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The power of a ship...
  • Me before WW: Chris Pine? Yeah he's cute. Charming, talented. Nice voice and pretty eyes. Among the Chrises, top three, depending on the beard situation.
  • Me after WW: CHRIS PINE??? IS A GIFT??? Those lips! When he grins! And his eyes! Paul Newman blue! When he brushes a lock of hair off his forehead???? My. New. Kink. I burn, I PINE, I perish!!!
  • everyone: the prince's beast growl
  • me: the prince in full black swan makeup


Okay so here is a lyric-by-lyric interpretation of “Woman” and why I believe it is a gay song- aka has gay connotations. There’s a lot more details I could go into, but here’s the basics. Also, this is going to not be as Larry as I could make it. It’s just a general analysis, because I don’t think it is a gay song ONLY if it’s related to Larry. 

“I’m selfish, I know But I don’t ever want to see you with him”

It sounds more like he’s jealous of the guy than the woman. It’s Harry telling the woman- the beard- that yes, he’s being selfish, because he technically signed up for this (forcibly closeting in the industry happens and is enforced contractually with the YOUNG artists not thinking much about it while signing), but he still doesn’t want to see her with the other man because, well, he and the man are a thing.

“I’m selfish, I know, I told you but I know you never listen”

This is a line that specifically has to do with HIS closeting situation that I’m not sure you’d be interested in unless you believe he’s dating Louis Tomlinson but I’ll add the context anyway- one of Louis’ beards (the main one we believe the song is about) repeatedly kissed Louis in front of Harry and obviously Harry told her to stop or not to do PDA in front of him when they weren’t actually stunting but she did anyway (I told you but I know you never listen). Even then, if you don’t want to go into specifics, you could definitely interpret it as the woman crossing the line.

“I hope you can see the shape that I’m in, while he’s touching your skin”

Relating to the last line, Harry’s hopes the girl can see Harry’s reaction to her being with his partner. How angry he is, how jealous, and understand how he doesn’t approve or is so torn because he doesn’t want it to be this way. Basically, it could be read as him saying “I hope you can see how angry I am” or “I hope you can see how wrong this is” I see it as mostly the first with the latter being a part of it.

“He’s right where I should, where I should be”

This is a play on what the audience expects. most people read this as HARRY should be where the other man is with the woman, but it actually- in my interpretation- means that Harry should be where the woman is, with the man.

“But you’re making me bleed”

She’s hurting him, basically, because she’s there instead of Harry.


To me, seems so… impersonal for a love song, like a lot of people think it is. If this woman is the focus of his love, then why just “woman”??? I think it’s because it’s him saying “woman” as in either this one specific woman who is hurting him or all the women in each individual bearding situation. The lalalalas are kind of taunting (like the beards are to him sometimes, and we have heard a lot of rumors about how the beard I was talking about before taunted Harry constantly).

“Tempted you know, apologies are never gonna fix this”

I’m not 100% sure about the first line- I think it might be him saying he’s tempted to just say “fuck it” and end this, but he can’t. The second part is about how, no, her apologizing for this can’t fix it. this is something huge and hurtful that the woman signed up to be a part of for HER benefit that basically hurts them. You really can’t forgive someone who is helping forcibly closet you and your partner and is shown to the public to be THEIR girlfriend when they’re just…. not. That hurts. A lot.

“I’m empty I know, promises are broken like the stitches.”

The first part is pretty obvious, but the second part is interesting and I think a more personal line- maybe the woman promised not to cross the line, but they always cross the line. And remember the “you’re making me bleed” line? yeah, he’s hurt, he’s bleeding.

“I hope you can see, the shape I’ve been in while he’s touching your skin.”

This shows that it’s still going on, he’s still angry, this whole situation is still happening.

“This thing upon me howls like a beast. You flower, you feast.”

This references at the poem “Old Man, Dead in a Room” by Charles Bukowski which reads:

“but this thing upon me,

as I tear the window shades,

and walk caged rugs,

this thing upon me,

like a flower and a feast”

And then the Chorus again.

Basically “Woman” is a song that uses EXTREMELY clever wordplay to make it seem like it could be a love song from a man who wants to get together with his ex, but it is- in my interpretation and I believe it is a closer interpretation to the truth- about a man who is singing about the woman who is bearding for his partner.


um???? I like Georgina but they don’t look happy one bit…Cris looks frustrated, Gio looks completely done and Cristiano jr looks uncomfortable…

New Info

Hello everyone! A week or so ago I received a message here on Tumblr from a person who claimed to know information about a certain model and her involvement in bearding/secret gay relationships. After exchanging some emails, this person shared all of their information with me but asked that I used code names so that no one gets in trouble (as they believe much of this could be traced back to them or others mentioned). If you have any questions about code names please feel free to message me privately and I will be happy to share a little more with those who ask nicely. I would just like to be respectful of this person’s wishes.

This info concerns a model we all know (Model 1) and her past relationship with another model we all know even better (Model 2). It was requested that I simply copy and paste the information in full. The person who sent me the info didn’t disclose their identity so I’m unsure how trustworthy they are. However, my impression was that the info wasn’t outrageous enough to change anything we don’t already know so I am leaning towards trusting this person. It is up to you to make up your own mind. 

“You must know something about me:  i have a very very good & detailed memory (since i was a child) i always remember what people don’t, + very specific dates & conversations + the little things.My doctor says that it’s certainly unusual but it does not completely fit as idetic memory per say (i’m considered smart+ but not a genius).I tell you this because it’s very important in this story, it will help you understand why i remember so many details and things :) (even though i had to check a few things up with my 2 friends before writing this to you, just to be 100% sure)

Before i tell you this story, i want to make something very clear: i do not know Model 2, i’ve never met her.i’ve met Model 1 only once, in early 2013 in Paris, it was before she started to “date” that Famous Actor.
Both girls are not from my “models generation” (i’m 38, French, i worked as a model from 96 to 2000, no big covers but some very high profile fashion shows in haute couture & prêt-à-porter in Paris & Milan), it was still the golden age, with all of the worldwide famous supermodels around).
Anyway, this is important because of someone i have worked with a few times back in the day, who now is a well known Actress (& a good one), we are not friends, we haven’t seen each other in a few years, but we still have 2 good mutual and trustworthy friends: i’ll explain later).
i won’t give you photographs of our past works together, even if i quit modeling a long time ago, i don’t want to be identified, i hope you’ll understand.On the other hand, i’m pretty sure if some specific people read this story, eventually they’ll find out who my 2 friends are (but they’re both ok with this, they don’t really care).
Ok, so my good friend is under 35, also French, she recently retired as a model, she was never famous but she has had a few high profile campaign in Europe, but was never a VS model.(i don’t want to give more details about her).
She’s bi, (i’m a lesbian by the way), and we’re both the lipstick kind.
The only female model she’s dated was Model 1, it didn’t last (just for a few weeks), it was a rebound, for both of them.She introduced her to me in Paris in early 2013. we had diner together (with a few other people).i didn’t know who she was, i remember thinking “her face looks familiar” i thought she was gorgeous, natural, surprising not too shallow, nice & kind of shy.During diner my friend mentioned that Model 1 was walking for Victoria’s Secret, and it hit me “of course, ok now i know where i saw you before, got it”
Before meeting with her, my friend had told me on the phone, that Model 1 had recently ended a long & complicated relationship with another model, Basically, the break up was mutual but they remained good friends.My friend didn’t name the other model or said anything specific about her (but it was a “her” for sure).i remember asking her “are you ok with her still being so close to her ex ? ” she answered: “i don’t care, after what she said about their relationship, it’s ok”
Anyway, a couple of weeks after that diner, my friend called and said it was was never serious, just a fling, so no big deal.
A few months later, i was checking a french tabloid magazine at my doctor’s office, and saw this article about that Famous Actor’s apparently new girlfriend and i clearly recognized Model1.I called my friend right after, i remember asking her: “ what the hell ?? that’s Model 1 with Famous Actor, right ? she said "yes, i saw the pics yesterday too, a bit of a shock to be honest, Z & Y (2 friends who were with us at that diner) also called about it” i asked: “so she’s bi ? sounds weird to me”(after the diner i was pretty sure she wasn’t bi, but maybe i had understood it wrong, you never know (and to be honest my female gaydar is not always perfect ;)she had a little laugh: “you’re kidding ?? she’s as straight as jodie foster” (her exact words, i swear, it made me laugh)“ok, so….. bearding contract ?” i askedshe answered: “looks like it to me,i think there’s no way she’d sleep with a guy, even for publicity”
i have to explain that beardings contracts were already very much known & used during “my time”, it was also a good boost for a model’s career…So it didn’t shock me when she agreed it was highly probably that, and it didn’t shock me about Famous Actor either: there were already very big rumors about him back when i was modeling, so…
part 2:Some time ago, we talked about it again (we were with a longtime friend of ours: (let’s call him B), who is a quite well known in Paris, he works on many fashion week shows, he’s gay and super cute (he dated a famous Male Singer in the late 90s/ it still makes us laugh because back then, we’d tell our friends that the Famous Singer was gay, but no one’d believe us !! (who’s laughing now ;)
All of a sudden, B asked my friend if she was still in contact with Model 1, she said “no"we both asked him :"why? have you seen her recently, how’s she doing ?"he said "oh, yes, i worked with her a few months ago; she’s doing fine” and that was it…it was strange because he always has something else to say about people (whether it’s nice, bad or funny, always an anecdote,especially with famous people in the fashion industry)
We both asked him “and ?? that’s it ?? does she have a new boyfriend ? (winking at him)he laughed, and he hesitated, and after a few seconds said: "well, let me tell you something ladies, between us, she must have been asked to shut up recently”
My friend & i asked him what he was talking about, B said “well, last time i worked with her, i asked her how things were going between her & her friend, because of what she had said at X’s birthday diner party (i won’t use the real initials for privacy) we were both at, the year before” he continued: “because she had been acting strangely that night & talking about some stuff"he said: "her reaction was very weird, she tried to convince me that she was sick & because she had had a few drinks that evening, her medication had made her say crazy things that weren’t real”
i told him “well maybe it was about Famous Actor ? did she reveal stuff about the beard thing” (it made sense to me) & my friend agreed.he replied with a little smile: “oh no no, she wasn’t talking about Famous Actor that evening”…
To explain:
A bit more than a year earlier (which is about 2 & a half years ago), they were both at X’s birthday diner party in Paris (a french designer, not very famous to people outside the industry, but quite known, also someone my friend and i had worked with in the past: + our friend (B) is good friends with)he said: “ At some point in the evening, she was clearly tipsy & was chatty in a weird way about someone"i told him "so what ? Did she say mean stuff about someone ?"he said "no, more like she wanted to talk about something, without directly talking about it, because she couldn’t or somethnig like that”.My friend and i looked at each other, with the “what?” look on our faces “what are you talking about ? we don’t understand”
He added: “at the end of this diner party, just a few of us stayed (that’s where the former model well known Actress comes back), he said "M was there by the way (the actress, i won’t use her real initials either), (he mentioned her to us, because he knows i like her and that i have worked with her a few times back in the day)
Apparently there were 7-8 people, a few of them (including the Actress) were on their phones while chatting, and started to make comments about Famous Actor’s new "girlfriend”…Model 1 had left the party earlier (i must precise).
He continues: “ We were talking about how f***ing pathetic & crazy the whole bearding situation had become, we couldn’t believe that after all this time,tabloids were still selling that shit to the public…”,  M said “yep,but a straight relationship sells more & studios would lose a lot of money if people knew about some very closeted stars…the more famous,the higher is the risk for them to lose their career over it”…“but it brings good paychecks to a few models, so.. you know , win-win”
He continued: “someone added (another person): "yep, look at Model 1, it works for her"M said "i know right ?” then he said M added “and what was wrong with her tonight ?”, the other person answered “apparently she knows stuff and she’s struggling not to talk about it, because it’s huge”..that person continues “i tried to make her talk,but it didn’t work, then she left”
Then B said to my friend & i : “Most of all thought that night that it was about another famous closeted actor she knew about, but i found out a few weeks later that it was in fact about a very famous closeted singer she has direct connexion with”
we said “are you sure ?? for real ??"he confirmed it, but he didn’t say male or female though.we asked him a few times, we really begged him to tell us..
but he just said "no ladies, not this time, this is way too hush hush for now, i’ll tell you in a few years, if it’s not out yet..ok ?”
That’s the end of my story.
The reason why i talk about it only now: i didn’t really give it much thought after that conversation, not knowing who that was anyway (or not knowing about the connexion), it wouldn’t change my life, i like gossip like anyone, but i’m not the detective type, i didn’t really care to be honest; i just felt bad for that person and for Famous Actor for being closeted, wondering if they were really happy that way.+ i had to take care of other things in my life, that were way more important..
BUT, a few weeks ago, the 14 years old daughter of a friend of mine and her best friend were having a loud argument in the next room, while we were having diner.My friend’s wife asked the girls what the problem was : the friend said “she thinks the kaylors are right and i think she’s an idiot to believe it"We laughed because none of us had any idea what they were talking about, then my friend’s daughter explained briefly the "kaylor thing” to us….i laughed but i was intrigued (my gay curiosity was picked i guess), so after diner, i asked her to show me the proofs she had..She showed me a bunch of stuff on tumblr, including the detailed time line while explaining things to me at the same time, she showed me a few interviews and videos…she was very excited.i’ll admitt i was intrigued.To be honest i vaguely remembered Model 2 from her VS years, but nothing more, and i didn’t know much about Female Singer (except for her many boyfriends reputation, her 2-3 big hit songs and her few cat videos on IG that i find funny (loving cats as well), and i definitely didn’t know about the gay or beard rumors.
But when she also showed me the various elements about Model 1 & Model 2 , within 10 minutes pieces of the puzzle started to fit together, and i thought about meeting Model 1 that evening, and of course about everything my 2 friends had said….i asked her to show me about the time line, to see it the dates could fit, and they did, + she also showed me the little saab video of them together, and my gaydar really buzzed (i showed it to my girlfriend, and her gaydar also buzzed)i was mind blown, i couldn’t believe it, i laughed, thinking “holy shit, if the other thing’s real too, now i get it why he didn’t tell us”.
i didn’t say anything to my friend’s daughter though….i told her i believed there were indeed very interesting elements, but that she couldn’t be sure until it was confirmed (i know i feel bad, but what was i supposed to tell her ??)
The day after, i called my friend,and asked her if Model 1’s ex back then was Model 2…she said she didn’t want to talk about it, that it was the past, and that she didn’t care about that anymore…i didn’t insist, but the way she said it, i’m pretty sure (knowing her for so long) that it was her way to somehow confirm it…
As a conclusion, i do believe that you Kaylors are probably right,(knowing Model 1 & Model 2’s “close friendship” was right, why not the rest ?) but i have no direct proof that Model 2 & Female Singer are actually dating.
All i know is things that can not be proven directly unless my friends & i are called in to testify.i hope i won’t get sued over this :(
Anyway, i wanted to share this with you because after all the hard work and research some of you apprently did, i felt that at least you deserved to know what i know :) “

As the person mentioned at the end, they were really quite impressed with us and the amount of diligent research on Kaylor and other fake relationships we have collectively gathered.  Again, feel free to message me with any questions and take this all with a grain of salt for now. I am only a vessel for the info this person was willing to share.

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Can you please explain why do you think Taylor Is gay or bi or whatever?

Umm wow, okay this is like a huge topic.. I mean my blog is basically centered around this whole question.. LOL. So first of all, all of these masterposts explain the gist of it. But if you really want to know the reason that I was convinced, it is honestly just because nothing from her PR narrative makes sense if she were straight. I mean, think about it. She is known for “dating” high profile gay men (Harry, Joe, Taylor, Tom), essentially being their beard (there is a reason they call her the super-beard). Now in most bearding situations, there would be a reason for the woman (or man) who was the beard to agree, so recognition, visibility, etc. But Taylor is bearding for these guys that are honestly either lower than her in terms of popularity, or at least on the same level, which doesn’t make a ton of sense. It makes sense for models, because they need the visibility, but for Taylor who was/ is already so popular it wasn’t essential. So the only reason it would be essential is if it was mutual. Now, another thing that convinced me was her weird “best friend” habits. Have you ever noticed that Taylor picks up and drops best friends SUUUUPER quickly? Like one day someone shows up and they’re like immediately best friends, then one day they disappear. Now, I get that there are some people you just get immediately along with, but every single time it follows the same pattern. Dianna Agron was the big one for me. Di showed up one day, then they were “best friends” within a month and then at the end of their friendship she just disappeared. Then exactly 10 months after their “fallout” (breakup) Taylor wrote the line “ten months sober…”, she also wrote wonderland.. Dianna had a tumblr called “felldowntherabbithole” and has an Alice in Wonderland tattoo, girl is obsessed. She also used the line “too in love to think straight”.. which, if you think Taylor doesn’t understand the implications of that line, you are massively underestimating her intelligence lmao. Also the fact that all of her “best friends” have had gay rumours, is definitely not just a coincidence.

Anyways, that was super long and not even all I can say on the topic, I just have to go now, but all in all, her fake PR relationships, her gay “bestfriends” and her songwriting are the biggest indicators to me that she is gay. (Other than Kissgate and handholding and just basic observation of her interactions of the girls)

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God I love them together. I truly, truly hope this isn't a beard situation. If it was, I feel sad Sam wouldn't feel comfortable being out - though I can understand it and it's none of our business. I'm obsessed with the thought of them getting married and having babies and hope it happens! Their love seems so real!

I love when antis try to act like shippers.


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I've been thinking for the past year that the things that upset me the most about the stunt/closet/bearding situation is (apart from Louis and Harry's happiness obviously) the reaction from antis, media and even my dash. We're just always in a circle of negativity. When something "bad" happen, the media does an het article, larries talk about it, antis say things about us or send us message, we talk about it. and it's always like that we let the media and antis entering our space --> ugliness

Agreed 100%. The fandom itself is the hardest part of fandom. It’s tearing itself apart. That’s why I had to reevaluate things and try to only focus on the good stuff. Or at least find SOME sort of joy in the bad. I can’t COMPLETELY ignore everything that’s happening because that’s just not the person I am, but I can at least try to find something good within a situation. Because to me the good still does outweigh the bad.

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I don't think it matters if M & D are a fake relationship. If you are not a CrissColfer, I doubt you really care. You will believe he is straight because you want to. Even if you think he is gay, it won't matter. To a lot of people bearding is just Hollywood business as usual. If they want to see Darren, it will be because of his talent and not his personal life.

Right Nonnie, my reply got a little long so I’m putting it under the cut so people don’t have to scroll through it if they don’t want to as there has been a lot of discussion of D recently.

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but you are Ok with Chris using his underage cousin to hint at crisscolfer, right? Because that is not putting a kid who has nothing to do with that shit into a fuck up situation and make her a target for harrasment

We want seriously compare that two situations?

First of all, Chris didn’t post the pic or force her cousins to do that, /his cousin/ actually did that.
In this situation, /the beard/ posted a snapchat about her nephew dressed like Blaine and with Hedwig’s nails. She was aiming to a particularly reference.

Second, Chris’s cousin was yes underage, but seriously, I could expect this from a seventeen years old and not a thirtyone.

Third, we talk here about a kid. A kid who doesn’t even know what her aunt is doing with that pic or what she’s refer. A kid that is three/four? How this can be totally okay?

In Chris’s cousin situation no one ever hit to Darren or CrissColfer, just us as fandom. There wasn’t a particular meaning behind that pic, she’s posted just because she was having a great time with her cousins. Chris’s cousin just covered his boyfriend because it was the right thing to do, but someone asked and asked about who was under the red color and bla bla bla. But, again, no one hint to that. It was not her intention, or Chris’s refer to anything or anyone in particular.

In this situation she posted that pic because she had a really big goal, which was us to notice Blaine’s similar outfit and the Hedwig’s nails. She’s posted that pic with this particular intention, not just because she was having fun or because she wants a pic of her nephew. That pic actually come out from her gallery, so she take that pic and then posted when the time was right for her.

So no, we can’t compare the two situations.

Next time, you came in my ask, informe yourself before.

A long analysis of various Thirty Seconds to Mars songs, part 1.
Since I’ve been on the Leto/Farrell emotional rollercoaster for the past few weeks, I finally decided to put my tin hat on once again and, in the light of my recent, new thoughts on the matter, spend some more words on the analysis of many Thirty Seconds to Mars songs, all written by Jared, that could possibly hint to Jared’s closet / closeted relationship.

If you think Harry and Louis’ story is painful, think again. There is worse around. And I’ll show you.

First off. Do I believe that Jared Leto is closeted? Yes. Do I believe that he and Colin Farrell have been together? Fuck yes. Do I believe that there has been a heavy closet going on for the past ten years? Yes. Do I believe that Jared and Colin are still together? It hopefully looks like so, considering Jared’s recent (2013/2014) Twitter activity. Last but not least, will I be biased about the meaning of the songs? Fuck. Yes. And I honestly don’t care. I WILL link the songs to Jared and Colin, because they make senseAlso because, you know, Jared’s always been painfully vague about the meaning of his songs. Do I believe that all the feelings expressed in the songs are caused by the closet? Probably not. I’m sure many negative feelings were caused by their own mistakes, regardless of the closet.

Other few useful info:

  • In my mind, in 2004 Jared and Colin already were an item. I’m not sure if their relationship started before or during the shooting of Alexander (2004), but the two of them have known each other since the 90s and I think that Jared was already closeted at that time.
  • They have probably been on and off for the past ten years.
  • In Alexander, an eagle that appears before every battle/journey is an important element of the movie. Don’t forget this.
  • I don’t think someone can actually write some strong, heartbreaking lyrics, when they haven’t supposedly been in a serious relationship for the past ten years and they’re a serial no-emotions-attached womanizer.
  • Please, listen to the songs.
  • It looks longer than it really is, but it’s mostly lyrics of the songs, so don’t worry to much. 

Before you kindly point it out—no, I have no mean to prove once and for all that my opinions are legit. But I don’t give a fuck, since this post won’t hurt anyone.

You okay? Fasten your seatbelt. This is going to be long. And heartbreaking. Ready, set, go!

There are five main themes going on from the album A Beautiful Lie (2005) through This is war (2009, produced during the EMI/30STM 30 million dollars lawsuit, the icing on the cake) to Love Lust Faith + Dreams (2013):

  1. Love, but rarely in a positive light ESPECIALLY in A Beautiful Lie - sometimes it’s about two people forced to go parted ways, sometimes about two people that betrayed each other. Either way, don’t worry—it slowly gets better.
  2. Regrets, lies and resentment, often interwined, and with a nameless interlocutor Jared often refers to.
  3. Secrets that are either sold, unknown, or both.
  4. Then, finally, some sort of rebirth in a more positive tone.
  5. Faith.

It’s impossible to outline a distinct theme in each song; the first four are often deeply connected to each other (e. g., love, causing lies, causing regrets and desperation), but it’s possibile to trace a path from the darker undertones of A Beautiful Lie, made of the regrets and the wrongs of the past, to the present frustration of This is War, to a sense of final rebirth in LLF+D. 

EDIT: Since this is getting far too long, all I will do here is analyze the songs in A Beautiful Lie, dated 2005. I’ll add a second part in a separate post with songs from TIW and LLF+D, covering from 2005 to 2013. I will find a good way to link both posts back together.


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I read in several gossip sites and some blinds that Josh could be gay and that is why he follows the game of pr with the leech. As most of his fandom are teenagers it could be the reason why Josh continues with the pr that is ruining him besides helping that leech get work.

That’s definitely a rumor that has dogged Josh for years. I personally don’t think this is a bearding situation but I do think there’s a contract involved. I’m honestly trying to ignore that side of things but sometimes they just are so obvious that I can’t help but point it out. If Josh wants to gain his fans back he needs to produce some quality work and remove situations and people in his life that are detrimental to his well being - both personally and professionally. There’s a lot of people living off of Josh and he allows it. There’s nothing for fans to root for right now. 

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Those are all assumptions on your part; why would people from this small town even read the daily mail? Why would they. Be all over the press and who would give them that platform? This is an extremely badly executed stunt, they backtracked a million times and changed the story even more times, they should just simply do better and take the heat for this one.

Dude, be realistic. If someone from your small hometown started getting international press because they supposedly inspired a huge celebrity’s song, you’d absolutely take note. 

You’re acting like the media is in cahoots to help facilitate the lies of Harry’s bearding situation, and obscure actual facts, when it would take literally one person placing a call to any newspaper, or publishing a yearbook picture of her on their facebook to prove that she was younger than the Daily Mail article indicated, and any media outlet would be falling all over themselves to get that exclusive scoop. 

This ISN’T Harry’s team coming out from the beginning and linking the song to an underage girl, this is the fandom getting shit wrong LOUDLY, and Harry’s team madly trying to play catch up, to get the fake story out right. Yes, it’s a mess, but it’s not all their mess.