Check out All-Stars Logan Couture, Claude Giroux, Brian Elliott, Corey Perry and Shea Weber as they share some stats on a serious issue: heart disease and stroke. Watch as they challenge you to grow your own playoff beard.

Four members of your NYC Caps Crew have decided to embark on a journey of charity and superstition. From now until the end of the Capitals playoff run we vow not to shave in a quest for glory and a quest to raise money for USA Warriors Ice Hockey. 

Welcome to the first weekly Beard-A-Thon update. We all shaved at some point after the Caps regular season game so these photos represent a day or three of stubble so it’s it’s unfair to judge a leader at the moment. 

If I were a betting man I would take Rob (bottom left) but I have never seen Mike (bottom right) with any sort of facial hair so he could be looking like Holtby a week from now (unlikely). Justin (top right) regularly has pretty half-assed facial hair and I (top left) can only grow a goatee for some reason so I have a feeling we are in trouble. 

Whatever the case it’s pretty much a certainty that no woman will be willing to have sex with any of us from now until hopefully June but that’s a risk we are willing to take for the (Name of trophy redacted) and to help out the USA Warriors.

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so i re-watching the 2011 stanley cup playoffs and came across this beauty from one of the games against the fliers. i nearly peed myself its so funny. i think its probably for some good cause/charity but without any context it sounds like andy brickley is just making some bizarre joke in the middle of the game!

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