loop like a terrifying satanic chant with a british accent

“papa,” one of his 700 children will ask, “why are you crying?”

“war makes you do terrible things,” he’ll grit out manly. he wipes his tears with his beard.

This is Daniel Norris. He’s from Tennessee and is currently a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. He shaves with an axe, lives in a van, loves Jesus, and drinks a lot of coffee. I’m swooning.

So I’ve always been self conscious about having my pic taken. Specially now and days when I chose to just cut off all my hair due to loosing it. It really affected my confidence but I’ve been told by several people I rock the bald look well so I’m just trying to embrace it and go with it. Here’s an actual good pic of me without a hat hiding my baldness lol. Thanks to my friend @artsegoviaphotography who always does great photography work.

Ok so I had some spare time during digital art class today so I began to doodle some random stuff and trying out some new techniques and styles so I ended up with this.@ghost-chicky’s art have always inspired me so this sketch is inspired by their art, unique style (and how they draw beards because jfc it’s amazing) mixed with my style. It was fun to draw and I’m p happy w/ it! ^^

“Why won’t you listen, Jack? Why won’t you see what’s happening here?”

This could also be a meme. “God, McCree ordered HOW many hats?”

My personal headcanon is that Gabriel was the one constantly trying to tell Jack that something within Overwatch and Blackwatch was going very, very wrong. However, Gabe and Jack were pitted against each other by Talon’s sleeper agents within the UN, manipulated even. Jack believed (or rather, was manipulated into believing) Gabe to be paranoid, Gabe believed Jack to be ignorant and indifferent towards him.

They didn’t blow up the HQ in Switzerland while fighting. Talon blew it up to kill them because they finally, finally had started talking to each other.

Fun fact: I can’t draw beards for the life of me.