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This is me, Andrew, for Beard Advisor, last night. Megan and I went out for beer and burgers and to watch the Michigan vs. Michigan State game at The Full House - the best burger joint in town. If you live in Ypsi or the Ann Arbor area you should definitely be going here. Often. They have BIG sized $5 pitchers of beer and a 1/2lb hamburger with topping is $4.25. Can’t beat that.

Megan is getting into this blog too so she’s been snapping pictures of me on good beard days (“for your blog”) and she’ll be designing business cards and apparel soon.

So look forward to original Beard Advisor gear, hopefully coming soon!

I found this old photo of me in Colorado. Man I miss this place..and that beard! It was so much fun being there with my family. Stu the gnome loved it too. Maybe one day I can take a family of my own there.

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Few weeks ago. It’s wild how fast a beard develops. Also gentlemen take note how much a tie can effect a beard. I love a good wild naturally grown beards but I went down that road. I get way more attention and positive feedback with the groomed look. And I’ve found that beards are more acceptable (to grandparents, moms etc) if you look well put together. I get taken more seriously in a tie.

Remind me to make a post on ties.

Here's an, *ahem* "private", conversation between me and a fellow beard enthusiast on how she cares for her hair, using Virgin Olive Oil. Enjoy.
Hey, just posted that static frizz post, I managed to sneak you in there, good thing I re-checked my ask box before I posted it haha, thanks for the advice


I saw!! Thank you so much, it’s really an honor!! I just learned so much from your post and I’ve been going through your blog and reading your advice! I LOVE it! I’ve been a beard admirer for my entire life. I never knew that there was so much work that went into beards but now that I think about it, the same goes for just hair in general. Have you ever tried virgin olive oil in your beard? I’ve been using it in my hair when I shower and have seen some really nice results. I wonder if the same holds true for facial hair? I’ve been trying for years to tame the beast that I call my hair!

- beardsbeardsandmorebeards

Beard Advisor:

Haha, of course! I really like your blog too, a lot of realllly nice beards on there! (Followers, check it out!)

Yea, there’s a lot of work that goes into beards; but if you think about it, a lot of work goes into everything worth doing ;) I think women have it a lot harder, beards tend to do their thing on their own. True, to get a nice, stylized beard it does take quite a bit more work, but I think women go through a lot more to get their look.

You are actually the 4th person (in a short amount of time) to ask or advise me on the use of olive oil; I, however, have not tried it. I’m now thinking I should… You said you use it in the shower? Doesn’t it all just wash away? I know some men who apply small amounts before bed or in the morning as part of their routine, just to help liven their beard, add shine, and keep it moisturized; haha I can’t (personally) imagine bathing in olive oil; although I do imagine it’s great for your skin. Do you use a certain brand, or do you just pick it up while you’re buying milk and eggs?

I always like to keep my followers informed on different methods of beard care, and your post and advice helps a lot, thank you.

- Andrew, for Beard Advisor

beardsbeardsandmorebeards asked you: Haha let me give you a back story to that olive oil question. I’m a single mother of three children so as you can guess with taking care of the kids, the house and working I rarely ever have time to maintain my physical appearance. What little money I do have left over after my bills usually goes to my kids so I try to find quick, cheap home remedies that I can incorporate to my daily life. So far, I’ve mananage to find some good (and some not so good) ones. (seriously, these need to fit longer texts…) I use any brand (right now it’s a bottle I picked up from the 99 cent store) and so far it’s been working great. I’ve noticed that my hair is softer and slowly being repaired. (sorry ran out of room) Anyway, my routine consists of 1. Wash dirt, grime, etc. out of hair 2. Apply a nice amount of olive oil to my ends, work my way up to my roots and massage into my scalp 3. Let it sit for about a minute or so (by this time I’ve already yelled at my children to stop fighting/teasing/running through the house x20) 4. Rinse and wash my hair like normal and ta-da! I perfer to use it in the shower so I can wash off the oil from my hands :) Beard Advisor: Haha, yea I get it. A lot of people do this. Olive Oil is extremely cheap (compared to fancy oils) and if it works, then hey, rock it! Thanks for the instructions and little side story. I will try it tonight, because of your endorsement! I was on your blog, under the “meet me” tab, you have beautiful children; you look like a really great mom, keep it up :) My Ma was a Single Mom too for awhile, I know how hard it was on her. I am extremely proud of her, how she raised 4 children, and I have nothing but love and respect for her and all single parent families. - Andrew

Hey guys!

If we could all vote on your favorite design/logo size for The Beard Advisor shirts we can get the ball rolling and start production!

Every vote counts to help us to narrow down design size and to give us an idea of how many shirts to order!

Also, if anyone wants different colors (besides black) that helps us too!

We want to offer men’s and women’s tees!