bearable lightness

Bed Buddy - Jon Risinger x Reader

Name: Bed Buddy

Pairing: Jon Risinger x Reader

Word Count: 2620

Rating: M – Smut ahead!

Author’s Note: Wow, I never write anything that’s not based on a specific request anymore. Look at this shit. Shame on Jon for posting that picture.

Silence coiled around you like a snake as you rolled over in your bed for what felt like the thousandth time that night. Sleep could often be elusive, but it had never been quite like this. You cursed and sat up, tugging at your hair in frustration. You would have to work that night, and that was not something you would be able to handle if you had to go in sleep deprived again. You fumbled for your phone in the dark and pulled it off the charger. The screen turned on, filling your formerly dark room with blinding light.

You blinked at the brightness and managed to find the slider to turn it down. When the light became bearable, you checked the date. February 1. That’s all you needed to see. With your sleeplessness explained, you decided that there was no point in trying to sleep anymore. You slid out of bed and stretched. Sleep wasn’t going to happen. Your joints cracked as you stretched, breaking up the silence of your room with loud pops. It was 1AM but you decided that you needed a bubble bath anyway. Yesterday was a long day, but today would be even longer.

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