Here is some of the things I have made out of styrofoam and coated with Hot Wire Foam Factory’s Exterior Foam Coat (unpainted and not dyed). All of these have about 3 coats on them that I even applied more watery than directed on the package. At only 3 coats, it is really strong! I made one that didn’t come out how I wanted and am trying to break it to get the magnets in it out and I so far have not broken it open. I am pretty sure I am going to have to use a hammer. Better than any grout I have use and it doesn’t require you to mix in anything to make it stick better or strengthen it to this point. You also can use paint to dye the foam coat if desired (it also slows the drying process). As it is drying you can texture it and make patterns in it making it really awesome for making these look like real stone / weathered bone / wood. All of these (one not shown, thats the one im trying to break) I have used a 3 lb container of foam coat for, and I still have about 1/3 of it left. Just remember you still need to seal it after painting or after applying before putting in the tank. You can find this on hotwirefoamfactory.com or amazon, the site that makes this stuff accepts paypal. 
HIGHLY recommended for anyone making any foam decor for really anything

Since I can not link things from most sites at this moment heres what it looks like for reference:

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So when my beardie opens and closes his eyes, there's this white thing that's their for a second (maybe like another eyelid??) I've never noticed this before. Other than that his eyes seem awake and bright. His health has been in decent condition, despite a bit of constipation (which I have been tending to as it occurs).

If his eyes seem awake and bright with no swelling or liquid coming from it, then you probably have nothing to worry about! 


Official tokays Call Out Post

So I know the majority of reptiblr ignores tokays for the most part, and I was going to do the same. I blocked her after a response from her sparked an anxiety attack and it was at that moment I realized I should have done it a long time ago. I cannot ignore, however, a recent discovery I made, which is that Iris (tokays) is a member of a group on facebook called “Impaction Lovers.” (screenshots under cut)

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This post is for Rex, my bearded dragon

Did you know…
1. Bearded dragons like to bask in the sun. Forget bringing your dog to the beach, be the coolest kid in town and bring your freaking DRAGON!

2. Bearded dragons have a very particular way of saying hello to more dominant dragons. Much like the hokey pokey, they stand on three legs and rotate the remaining leg around like a dance!

3. Unlike a chameleon, who changes color depending on their environment. The bearded dragon controls it’s coloring changing abilities depending on how hot or cold they want to be. I think Katy Perry was singing about bearded dragons in that hit single of hers “Hot N Cold”!

Take one home here for yourself and have a friendship that lasts forever like mine and Rex’s!
Master list for reptiblr ‘go-to’ resources

I’m starting a master list of the ‘go-to’ users for any reptile and herp related questions. This will be used to help those new to reptiblr find a source that is reputable in the reptiblr community and has the proper knowledge to ensure their creatures are getting the proper advice. Please nominate anyone you think is worthy of being included on this list. You can also nominate yourself if you provide your specialties/ areas of expertise.

I’m also including care sheets, good resources for things like hides, terrariums, food, etc, and recommended breeders.

General Reptiles:


General snakes:


Ball Pythons:

Carpet Python:

Burmese Pythons:

Reticulated Pythons:

Short tailed pythons:

Blood Pythons:

Green Tree Pythons:


General Colubrids:

Corn Snakes:

King Snakes:

Hognose Snakes:


Boa Constrictors:

Sand Boas:

Rosy Boas:

Rubber Boas:

Rainbow Boas:

Amazon Tree Boas:

Emerald Tree Boas:


Gopher Snake:

North American Rat Snakes:

Rat Snakes:

Beauty Snakes:

Asian Ratsnakes:

Pine Snakes:

Indigo Snakes:

File Snakes:


General Geckos:

Leopard Geckos:

Crested Geckos:

Gargoyle Geckos:

Leachianus (leachie) Geckos:

Panther (paradeura pictus) Geckos:

Chinese Cave Geckos:ū

African Fat Tailed Geckos:












Links to Care sheets:

Good places to get supplies:

Useful tools:

  • Online serpent measuring tool by Serpwidgets. All you have to do is take a top down picture of your reptile with a size reference (like a ruler) in the same picture. Works great! I’ve used it on snakes and bearded dragons so far

Here is another master list done by the awesome chondropythons

 See something not on this list (person/herp/guide/etc)? Let me know! More detailed breeds/species/sub-species will be added as I receive nominations. 

If one of the nominees on the list fits for another reptile/herp let me know and I will add them :D If you think someone on the list should not be there, send me a message telling me why and I will review what was added.

This list will be updated every other month or so to ensure that the blogs provided are still in use.