bearclaw invitational

SQ Week - An Act of True Love
  • Emma [entering the office]: Hey, Regina. I brought lun-
  • Regina [interrupts]: Don't tell me it's another kale salad.
  • Emma: Uh... [guilty face] no... Yes.
  • Regina: That would be the fourth this week, Ms. Swan. I appreciate nutrition, but I am no rabbitt. And, is that a bearclaw? [she sees in Emma's hand]
  • Emma: Yeah, but I already bit- oh, hey!
  • [The bearclaw disappears from Emma's hand and appears in Regina's - Emma looks devastated]
  • Regina: Is there a problem, Sheriff? [she asks as she brings the pastry closer to her mouth, eyes defiant]
  • Emma: No... I guess we could trade lunches today; I could use the fiber. [sulking]
  • Regina: Or maybe we could share. [rom com zoom like it's "witch hunt" all over again]
  • Emma: I'd like that. [Her smile puts all puppies to shame]
  • (Later)
  • Regina: Thank you for the bearclaw. Dinner's on me, Emma.
  • EMMA: (◕‿◕✿)

anonymous asked:

Regina does a bunch of things that show she likes Emma and Emma is to stupid to notice. Regina invites Emma to dinner on a date and Emma thinks it's just a meeting and hurts Reginas feelings. Emma finds out when Henry yells at her about it. Emma makes it up to Regina

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina smiles as she walks down to the Sheriff’s station armed with a bearclaw and a fresh cup of takeaway cocoa. Maybe today Emma will realise that Regina likes her. Maybe today she’ll find the courage to just open her mouth and ask Emma to dinner. 

She’s tried all sorts of little things. Little notes that somehow end up either misread or just mistaken for friendship. Flowers to brighten up the office. Cocoa. Bearclaws. Grilled Cheeses. Invitations to dinner and soccer games. Letting Emma pick the movie on family night. 

Anything to try and get Emma to see that she likes her. Regina sighs. Either Emma hasn’t noticed or she has and doesn’t feel the same way. She bites down on her bottom lip. Either way it’s time to find out. 

“Morning,” she says cheerily, “I come bearing gifts.” 

Emma chuckles looking up at the cocoa and pastry, “You are a lifesaver,” she says taking them with a grin, “Thanks.” She sits on the edge of the desk and tilts her head to the side as she regards Regina, “What’s up?” 

Regina clenches and unclenches her fists before she eventually gets her words out. “I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner tonight,” she says before she can chicken out. 

Emma wrinkles her nose dreading the thought of another meeting, even if it is with Regina. She has paperwork all day and the last thing she wants to do is have a meeting after that. “Not tonight,” she says with a shrug. 

“Oh,” Regina says quietly before plastering on the best smile she can muster, “I’m sorry I bothered you.” She hurries out without another word cursing herself for being so damn foolish in the first place. 


Emma sighs as she stares at her stack of paperwork that just doesn’t seem to be going down at any stage. 

“Ma what the hell did you do?” Henry yells as he comes storming into the office. 

“Hello to you too kid. What’s going on?” 

“What did you say to my Mom?” he asks. 

Emma frowns in confusion, “Nothing, we haven’t fought or argued. I’ve barely seen her today!” 

He sighs wondering how the hell Emma didn’t notice. “She’s been miserable all day. When I asked why she said you said no to dinner.” 

“I’m not in the mood for a meeting kid, I doubt Regina would get upset about that.” 

He rolls his eyes, “She’s not upset because it was a meeting. She was trying to ask you out, on a date.” 

Emma’s eyes widen, “She was?!” 

“Yes,” he replies, “You really didn’t notice?” 

Emma shakes her head, “No….so she likes me too?” 

“Too?” he asks with a grin, “You like her.” 

“I do Henry,” Emma says before frowning guilty, “I just thought she only wanted to be friends. I didn’t realise it was a date. Oh god she must feel awful. Kid, do you mind going to your grandparents tonight?” 

“Why?” he asks. 

“So I can make it up to your Mom.” 


Regina sighs as she climbs into her car. She wanted to be on a date with Emma tonight. Instead she feels embarrassed and rejected. She just wants to curl up with a glass of cider and her collection of ‘films that make her cry’ as Henry dubbed them. 

Her phone buzzes and Regina frowns wondering who could be bothering her now. Henry already texted her to tell her he would be out at his grandparents on babysitting duty. 

Come to the park

Regina frowns at the vagueness of the text from Emma. After her failed date proposal earlier Regina is in two minds about going and looking like more of an idiot in front of the woman she secretly loves. 

Still though she finds herself starting up her car and driving over to the park, if nothing else so that she can see Emma. Regina climbs out of the car frowning when she sees no-one there. 

“Emma?” she calls out walking into the park. 

Emma steps out of the clearing in a beautiful black floral patterned dress and heels, “It’s probably not the dinner you imagined, but it’s you and me, and I’ve finally realised what you were trying to tell me.” 

“What was I trying to tell you?” 

“Cocoa. Flowers. Little notes to cheer me up. You wanted a date not a business meeting. I suck at reading situations like this Regina, I really do and I’m so sorry because the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you. All I’m asking is that you give me a chance to make it up to you.” 

Regina smiles and walks over to her, “Just so long as we don’t talk about paperwork.” 

Emma grins before leading her over to the candlelit picnic she prepared. The night passes in a blur of easy conversation and laughter. Regina smiles widely as they fall into a silence, their eyes meeting in the starlight before they move closer and closer until their lips finally meet in a slow, sweet kiss. 

Regina sets her wine down so that she can deepen the kiss and wrap her arms around her Emma’s waist. Emma smiles kissing her back and placing her hand gently on the small of Regina’s back. 

They pull part hesitantly and Regina smiles at her, “I’m going to try this again. Emma, would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow?” 

Emma smiles back at her, “Yes.”