Day 7- January 7, 2013
Today we present Beard & Bangs. These are two styles we have both been sporting for a long time and have become part of who we are.

Diana- I have been sporting full fringe since I was a freshman in college, 6 ½ years ago. I felt so liberated and unique when I decided to sport the straight across bang and have never looked back. They even made an appearance on my wedding day, so needless to say I love my bangs. Furthermore, I do often get the “You look just like Zooey Dechanel” which I take as a huge compliment. Viva La Bangs!

Lj- I started growing a middle school lip dirt before middle school. By the end of 6th grade I had a fur baby underneath my nose and chin. I didn’t start growing a beard until my sophomore year in college due to lack of funds for razors. Kept it ever since. Some say I look like a young Santa or really anyone that is well known and endowed with beardliness. @jamesedwardiii #beardandbangs #afterglow #marriage #beard #bangs #tumblr

Day 13- January 13, 2013
Today is Sunday. We slept in and enjoyed tea before heading to church at the 11:30 service. On our way home we picked up some produce at our favorite farm market: Allegri’s and invited some friends over for lunch.
Our pictures shows a typical Sunday afternoon, we usually spend it very lazily. Lj took a nap and was soon followed by me. I am so thankful to have a job that does not require weekends so we can spend that time together. We are a truly blessed couple. @jamesedwardiii #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterglow #lazysunday #

Day 3- January 3, 2013
“Gays Go Green”

It is very important to us to recycle and do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle. So today you get a glimpse of our monthly routine, dear viewer. When we lived in Lafayette, IN recycling was made easy, we had a bin that was picked up weekly in the alley and that was that, no effort required. However in South Alabama, they don’t make it so easy. There are a few places to deposit your recycling, and our favorite is at Five Rivers Delta, which is an outdoor recreation center.

Other ways we Gays are Green, are by drying out clothes on a drying rack, taking our own bags when we go shopping, and commuting to work together daily in which we get quality time discussing each others day and the like. A twofer.
#marriage #beardandbangs #afterglow #recycle #5riversdelta (at 5 Rivers Delta)

Day 26- January 26, 2013
Moving day. We did it! We got the truck jam packed with some help from Austin and a dolly and we’re camping out in our naked bedroom. We started the day out right with Waffle House and kept fueled with some Starbucks. It seems like just yesterday we were moving into this little apartment, and now it’s time to turn around and move again. We have decided our ramblin’ days are just about finished. Next place we move, we’d like to hang our hats for a while. We’re leaving early tomorrow morning. @jamesedwardiii #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterglow #campingindoors

Day 177- June 26, 2013
To Each Their Own.
Yesterday I washed both our favorite blankets, today they smell like heaven. We each like to enjoy our blanket in very different ways. I, like most people, wrap up in it. Lj likes to pretend he’s a camo cactus.
A shout out to my Mom for making Lj’s favorite afghan for Christmas. I stole mine long ago from the family couch. #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #blankie #snuggle #weird #marriedantics #random (at La Maison Gay)

Day 47- February 16, 2013
Since marrying into the Gay family, I have been introduced to the best Southern Bar-B-Que place around: Sconyers. We enjoyed hash and rice and the tastiest pit smoked BBQ all served in a log cabin.
Today was ridiculously cold and my sinuses got the best of me. So, Lj and I are sporting our “Saturday Hair” coverup beanies. We spent a better part of the day laying in bed with Booner watching Pit Bulls and Parolees. It made me so mad at the scum who abuse and torture animals. But I admire the rescues and sanctuaries who save those poor dogs and give them a second chance. We are definitely Pro-Adoption and maybe someday we’ll add to our adopted fur family. @jamesedwardiii #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterglow #sconyers #barbeque #bbq #beanies

Day 9- January 9, 2013
Today we had a few house keeping things on our to do list to tend to. We found out last week we had a tail light out, and figured it was time to finally change that puppy, before someone called the PoPo, ho..
Lj had a great conversation about trucker hats and old man clothes with the associate at Advance Auto and thus we got a discount on bright bulbs for our headlights which are super foggy. (Lj claims it was the beards doing that scored us the upgrade, I concur, it gets us freebies). And as you can imagine I was as helpful as any girl would be, but I shined a flashlight. Boone just sniffed stuff. @jamesedwardiii #beardandbangs #marriage ##vscocam #afterglow

Day 5- January 5, 2013

We’re moving into a house at the end of the month! (Renting that is ) After much searching and viewing an assortment of houses, apartments, and duplexes we finally found a place in Downtown Mobile. It’s a Victorian cottage built in 1902 situated right outside of west downtown.

We missed posting this yesterday evening due to coming home and finding a really sick Boone. (Our dog) he’s better for now so it seems. So today you get two photos!

Day 338- December 6, 2013
Doing What Gays Do Best.
Although it’s a Friday night, we have come off a week of being away followed by a full week of working and other activities. So instead of going out, we merely stayed in and Lj cleaned his gun while I read. #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #manlyman #hunting

Day 321- November 18, 2013
Fall is for Lovers.
Forgive our tardy post please. We drove out to the country yesterday and oooed and awed over the vibrant colors of the trees. I just love this time of year for the cozy sweaters, warm drinks and the fun times that come with it. #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #fall #autumn

Day 296- October 23, 2013
Deer Season.
It’s that time of year again and one Lj Gay will be out hunting said game. He went and purchased the necessary items. Amongst them is “Buck Nip” which warns the user not to place it on their clothes or body, an attack may ensue. #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #huntingseason #georgia

Day 241- August 31, 2013
Doing What Gays Do Best.
Today we went and checked out the new store Lj’s parents are opening next month: Shabby Chanelle’s! They’re going to be selling vintage and handmade items (some of which I will design and make for them) and Red Cap coffee. It’s a wonderful little store and I can’t wait to get started making things for them! We spent the day hoping from flea markets as garage sales as we always do with Ma and Pop Gay. #beardandbangs #marriage #nofilter #mountains #shabbychanelle (at Blairsville, Georgia)

Day 213- August 2, 2013
The Return of the Plates.
3 years ago I started buying random plates to start a plate hanging collection. It has been a year since they have graced my walls, and today I hung them up. I might start looking for new plates to swap out with my older ones. This has been a really fun collection and it makes me happy to see them up again. Our house is finally coming together and I think we’ll have to post a tour of it once complete! #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #vintage