beard pros


With the lack of wide receiver production on their team, this Kansas City tight end was a tremendous red zone target with a breakout season! Travis Kelce!

list of assassins from most to least cool

1. Ringo Roadagain

pros: mustache, stone cold badass, good with birds, cool stand

cons: really intense, stupid beard

2. Mike O

pros: cool stand, cool coat, all around a chill dude

cons: spiky pants, died really easily, i think he wants to bang my wife

3. Wekapipo

pros: mustache, good with balls

cons: dresses like a clown, looks like a damn waffle, also he kinda betrayed me

4. Blackmore

pros: pretty hair, cool stand, actually pretty intimidating

cons: whiny, wears a dress, got fatally wounded by a 14 year old, super gay, killed tim

5. Disco

pros: didn’t die, pretty hair, cool outfit

cons: lame stand, lost really quickly, needs to shave

6. Ferdinand

pros: pretty, cool stand, smells nice

cons: whiny, tsundere, shrieks a lot, massive nerd

7. Pork Pie Hat Kid

pros: kinda cute, cool stand, small

cons: tried to eat my hair once, what the hell is he wearing, I never have any clue what he’s saying

8. Magenta Magenta

pros: admittedly pretty cute, pretty hair, cool stand, actually uses a fucking gun

cons: never stops talking, smells weird, snotty, whiny, makes me listen to his bad jokes

9. Axl Ro

pros: cute, nice shirt, cool stand, almost beat johnny, gyro AND hotpants

cons: sad, not a very good soldier

10. Oyecomova

pros: cool stand

cons: terrible fashion sense, why doesn’t he wear pants, almost killed tim

11. 11 Men (lol)

pros: a lot of them, mustache x11, actually got the corpse parts for me

cons: what even is that stand???, 10/11 of them died,

12: Sandman

pros: cool stand, fast as fuck boiii

cons: doesn’t wear pants, i think he hates me

13. Diego

pros: ….his stand is cool i guess

cons: literally everything else