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sammysmom63  asked:

Hello friend! Do you think Misha's recent interest in Jared's abs etc are a part of the bearding going on? Or is it just coincidence? I've heard that in the past he's been a part of the bearding game. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Hello, sweetheart!

I think it was mostly mearding indeed. I’m the kind of a fluffy person who always wants to think the best of people, so I’m also shyly hoping that M wanted to elevate Jared’s status among the people that are hardcore Cas/MC fans. ♪ I know I’m a fool, but what can I say~

I think M sometimes helps out with the bearding indeed. Remember when he went out with Jared before Vegas con this year? That could’ve been a case of genuine friendship and/or conveniently proving that Jared and Jensen have friends other than each other. I think that could’ve been the case here - showing the world how Jared and Misha are friends too and how what J2 have is nothing special. ;)

Anyway, I feel a little odd talking about M’s motivations. I hardly know anything about the fellow, so my guess might be off. Thank you for messaging me! I hope you have a very lovely weekend.

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