beard to get men


introducing your brand new ot3: lunavicwood

*skateboards in

because im bisexual my parents desperately hope ill one day end up marrying a woman but *kickflips* im really fucking gay and i love men 

*skateboards out*

real shit, sometimes you just have to manage with what you have and progress to having more. it’s not a day that goes by that you or i can’t get up and this money. we all can. so let’s get it.

stay bless ppl. 👌🏿

Hey bearded trans men trying to get into restrooms with the governor’s wife: you forgot about us! Stop scapegoating trans women who don’t pass as cisgender, gender nonconforming folks, and nonbinary people. We should be allowed into whatever restroom we want, regardless of what we look like.

Sincerely, a trans dyke