British producer Bearcubs is back with a stunning new track named Paper Walls. He infuses it with plenty of his signature hypnotic future garage styled minimalist production and soulful, intimate vocals. James Blake like wobbling post-dubstep like qualities mix with Burial and Four Tet like sparse and skittering percussion. The dark and haunting electronic track is proof again of Bearcubs’ song crafting brilliance. The new single will be out APril 20th via Love & Other. 

Bearcubs - Honestly

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There are many advantages to music, but to him their was one foremost one. Music drowns out words, he thought. Seconds before saying so aloud, he realized his whole being was one of words - he lectured, spoke, wrote, read, concoct characters into the concoctions of humanity, but, really, no words were precise, their use, overused, they lost, became dust, creating dust storms in his head. It took him seconds to process this. And what he yearned for in that moment, vaguely, but with everywhere, all his being, was unbounded music, absolute noise, to once and for all, obliterate the power, pain, patheticness of words.

Gavin James is a rising Irish singer songwriter who’s making quite a splash across the bond and poised to do the same here in the US very shortly. The future star’s soulful sound lends itself perfectly to a remix by British producer Bearcubs, who turns his song For You into a luxurious and sensual future soul heart stopper. It’s near impossible not to get lost in the folds of this sublimely smooth yet heart melting dance remix.