bearded gecko

Any good reptile vet worth their salt would not say

‘As long as the lizards needs are met they would be fine on sand’

Impaction is always a risk no matter what, do not risk ur reptiles health for a 'natural’ look that isn’t even their natural habitat.
Keep ur reptiles on safe substrate like tile, paper towel, etc.
That is all.

Ask me a question

Leopard gecko: Where is your calm space?

Red-footed tortoise: What pets do you want to get in the future?

Rat snake: Why did you start your blog?

Bearded dragon: What is your favourite flower?

Nile crocodile: What kind of things do you collect/ want to collect?

Royal python: Would you prefer to live in the city? Or in the country?

Common toad: What kind of clothes do you typically wear?

Green tree boa: Where do you spend most of your time?

Pygmy gecko: Do you like insects? What is your favourite kind of insect?

Blue-tongued skink: Do you have any tattoos? Do you plan on getting any?

Crested gecko: Tea, coffee, or water?

Burmese Python: What is your dream reptile/amphibian?

Legless lizard: Where do you want to travel in the future?

Gargoyle gecko: If you have pets, what did you name them and why?

Painted turtle: Three words to describe your aesthetic.

Red-tailed boa: Do you have pet peeves? What are they?

Glass frog: What is the view from your bedroom window?

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went over to my buddies house and visited with his kids.
chroma is a rescue adoption, he has mbd and is missing part of his foot. today i showed his dad how to bath him and he really liked it. tepid at first but lots of splashing and scrubbing after.

nova is his little leo. she doesnt really like being handled but she is her dads diva lizard. she was getting fed when i came over.


Fall pictures!
Nothing too fancy but I really wanted to do these to ease into the fall season!

From top to bottom, left to right;
Philip, Scooter, Cinnamon Bun, Christopher (or Bubba), and Apollo!

Cinnamon’s was kinda quickly done cuz she wouldn’t stop moving lol..

Story time friends!!

About two-ish months ago, I made a complaint on the petco Facebook about how baby beardies and leopard geckos were on sand. They responded, took my information, and said they’d look into it. I figured I’d never hear from them again.

A few days after that, I got a call from the regional director for my local store, and we had a half hour chat about the research petco has done and how sand has no impact on the deaths on animals in stores, and how she had never heard of using tile for her own personal reptiles. I was upset with this finding, and told her, and how I would never be inclined to buy either from them if housed on sand (this was before I knew breeders were a thing, stick with me here, I’m learning) due to potential for future risks. She said she definitely understood, and would talk with the stores to get them off sand, because it is better to be safe than sorry. She asked about Archimedes, Deryn, and Winston, and was generally interested in how we had our 3 reptiles set up, just to learn. But I thought it was her just being nice, and never expected to see change.

Days passed. Weeks passed. Still nothing. Then, I walked in to get mice for Winston last week. And lo and behold, the leopards and beardies are on reptile carpet. I was so freaking happy. Seeing these animals on carpet can prevent them from being on sand in their future homes. It’s a big step.

It felt good to have a hand in this small change, and I encourage you to speak up and do the same. There is currently a petition to get RES’s out of petco and to have them support adoption instead. I’ll post a link later as I’m on my phone right now.

But, I’d first like to thank kaijutegu, reptile-talk, hissykisses, and butthurtherpetologist, for raising awareness about sand and giving me the motivation to speak up for these kids.

While buying from large chain stores isn’t the best, maybe we can help move them in the right direction. We are their voices.

And please forgive the reflection of my neon yellow shirt.

Tinley Park NARBC show

Beware! this is a long post.

So I went to Tinley today and I must of course share what I saw there. 

title of Largest Frend goes to…

(this is Bubba, an education alligator who is v low-energy and calm and great)

Coziest Bab goes to…

Best Nubby Perfect Toes goes to…

Most Heartshaped goes to…

VIBRANTEST GUYS saw a tie between these individuals…

Almost-perfect-photo-made-imperfect-by-a-poo goes to…

LONG FREND award goes to…

Most Likely to be Mistaken for Ice Cream goes to…


MOst glamorous goes to…

Smollest and Cutest Gradient award goes to…

Most Likely to be Mistaken for Candy goes to…

Squishedest Leachie goes to…

Dragoniest Scales goes to…

Most Tired Looking goes to…

King of This Woman’s Head goes to…

POshest boi goes to…

Cuddliest squish goes to…

Weirdest Sleeper goes to…

Squishiest Lizard goes to…

Neatest Tail goes to…

Bluest Dude goes to…

and finally, 

Wrinkliest Leach goes to THIS friend!! 

If you believe you have a photo of something that can steal any of these titles please do let me know. 

In short, it was amazing SORRY FOR THE HUGE POST ;////;


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