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If you are looking to buy a...

-normal ball python

-bearded dragon

-red eared slider (or any large pond turtle)

-green iguana

-large tortoise species

-other large snake species

Please please consider checking our your local reptile rescue and adopting because there are a HUGE number of these species in shelters. These are certainly not the only reptile species in shelters (the one I interned at had everything from leos, cresties, and corns to tegus, rare monitors, and box turtles) but these are usually the most commonly abandoned and the most difficult to house long term.

Benefits of adopting from a shelter:

-adult animals are usually hardier

-a reputable shelter will thoroughly health check animals

-shelter will usually have socialized the animal (and if not will give you an honest idea of current socialization level)

-shelter will be able to give you an idea of animal’s adult temperament (temperament of young animals can often change when they reach sexual maturity)

-shelter will have switched snakes to frozen/thawed before adoption

-some shelter allow fostering of an animal as a trial period

-sometimes the shelter will supply fully equipped enclosure along with the animal

-shelter will offer support and information following the adoption

-the adoption fee is a fairly minimal part of their overall funding, so they are in it for the sake of the animal and adopter not for the money

-adoption fee is usually cheaper than buying a new animal