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ASDFGHKL,, okay,, idk whats happening,, and im laughing bc The Devil looks like Count Dracula,, I mean,, they do refer,, Dracula as,, The Devil so,,,

Convince Me


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Summary: you try and convince Sebastian to keep the longer hair and the beard.

Inspired by #HBC Floofy Friday (shh.. I know it’s Sunday but I’m a rebel and slow at writing)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: 18+ readers only, smutty smut, pwp, hair kink, beard kink, Seb is my kink

Words: 1,389


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Curiosities about my sketches


  • it’s like a fanfiction
  •  same characters, same personalities, same ships, lots of easter eggs, because it’s a series of sketches
  • inspired by the canon from the books of Harry Potter (not from Cursed Child).
  • It follows a line of my headcanons and headcanons that I see around tumblr
  • it doesn’t have a plot
  • it’s quite random if you ask me
  • it’s all digital art made with a charcoal textured brush
  • I’ve studied narrative concept art where one of the assignments was to create black and white compositions from movies screencraps
  • The black and white aesthetic has been developed because of this assignment.
  • I won’t ever draw Harry cheating on Ginny
  • So if you ask me to draw Drarry, Drinny, Harmione, I won’t
  • I started shipping Hinny this hard while drawing them because they are really really hot and fun to draw
  • Ginny got a pixie cut because I love Evan Rachel Wood & Ruby Rose’s short hairstyle and I thought it would be nice to see Ginny like this as an adult
  • But I was very insecure to introduce this headcanon here
  • Thank god more people enjoy it!
  • Ginny loves Harry - and she wouldn’t ever kiss another boy if they break up. Girls, on the other hand…
  • Harry doesn’t even have idea how hot he looks with a beard.
  • I feel like I can only draw sexual situation when it comes to Hinny
  • drawing these sketches help me with my anxiety and fear of failure and some sad thoughts
  • they make me positive :D
  • 4 months drawing the series helped reaching 29k followers on tumblr and 33k followers on instagram
  • I receive many messages of people saying they can ship Hinny because of the way I draw them and I am so happy because I can’t count how many times I’ve seen antiHinny posts around here
  • it’s nice to have some hinny love for a change
  • I don’t like when people say bad things about Harry’s manbun :(
  • it’s relaxing to draw his beard
  • speaking of which, his beard style is inspired by tony stark
  • also his sassy attitude
  • I can’t decide Hermione’s design so I’m still waiting for a huge inspiration to help me to draw more of her.
  • the sketches and comics take between 15 minutes to 4 hours to be done.
  • I draw them at night in my timezone. I post and then I go to sleep.
  • my favorite comic (if I am allowed to choose) is the one about Ginny growing up and being a fucking badass quidditch player
  • and it’s also the post with more notes that I have about this series
  • Harry and Ginny relationship is quite inspired by Monica and Chandler, from Friends, and Phil and Claire, from Modern Family.
  • if I remember something else, I will add here
  • thank you for reading you are brave