beard champion

Imagining Khadgar with different champions is fun.

. Like imagine Khadgar with a little gnome champion who likes riding on his shoulders, telling him about their inventions and asking for his input. Resting their head on his as they walk around Dalaran

Or a dwarf champion who tries to convince him to grow out his beard again. They want to braid it okay. It was an impressive beard.

A worgen champion who once was so relieved to see him alive after a nasty battle they licked his face. Khadgar promises not to tell anyone. He won’t tell anyone about their love of belly rubs either.

Draenei champion who shares his burning hatred of Gul'dan and the legion. They drop kick a demon and Khadgar has to admit those hooves look like they would fucking hurt. Shame they didn’t get gul'dan right in the..

. A pandaren who loves picking him up over his shoulders and is constantly plying him with food. He takes shit care of himself and they’re going to fix that okay. Half the time he forgets to eat or stays up for days at a time. Hell no. You get your ass in bed and eat those noodles: Khadgar really doesn’t mind no matter what he says.

of course a human champion who’s muscles are the size of their head but they’ll sit there in comfortable and silence while they both read and occasionally comment on what they’re reading.

night elf champion who he can talk to for hours and never run out of things to talk about. There’s so much he wants to know. Imagine what they could have learned in thousands of years. (Diily!)

don’t worry I didn’t forget the hordies. An orc who loves rough housing him but is genuinely upset when they think they hurt him. They do enjoy picking him up and lugging him over their shoulder like a sack of potatoes when he gets to reckless much to his displeasure.

a troll champion (Shadowphoenixrider!!) who’s raptor adores him as much as their master does. Also lbr Khadgar would be genuinely curious about the voodoo. STAY AWAY FROM THE VOODOO, MON

undead champion who Khadgar spends an hour helping after they lose another one of their fingers oops. No biggie though. Khadgar is convinced he can definitely fix it somehow just let him find the right spell…

a Tauren champion who is super careful around him no matter how many times he assures them he can handle himself just fine. He’s an archmage.

a blood elf champion who shares his passionate love of magic. But keeps an eye on him so he doesn’t go too far. Memories of Kael'thas still haunt them. They’ll keep him in check. (*coughlegendaryquestlinecough*)

a goblin champion who oh dear..has the same habit of blowing things up and almost killing people. But don’t worry they’ve got the jumper cables!


Despite having a tough season, he never looked better. He shaved completely only once - probably because for the Ferrari Aperta ad.

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3. The name is very misleading
8. An intellectual. Advises to “yell at it”
11. Jack Frost hates every sort of them
13. More important than Easter, by far
15. Bent on world domination via his bloody fist
16. As opposed to Stoick, returns from the dead
18. A type of dragon (deadly)
19. Easter would have preferred this
21. Gets gifted to a hunter of his people right after the death of his best friend, like wtf
23. Guarded by Tooth Fairy
24. Cannot decide between red and blue
26. Located solidly on the meridian of misery
27. Stoick’s best general
29. Pitch owns Jack at this location (two words)
31. North’s device for total surveillance
32. Jamie’s small sister
33. Has a thing for touching other people’s faces
34. Less real than Jack Frost

1. Berk has it
2. A kind of Gniwegnahc, you might say. whatever
4. Everybody loves it
5. Remove this for maximum handsome
6. Opening Theme to HttyD (multiple words)
7. Probably the most powerful weapon in RotG
9. Ruffnut’s worst enemy
10. What North brings into the world
12. Ruined by Jack Frost, possibly multiple times
14. Book!Hiccup needs to learn this at sea
17. A nipper (two words)
20. A large companion for large Vikings
22. OMG what a dork he even has braids
25. The name is unrelated to music, but I’m sure he’s a good singer
28. World Beard Champion (deceased)
30. The bride of Berk