I wrote a story :3

The massive 800 pound bear stood there rearing back; its dark chocolate eyes staring upon Ursula questioning her presence in the forest he called home.  The girl warrior like in her stance, reached a hand out to the beautiful creature that stood before her. This was her dream, she had trekked through these woods day after day following the beast. The environment was treacherous, cold and unforgiving though she would not give up. She needed to prove he was not the beast everyone feared. He never noticed her until today, it was a lucky day for young Ursula.  She knew that he would not harm her, it was not his intent, and he would have already if that was his plan. This lumbering beast was not accustomed to humans and Ursula was no threat to the bear, though he began a low moan as a mild warning to the weird creature standing before him. Mok was not threatening Ursula too much, so she did not run she waited. She had been this patient she could wait longer. Ursula had chosen a name while following the bear, Mok, meaning spirit and soul. Ursula felt this name was perfect for the beautiful creature. Suddenly the bear plopped to ground, the trees rattling around from the impact. He began to lumber towards Ursula, she still was not frightened. She stood her ground hoping, praying that she could just run her hands through the thick, golden fur. She waited, Mok had his own terms, and this was his play-field, she needed his trust. Mok suddenly charged at her, Ursula tried to imitate the humming sounds cubs make to seem less threatening. The ground continued to shake and he ran towards her, and halted not two inches from her face. Mok huffed a few times blowing hot rancid breath in her face, she lowered the spear she held in her hand and wiped the saliva from her face. He sniffed around her long hair and Ursula did not dare move a muscle. The beast nudged at her body pushing her back into the snow bank behind her. He sniffed at her a few more times and decided she was no threat, and sat back on his haunches. Ursula slowly, almost barely moving let her hand settle upon the magnificent creature’s large nose. Her hand ran the length of his nose and Mok the grizzly, seemed to sigh with contentment. 

hey robert you know what every damn time we play ring around the rosie you tell us about the bubonic plague and terrance and i are seriously going to kick you out of our family if you can’t get your head out of your ass for like 30 seconds we are children we do not give a single fuck about that shit