bearclaw invitational

SQ Week - An Act of True Love
  • Emma [entering the office]: Hey, Regina. I brought lun-
  • Regina [interrupts]: Don't tell me it's another kale salad.
  • Emma: Uh... [guilty face] no... Yes.
  • Regina: That would be the fourth this week, Ms. Swan. I appreciate nutrition, but I am no rabbitt. And, is that a bearclaw? [she sees in Emma's hand]
  • Emma: Yeah, but I already bit- oh, hey!
  • [The bearclaw disappears from Emma's hand and appears in Regina's - Emma looks devastated]
  • Regina: Is there a problem, Sheriff? [she asks as she brings the pastry closer to her mouth, eyes defiant]
  • Emma: No... I guess we could trade lunches today; I could use the fiber. [sulking]
  • Regina: Or maybe we could share. [rom com zoom like it's "witch hunt" all over again]
  • Emma: I'd like that. [Her smile puts all puppies to shame]
  • (Later)
  • Regina: Thank you for the bearclaw. Dinner's on me, Emma.
  • EMMA: (◕‿◕✿)