lullabies  for  westeros { songs to lull the wolves & lions to sleep }
mother, will thy treasures keep even where the shadows creep

1. lost birds 2. lullaby for cain 3. this is to mother you 4. fear of the dark 5. ailein duinn 6. height of land 7. lullaby to a firefly 8. the wolf & the finch 9. sleep 10. chitsidzo 11. sumarmal 12. there is no light 13. last rose of summer 14. dereen day 15. taladh ar slanaighear 16. aisling’s song 17. a narnia lullaby 18. coinleach glas an fhomhair 19. memory 20. dark lullaby 21. sleep my darling sleep

[ L I S T E N

Bearcub Translation: 1) That was amazing, kid! -Oh. By the way, I’m Bearcub. And you are?  3) Heh. Yes I suppose you are! But what I meant was… 4) What is your name? 7) Oh Thatisyourname! Well that shouldn’t be too hard to remember then.

Clearly the name Stoick has grown on me. It makes sense, and would totally happen unless Dreamworks actually puts a “naming dame” in the movie series like in the original books. I like it and will probably keep it despite it’s common use. Bearcub and Stoick have escaped a slave ship which explains the grungy-ness.

It’s sad that I’d never heard the word "stoic" before I had seen the httyd movie.…….