A thought on Beard Rubbing

It wasn’t until I joined the Nefarious Intent guild that the term of beard rubs become a everyday addition to my vocabulary. If you don’t know what beard rubbing is, here is a quick definition

Beard Rubbing is a formal greeting or display of manly solidarity between two or more bearded men.

Sure, it’s probably been out there for awhile, but when you think of sharing a moment of greeting with another man, typically you instantly think handshakes, bro hugs, slaps on the back, and fist bumps. There are many ways to greet someone. Then came the Beard Rub…

For two men comfortable with their sexuality to rubs their facial hair together is quite an experience. It’s a bonding of good friends or acquaintances. I have finally had that experience. And it was a worthy greeting between good friends. Just like the importance of gaming pantsless, beard rubbing will now be a staple greeting. Share with your friends. I would for one like to see a official Beard Rubbing day.


seriously though, If we happen to meet in real life and you want to beard rub, nothing would please me more than to do so. 

that goes for any beardy gentleman. 
women are welcome to a one as well, should they feel so inclined.