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I realized that there aren’t as many Sister-related headcanons out there. Time to fix that! Here are a few Kai headcanons, largely relating to her relationship with Grif and Grimmons.

-The Grifs grew up in a very homophobic area, explaining why Grif was so adamant about not being gay and bashing any “gay stuff” that came up.

-Kai didn’t come out as bi for a long time, because she thought her brother would hate her.

-Grif finds out on his own, and advises Kai to keep it a secret, though is quick to tell her that he still loves her.

-This, combined with some porn magazines Kai finds in his room, leads her to realize that her brother acts the way he does because he’s gay, but doesn’t want to deal with more ridicule. They already get shit for their mom being a bearded/fat lady in the circus, as well as Grif and Kai’s weights.

-Kai, in a rare serious moment, tells Grif that she’ll support him no matter what, hinting that she knows he’s gay without actually saying it.

-Not wanting to be afraid like her brother, she decides to be open and proud of who she is, wearing titles like “bi” and “hussy” with a smile.

-When she comes to Blood Gulch, she immediately catches on that Grif is in love with Simmons, and actively encourages him to confess.

-When they finally do get together, she’s totally elated and immediately starts referring to Simmons as her “nerd bro.”

-Simmons gets flustered by this and is like “Sister, Grif and I aren’t married!” And she just goes “Pfft. Yeah, okay.”

-Due to her fear of being alone, she frequently sneaks into Grif’s room to sleep next to him. She even did this in Blood Gulch, sneaking across the canyon to get to Red Base. Grif pretended not to know about it.

-When Grif and Simmons get together, Kai stops sneaking to Grif’s room for a while, not wanting to mess things up for him.

-Simmons finds her wandering around outside the bases on Chorus one night after she’s had a nightmare, and brings her back to the room without hesitation.

-Grif wakes up to see Simmons comforting Kai, and finds himself falling in love with his boyfriend all over again.

Literally The Greatest Showman was the best movie I have seen in a while and wow Hugh Jackman and others did so wonderful! Uggh go see it!! It is so good!

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