bearded mermaid

So in case you didn’t see Captain Underpants or forgot about one bit from the film…

There’s a scene where George and Harold’s class is asked ‘what would be the one thing you could change about the world’ and they both agree that the Pacific Ocean should be turned into chocolate and the Atlantic Ocean into nacho cheese.

So I couldn’t help but think ‘what if they succeeded with that, but it came with a problem that involved a crossover?’


Been a while since I’ve drawn myself. Doodled what I’m wearing today plus a dragon Sandi! I’m convinced that she’ll live long enough to eventually transform into a real dragon

Kala and Leeeeeex |Kru| working together

Before the sunrise by Kru and Me [soon on ao3]

Stiles knew that mermaids should lure people using their delicate voices, looking airy, speaking gently and be a sum of all the grace and appeal. He knew. He had read Bram Stoker, okay? And he was sure that mermaids shouldn’t be these hissing and frowning creatures. They shouldn’t have claws or fangs. And definitely… Yes, definitely, they SHOULDN’T be males!

So when he finds one on his way back home from the morning surfing session, just before the sunrise, it reminds him of that funny picture going around the internet, the clash of expectations and reality.
The only problem is that… This is his life and taking care of wounded, bleeding merman, calling himself Derek Hale, isn’t so funny.

HA! Leeeeeex is awesome, she likes my idea of this story and added so many into it already; and we will be working together on this! I’m really excited! soon more of merman!Derek in pictures and txts :D

Seven retired sea captains

1. John F., 82. Claimed to have sailed on the Mayflower, the Erebus, the Lusitania, the Lisbon Maru and the Sloop John B. On closer inspection had been renaming pedaloes at the local boating lake. Possessed a fetching swan neck and a great pair of pedalling thighs. Once laughed in the face of a choppy Northerly.

2. Lord Sir B. de F., 67. Both feet up to the knee in Davey Jones’ locker. Creaks in the Northerly Wind. Once sat for the portrait on a bottle of rum.

3. Captain Q., 99. Fishy. Had her beard plaited by mermaids in ‘67 and has kept them in ever since. Hears bells in the deep. Also bells everywhere else too. It is possible the mermaids put bells in the beard, they are tricky like that.

4. Admiral Gruff, 201, owner of a lonely heart. Deceased. We have tried to remind him of this last fact many times. He never would listen. That is how he came to get deceased in the first place. Anyhow, if you want to hear some salty tales his is the grave at the top of the cliff, knock once and ask for Gerald.

5. Mme. Carruthers de Squawk, 88. A dashing figure in a frock coat. Once surfed across the Mediterranean on a ship’s biscuit. Best known for putting one too many r’s in 'Arr!’. Inventor of the pineapple.

6. Captain M., 12. Captaining backward. Will shortly be finishing up his retirement and taking up a place on a grizzled sort of last voyage across some unknown sea or other. Has drunk of the cherryade of the fishes. You met him once in Cromer but neither of you remember it. Heave ho.

7. Captain B.-E., 87. Known for his fingers. Most fingers of any captain ever. Whole cabins full of the things. More fingers than you. Still never got the hang of the piano. Rumours that he was the walrus are untrue.

So awhile ago I came up with this idea for a Little Mermaid inspired AU for Captain Underpants (yeah, I’m still amazed I was able to do that. Check this post I did when I was discussing the ideas: ). So I went ahead and did some drawings for it, only I opted to use something closer to Dav Pilkey’s art style instead of my own to see how it could work. (Still trying to work with the anatomy issues).

I opted for the surface world to take place in a 1900-1930′s inspired era so that it could have a fairytale feel, but the AU could also get away with something like robots (just in case). Here we have Edith with the adopted children of the king of the surface world, Billy and Lisa, who are the child versions of Harold’s future husband and George’s future wife (They are canon character and I had to include them for the AU. It was a cute thing to not pass up.

….Yes I HAD to make Harold part dolphin. I made George part orca (but I’m open to changing it if someone has a better recommendation). And yes, Krupp gets to be part shark and this time the infamous ‘shark teeth’ is a natural part of his features instead of a visual gag. The characters look weird when their bodies are missing their necks in this design, so I opted to give them pendants/necklaces that take inspiration from their original designs to solve this issue. I didn’t like the idea of giving Krupp a crown (I made him the king of the ocean in this AU because OF COURSE that had to be a thing *laughs*), so I took inspiration from Greek and Polynesian clothing from way back when to craft something that indicates royalty.

….That is still a toupee. He has his ways of keeping that thing on underwater, but don’t ask him.

A glimpse of George and Harold as humans… plus a VERY familiar face. I gave them special matching bracelets that allow them to take on a human form. (NO ONE LOSES THEIR VOICE IN THIS AU. I already did that the last time I did something similar).

I had this idea that CU represented certain parts of Krupp that he tried to remove and they manifested into a physical form. He’s more like a spirit though that was trapped in an object the boys found, so that’s why he’s floating. I was debating about giving him shark teeth or not and when I went with it I made them look more rounded and less scary looking than Krupp’s. And I also opted to make his overall appearance cartoonish and youthful looking, compared to Krupp’s more realistic design/I made the lower half go up a bit, like how a very missing article of clothing is always pulled up so high.

One especially for the shippers! About 10 years ago in this AU, Krupp had once taken on a human form (complete with normal teeth LOL) and became friends with Edith. And of course they both fell in love with each other but they never had the chance (or courage) to confess because he left the human world out of fear and because of obligations/duty. (And it plays a part in why Krupp casted off a part of himself that allowed him to feel both love and optimism, and why he ended up becoming a bitter person). So in the present day, Edith never learned the true identity of her crush or that he loved her back.

….So anyway, it was something I did for fun, but I’ll consider developing this AU more if anyone wants to find out more or WANTS more. I don’t know if I’ll do a fan fic just yet, but it would be fun.

(Oh yeah, Captain Underpants belongs to Dav Pilkey… and Dreamworks Animation now, I guess).