But like, my favourite is when Poe thinks Finn is this precious little cinnamon bun who needs to be taken care of, so he’s extra careful with Finn and tries not to push Finn too hard and meanwhile Finn’s all like, da fuck, dude? Because have you seen Finn? Dude can take care of himself.

Bonus points if Poe keeps getting himself into situations where Finn has to come save his ass, like on a routine basis and Finn just rolls his eyes because of course Poe needs rescuing. It’s Tuesday. And he’s starting to think maybe Poe’s doing it on purpose, like maybe this has become a kink for Poe, so the next time it happens he just kind of tosses Poe over his shoulder because Poe is just that kind of ridiculous. Except the whole thing backfires because now Poe is swooning and Finn’s pretty sure he’s going to have to add Poe-rescues to his already overflowing schedule and maybe Poe would be okay with them just roll playing instead.

Basically I want love-struck, idiotic Poe with a fondly exasperated Finn being a badass. Is that too much to ask for?