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It’s always fun to play with Jensen… images.
Well, the panel was kind of brief. This are some low resolution caps of The Hunter, I love the Hiatus beard.
Can’t wait for better quality pictures later. For tonight you can have this.

So while I was at work, we lost power due to wind. That means heat lamps were off. That means my boy was not doing ok. But luckily, my roommate cranked up the heat when he got home and cuddled pagoda until he was ok again! If he wasn’t there, I’m not sure what would’ve happened.
Lizards like bearded dragons cannot product their own heat.
If you have your own stories like mine, or suggestions for what to do in case we lose power again, feel free to let me know!!

Karls, you’re better than this, I know you are. I’m defending you and your choices (not your team’s because they make dumb things) but don’t drag this shitshow for too long. See what’s happening to kode with klossy applications? A lot of parents see that idiotic cracker face next to you and think twice before sending their daughters’ application form. You walk with a FEMINIST AF or a WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS t-shirts but then you’re still being asked about how you manage a relationship with someone so close to the worst administration around? That’s not how it works, you are a role model for young girls, and girls of your age too, then act like one. Your visibility increased exponentially in the last few years, you don’t need someone who’s power hungry and shows you around like a trophy just because he needs some promo or because he needs to clean his shady environment. Be your own boss, build your brand, be great on your own. I believe in you, and I trust you.

Power Hour

He posts a picture on Instagram. The transformation’s obvious anyway, but with Will at the other end of the bench, Sebastian looks even bigger, his thighs straining his jeans (while his shoulders perform similar duties with his shirt). He takes up twice the amount of space that Will does. It’s hard not to notice.

Chris doesn’t have an Instagram, but that’s never stopped him from knowing when Seb posts. 

Jesus, the text that comes in 27 minutes after his post reads. I thought I got to be the huge, bearded one this time around. What’d you do, eat Holland? Shit. I haven’t seen him in a couple days. Sebby. Did you eat Tom Holland?

Nah, too scrawny, Seb sends back. Gotta eat big to get big. My beard’s bigger, too. Beef and beard war is on: you’re losing on both fronts.

He laughs as he sends it. He’s never seen Chris show up for stunt rehearsals looking like this: thick, but not ripped, like his downtime’s been spent on his couch and the gym’s been an occasional afterthought. It looks good on him, obviously. He’s a little softer and more approachable than the super-muscled version Seb’s used to shooting beside. Sebastian desperately wants to see this version of Chris stuffed into Cap’s suit and not just a loose pair of sweats.

The reply swooshes onto his screen, and he grins.

Oh yeah? Challenge accepted.

Usually it’s easier for Chris “I can get up to 200, easy” Evans to add mass, sure. But Seb’s got a secret weapon this year.

Power hour.

Two weeks earlier

He knows what everybody’s thinking, and he knows what they want. As much as he’d like to say otherwise, Sebastian is not a guy who’s entirely unfamiliar with social media and what’s said about him there. He reads Instagram comments (and usually regrets it).

They want Bucky to look like he did in Civil War. And he can’t blame them for thinking it might not happen: he can see his own reflection, and he knows how visible his cheekbones are.

Well, were.

He had some reshoots to get through before he could start prepping for Infinity War in earnest. But he’s been free and clear for two weeks, and ‘earnest’ is a pretty good word for how he’s been attacking his main goal.

Make Bucky big again.

Don had emailed him the plan, and while he groaned at the menu – he could never eat a turkey breast again and not miss it – there’s a new tactic this year.

“2x/week: POWER HOUR. After workout, consume as much food as possible in one hour. Start with protein. Eat the whole time. Healthy food choices. No processed food; no empty calories.”

Sebastian had blinked and read it again. He’d read it correctly: eat for an entire hour. Eat the whole time. And he’s also supposed to throw in a 500-calorie protein shake with one meal a day.

He’s not lying in interviews when he says bulking’s not easy – the middle-of-the-night, gotta-eat-while-half-asleep stuff is anything but fun. But this? Power hour? 

He can work with this.

Obviously the new photo demanded a backstory, so I’m calling on my usual co-conspirators to help me tell it, round-robin style. @missjanedoeeyes, @d-lightfulexcess and @superstringtheory: How Seb got his beef back. Go. (@superstringtheory, you next?) 

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Tell us about santa and why he has 8 reindeer!


Santa? Is Odin. With a bit of the Turkish Saint Nicholas plastered over top to make him more acceptable to Christianity. 

Let’s wind this back a bit. 

So. In Norse tradition, Odin rose with the wild hunt on Midwinter. Children would leave out offerings of hay or root vegetables in their shoes for Slepnir, Odin’s horse. In norse tradition, all gifts create an obligation that must be returned in kind, so if Odin found the offerings pleasing he would leave treats and sweets in return. 

So. We have a magical bearded man riding through the sky on a winter feast day and leaving treats for children in footwear if they pleased him. Sound familiar? Yeah.

As for Slepnir, Odin’s mount? He has eight legs. So. Bearded man with powerful magic flying through the air on an eight-legged steed on a winter feast day and leaving treats for children in their footwear if they pleased him. 


Enter Christianity. Now, the midwinter season is important to all cultures that live in cold climates. The passing of the worst of the hard times and the beginning of the longer days and the promise of the return of life and light and fertility is a powerful thing. There were Christian festival days around the same time as Midwinter was celebrated in many polytheistic faiths. Christians found that they couldn’t get people to stop celebrating the feast days they’d been celebrating for several thousand years, so opted instead to just absorb those traditions into their OWN midwinter festivals. It was a far easier and more effective way of convincing people to convert.

So. The tradition of Odin leaving gifts hung on, in a far different form. This was helped by the legend of Saint Nicholas, a Turkish man who inherited a large amount of wealth and who was known and beloved for his habit of slipping money to poor people via leaving it in their stockings as they were hung out to dry after wash day, or by dropping it down their chimneys. This was similar enough to the old Odin myth of leaving gifts in footwear to paste right over top of the older stories with relative ease. So, the man delivering gifts became not Odin, but St. Nick, who delivered gifts via stocking and chimney. 

However, the idea of him flying through the sky, being associated with elves, possessing powerful magic, and the eight-legged steed stuck. (reindeer, incidentally, are an animal with a lot of symbol and power in Norse tales. Ullr, the god of the hunt, had ties to reindeer, and at some point the eight legged horse became eight reindeer.)

Incidentally the image of Santa as a chubby little jolly man didn’t come around until modern advertising began depicting him that way. Before that? A tall, strong man, usually with a staff (echoing Odin’s staff or spear). 

So. There you have it. Santa, the jolly bearded old man of beloved childhood Christmas memories? If you ever wondered where he came from in a ‘Christian’ holiday, there’s your answer. He didn’t. He’s the amalgamation of an ancient Norse god and a Middle Eastern saint, filtered through the lens of pop culture. 

Jim Butcher actually did this very well in the Dresden Files, where Odin makes several appearances, one wearing the mantle of Father Christmas. 

Christianity never really managed to make the old gods vanish. 

Talking about the BNHA characters being extra - as much as I don’t like his personality, can we just appreciate that Endeavor walks around with his quirk activated the whole time, letting his flames take the form of hair and beard, just to demonstrate his powers? If that isn’t extra, then I don’t know what is…

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