Joshua wants to fight because the White Legs have stoked the naked flame inside of him. You, you see the light, but do not yet feel the heat.  I can pray that you never will, but it isn’t up to me and it isn’t up to God. It’s up to Joshua.

Beard Review - Fred Durst

As it turns out, Fred Durst, also known as our Lord and Savior as well as the dude who was in Limp Bizkit, was in Fight Club: the video game.

He has some stubble in the game, also.

This is therefore the perfect storm to talk about Fred Durst and Fight Club and beards.

Here we see Fred Durst losing a fight, which is complete and utter blasphemy but also gives us the opportunity to look at Fred Durst’s beard. As we can see, Fred’s beard is a powerful, masculine affair which encompasses his steely visage and creates an intimidating presence, even when losing. The beard isn’t complex, but it doesn’t need to be. The beard reflects Fred, it reflects Fred’s work. Could Rollin’ have been the masterpiece it is with unnecessary complexities and details which detract from the intensely catchy nature? No sir!

With Fred Durst, simplicity is greatness.

In conclusion, I want Fred Durst to live stream more Call of Duty while I pray.