About 5 ½ years ago I ran across this cutie on Tumblr. I couldn’t help myself, soooo I went for it. After years of phone calls,FaceTime and texts, somehow I convinced this man to leave his home 18 hours away and never look back. We took a chance at love, having never physically met each other. He moved In and The rest is history! Here we are all these years later, enjoying this new season in our lives. On July 1st 2017 I married my best friend y'all!!! We lit forever now!! 🙌🏾💍🙌🏾

It was terribly cold, yet terribly beautiful outside. So I decided to come out and play a ballad. 

This is from our recent tour stop in Wilmington Delaware! Come out to see the Drumline Live tour if we’re in your city…tickets and tour dates available on line

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