beard to get men

Hey bearded trans men trying to get into restrooms with the governor’s wife: you forgot about us! Stop scapegoating trans women who don’t pass as cisgender, gender nonconforming folks, and nonbinary people. We should be allowed into whatever restroom we want, regardless of what we look like.

Sincerely, a trans dyke

All For The Game Andreil Hair HC

Ok I have this weird headcanon that after Andrew graduates Neil decides that he maybe kind of wants to try and grow his hair long, because he’s never been able to because of all the disguises but he also thinks he might end up looking like an idiot. So, anyway he stops cutting it after Andrew leaves for pro so he doesn’t have to listen to Andrew telling him that he looks like an idiot all the time. It’s been a couple of weeks since they have seen each other in person (because Andrew hasn’t been able to fly back yet and Neil hasn’t been able to fly out) he’s been able to keep it hidden on Facetime with hats and hoodies and clever camera work.
All of his efforts are for nothing when Neil walks into his dorm after class, throws his keys down and turns around and into Andrew. He almost pisses himself. Andrew doesn’t say anything about that but reaches up and tugs on Neil’s shaggy hair with an indecipherable look on his face. Neil tries his best not to blush but he does …. hard. He doesn’t know why the fuck he feels so stupid its his hair he can do what he wants with it but he swears to himself that he is going to get it cut tomorrow. “I know it’s stupid I’m getting it cut tomorrow.” Neil manages to mumble running a hand over the back of his head.
Andrew doesn’t say anything but he yanks Neil’s hair hard enough that Neil finally meets his eye. Andrew looks at him for a moment with that weird expression on his face and then says, “Don’t.” Before pulling Neil in by his hair to kiss him hard.
Neil doesn’t cut it. It gets down to his shoulders and that’s as long as he will let it get. He doesn’t like it that much, he thinks it’s too much of a hassle to deal with. But Andrew loves it. It’s soft and wavy and smells nice. He runs his fingers through it and presses his nose into it and Neil hadn’t noticed as much when he had short hair but Andrew is a hair puller.
Andrew isn’t the only one who loves it though. The press loses it’s shit. Neil’s hair is talked about on late night ESPN and there’s posters and tshirts and when it gets long enough and Neil starts to wear it in a half bun it gets its own verified twitter account.

Another hair related head canon is that after a few years of pro exy Andrew decides to grow a beard. It’s blonde and full and looks manly af with Andrews eyebrow scar. Neil loves the beard. He has a beard kink pretty much. He gets a boner just thinking about the scratchy feeling of it on his skin. Andrew knows this.

car parks!! living rooms!! heavy metal bars with very scary bearded men telling us to get out!! these are all places we’ve played shows in and all are equally as silly

we have a youtube where we do covers of a tonne of sick bands (think fall out boy, twenty one pilots, the front bottoms, the 1975 and ~more~) here

and we have a spotify where we write our own sad uke punk jams here

and we have a new album out in 6 days, which is alright i guess 

*skateboards in

because im bisexual my parents desperately hope ill one day end up marrying a woman but *kickflips* im really fucking gay and i love men 

*skateboards out*

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Did an hours cardio and half hour on weights - still owe Betty 30 more cardio minutes 😅

Feeling a bit under the weather, mentally and physically tonight, because reasons. But hey ho, I’ll get there eventually.

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