beard appreciation post



  • Ignore how squinty I am in that post. It was a super sunny day, I ain’t complainin’. This is my mate Josh, and he is a CHAMP! Not only because he has the beard to defeat all beards, but because he is one of the hardest working guys I know. Josh and I met when we lived/studied together in West Sumatra in Indonesia for two months. Back then, he was around 150kg. Over the past two years, he has lost over 50kg and has built some serious muscle. We haven’t seen each other in over a year and I’ve seen his progress through photos over the past year, but seeing him in person really made me see how much he’s changed and I’m just super, super proud of him. It’s really cool that we can talk 100% fitness with one another and not think one of us is overly obsessed or anything.
  • We caught up when I was in Geelong for Wes’s hockey and of course, we headed to the gym. As fitness junkie mates do. Josh definitely showed me a thing or two. We did arms and I am still so, so sore. He taught me a bunch of new exercises and made fun of my facial expressions when things got too heavy.
  • The gym was HUGE. I’ve never seen a gym that big, it was really overwhelming. They had a whole crossfit section, so after we finished weights we went in and had a play around on the rings. Also on the ropes, which I really sucked at. Those things are damn heavy and as you can see by the look on my face, I was more than willing to give up.
  • Then because Josh had taught me so much, I taught him how to do headstands! Kind of anyway. He was determined to learn them and did pretty well for a beginner!
  • I also played around with handstands etc etc.
  • I kept asking Josh why boys wear flat peaked caps to the gym. He didn’t know (SOMEONE TELL ME!), but sent me this photo the next day just to annoy me. I’m posting it here because ~beard appreciation level 1000~
  • The day was tops. Juuuuust tops. Nothing beats catching up with old mates, lifting weights and laughing at anything and everything together. Top. Day.